MKII Tyre Baler

Designed for maximum output of tyre bales, the MK2 can produce up to 6 PAS108 compliant tyre bales (between 400-500 tyres) per hour. The tyre volume is reduced by up to 80% drastically improving transport and storage efficency. Baling makes it easier to transport end of life tyres onto further processing venues such as construction projects, civil engineering, shredding, pyrolysis, and energy recovery plants. Gradeall have supplied MK2 tyre balers across the globe.

Ideal for tyre collectors, recycling centres, vehicle dismanlters, and tyre depots.



Model MKII Tyre Baler
Height (mm) 4960
Depth (mm) 2535
Width (mm) 2850
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Product Description

Can this Tyre Baler Bale Truck Tyres?

Not normally. The truck tyre baler has been designed to deal with unprocessed truck tyres. However, when combined with a sidewall cutter it is possible to cut the sidewalls from tyres separating the sidewalls and treads. Then the tyre parts can be deposited into the MKII tyre baler in a specific pattern to produce a bale containing up to 26 tyres. Watch the video to see how to bale truck tyres in a MKII baler. A number of our customers now operate a sidewall cutter and MKII baler together and find that this combination is ideal for dealing with a wide range of road going tyres.

Tyre transport costs

The Gradeall MKII Tyre Baler is one of the most cost-effective Tyre Balers in Europe today in terms of capital cost. It also offers fantastic operational efficiency in that it can be operated by one person, and the baling wire cost per bale is minimal, the typical cost per bale with baling wire and electricity included is £2.60 (based on average UK electricity costs).

Gradeall can supply this machine on a purchase, purchase with lease finance or rental basis over a fixed period.

To find out more about the Gradeall MKII tire baler feel free to contact us.

Why Bale Tyres

Follow this link to find out why baling tyres is a good idea.

Other materials

The Multi materials baler is a version of the MK2 tyre baler with alterations made to the material feed arrangement which makes it ideal for baling card, plastic, fabrics, carpet and wool.

Remote Monitoring

Tyre Baler wireless connectivity

The MKII tyre baler features remote monitoring system, in essence, the same intelli-fill system as portable and static compactors but tailored for a tyre baler.

  • Advanced warning, problems spotted before they become problems.
  • Gradeall can provide remote login for quick problem fixes.
  • Fine control of settings.
  • Built-in service counter; based on usage rather than a set date range.
  • Email alert of bale completion.

Requirements for remote monitoring;

This remote monitoring system uses a GSM SIM card which needs to have an active subscription subject to network operator costs.

Sufficient signal strength is needed for a reliable connection, this can vary depending on location and specific network operator.


Demonstration of Tyre Baler

The short animation below quickly demonstrates the MKII tyre baler producing a bale

MKII tyre bale, gradeall tyre baler

Key Features


Reduces volume of waste tyres by 85% (6:1)


Easy to operate controls with bale full warning


Industry Standard PAS108 bales produced


Double row of bale retainers placed where bale wires go for ease of tying.


Custom designed power unit reduces power consumption and noise level while providing exceptional performance.


Intelli Link; Remote monitoring system with parameter adjustments


Large opening aperture for ease of loading, baler can be filled via both sides


Each bale contains up to 110 tyres


Ideal for improving waste tyre transportation efficency.

EN16500 Compliant

Material can be fed from both sides

Product Specification

Model MKII Tyre Baler
Model MKII Tyre Baler
Height (mm) 4960
Depth (mm) 2535
Width (mm) 2850
Transport Height (mm) 3100
Power supply 415v 3 Phase
Motor size (Kw) 7.5
Cycle time (seconds) 57
Bale chamber dimensions WxDxH (mm) 1525 x 1300 x 760
Bale weight (Kg) Up to 1000
Machine weight (Kg) 4700
Head force (Tonne) 45
Noise level (dB) 70 - 80
Number of baling wires 5

Working Area Dimensions

Gradeall MKII Tyre Baler Transport Dimensions
MKII Tyre Baler Working Area Dimensions

Optional Extra

Diesel Generator

Trailer mounted

Hook lift frame

Conversions for different material

Oil cooler or heater

Conveyor Feed System

Gradeall MKII Tyre Baler 17

Shipping information

Useful dimensions for installation

Click on this link to see important dimensions to consider when deciding where to situate a MKII tyre baler on your site.


International Shipping

Gradeall Can supply the MKII tyre baler to locations across the Globe. Have a look at shipping options available for the MKII tyre baler along with other equipment. Gradeall are happy to provide a quote for sending equipment in a container to an address that you choose.

MK2 & SWC in container.217

More Information

The Gradeall MKII Tyre Baler conforms to PAS108 which has been specified by The British Standards Institution (BSI) in collaboration with WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) to provide a specification for producing compact tyre bales of consistent and verifiable quality and dimension. Using a MK2 tyre baler to produce PAS108 sized tyre bales will easily reach a 40ft container weight limit in tyres.

The typical customers for the MKII Tyre baler include waste tyre collectors, waste tyre transporters and waste tyre recyclers.