MKII Tyre Baler

The Gradeall MK2 (Mark Two) tyre baler. Designed for the maximum output of tyre bales, the MK2 can produce up to 6 PAS108 compliant tyre bales (between 400-500 tyres) per hour. The tyre volume is reduced by up to 80% drastically improving transport and storage efficiency. 

Baling makes it easier to transport end of life tyres onto further processing venues such as construction projects, civil engineering, shredding, pyrolysis, and energy recovery plants. Gradeall have supplied MK2 tyre balers across the globe. This tyre baling machine is Ideal for tyre collectors, recycling centres, vehicle dismantlers, and tyre depots.

Gradeall MK2 Tyre Baler: Unparalleled Reliability for Unwavering Productivity

The Gradeall MK2 Tyre Baling Machine stands as a beacon of unwavering reliability, ensuring consistent performance and minimal downtime. Its robust construction, coupled with its proven design, empowers scrap tyre collectors to confidently tackle vast volumes of waste tyres with ease with this pas108 tyre baler. The Gradeall MK2’s commitment to reliability extends beyond its mechanical integrity; its user-friendly design streamlines operation and maintenance, minimising the risk of human error and maximising productivity. With the Gradeall MK2 tyre baler, businesses can operate with steadfast confidence, ensuring a consistent stream of compacted tire bales ready for further processing or disposal.

Height (mm) 4960
Depth (mm) 2535
Width (mm) 2850
Transport Height (mm) 3100
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Product Description

Can this Tyre Baler Bale Truck Tyres?

Not normally. The truck tyre baler has been designed to deal with unprocessed truck tyres. However, when combined with a sidewall cutter it is possible to cut the sidewalls from tyres separating the sidewalls and treads. Then the tyre parts can be deposited into the MKII tyre baler in a specific pattern to produce a bale containing up to 26 tyres. Watch the video of the truck tyre baler in action to see how to bale truck tyres in a MKII baler. A number of our customers now operate a sidewall cutter and MKII baler together and find that this combination is ideal for dealing with a wide range of road going tyres.

Tyre transport costs

The Gradeall MKII Tyre Baler is one of the most cost-effective Tyre Balers in Europe today in terms of capital cost. It also offers fantastic operational efficiency in that it can be operated by one person, and the baling wire cost per bale is minimal, the typical cost per bale with baling wire and electricity included is £2.60 (based on average UK electricity costs).

Gradeall can supply this tyre baling machine on a purchase, purchase with lease finance or rental basis over a fixed period.

To find out more about the Gradeall MKII tire baler feel free to contact us.

Why Bale Tyres

Follow this link to find out why baling tyres is a good idea.

Other materials

The Multi Materials Baler is a version of the MK2 tyre baler with alterations made to the material feed arrangement which makes it ideal for baling card, plastic, fabrics, carpet, wool and a wide range of other materials.

Remote Monitoring

Tyre Baler wireless connectivity

The MKII tyre baler features remote monitoring system, in essence, the same intelli-fill system as portable and static compactors but tailored for a tyre baler.

  • Advanced warning, problems spotted before they become problems.
  • Gradeall can provide remote login for quick problem fixes.
  • Fine control of settings.
  • Built-in service counter; based on usage rather than a set date range.
  • Email alert of bale completion.
Requirements for remote monitoring in the MK2 tyre baler;

This remote monitoring system uses a GSM SIM card which needs to have an active subscription subject to network operator costs.

Sufficient signal strength is needed for a reliable connection, this can vary depending on location and specific network operator.

Demonstration of a MK2 Tyre Baler

The short animation below quickly demonstrates the MKII tyre baler producing a PAS108 bale:

MKII tyre bale, gradeall tyre baler

Why the MK2 Tyre baler?

Tyres are considered one of the most overlooked sources of recycling materials and because of that, rubber waste has been increasing in the past years. Due to the size and high cost of moving worn tyres from the original location to the processing factory or recycling facility, the choice made was to simply dump or abandon the tyres.

Recent studies show a total of between 1 billion to 1.8 billion worn tyres were disposed of every year worldwide, and since rubber isn’t biodegradable, this poses a serious environmental issue. With the world turning to find sustainable environmental solutions, here’s how your journey can start with the MK2 Tyre Baler:

  1. The MK2 Tyre Baler allows for the compression of up to 110 tyres into one single bale. As a pas 108 tyre baler it can significantly reduce the volume of the tyres and prepares them for smooth transport.
  2. The MK2 Tyre Baler produces between 4 to 6 bales per hour, with an average of 100 tyres per bale. This is a very efficient tyre compactor
  3. With more tyres baled, the problem of transporting the used tyres to the processing or recycling facilities has made the tyre recycling process easier.
  4. The MK2 tyre baling machine has been proven to help reduce tyre waste by up to 85%.
  5. A custom version of the MK2 tyre baler called the multi materials baler has been made to bale other materials such as plastic to carpet and wool. This significantly saves time and money that could be spent on processing these materials.

Why Bale Tyres?

The dangers of dumping used tyres aren’t limited to the fact tyres are not biodegradable, there are more dangers including:

  • Fire Risk:

It’s easy for tyres to catch fire either on purpose or through natural causes as they are made from highly flammable materials. The process of putting out a fire in a tyre dump is both difficult and dangerous. The fire isn’t easy to put out, and when water is used for the extinguishing process, it transfers toxic materials emitted from the smouldering tyres and transfers them into the ground polluting soil and potentially underground water. This is not to mention the thick toxic smoke released into the air and its devastating impact on global warming and human health.

  • Increasing demand for recycled materials:

We can all feel the effects of waste on the environment with global warming heating up our planet. In this regard, countries around the world signed different treaties and companies have been urged to act sustainably and use recyclable materials wherever and whenever possible.

When tyres are baled and transported to the respective facilities, the recycling journey can begin. Tyres can be broken down using different methods to produce different recycled materials and used for varied purposes. From lining playgrounds, and sports grounds, used in producing everyday objects such as computer mouse pads, to being used in civil engineering projects such as road pavement and alignment. 

  • Freeing up used space:

Not all tyre dumping locations are legal, which means there are many occupied places that need to be freed up. With many governments restricting the amount of tyres that can be stored at one location. These dump locations can be better used when tyres are instead baled to permit the waste tyres to be further recycled. A wide range different projects exist to achieve those aims that can be beneficial for society. 

The Gradeall MK2 Tyre Baler Features

  1. The MK2 Tyre Baler produces up to 5 bales per hour, with every bale containing between 90 and 110 tyres.
  2. The upper doors of the baler are closed manually with strong heavy duty locks to ensure the doors are securely locked in place even when under extreme pressure.
  3. Two larger tyres are placed on top of each compaction cycle, allowing the tyres beneath to be securely compacted in each cycle.
  4. To allow for a safe and easy ejection from the baler, ejection chains are latched onto the head of the baler. Which ejects the complete bale out when the head is lifted.

The operating mechanism and control panel of the MK2 Tyre Baling Machine are easy to use, allowing one person to operate the tyre baler. Four operating MK2 Tyre Balers could potentially bale up to 6 million tyres in a year.

We sell tyre balers machines across the U.K., U.S. and Worldwide

At Gradeall, we are an international supplier of tyre baler machinery. So whether your operation is based in London, Manchester, Maine or Vermont, you can still get access to high-quality, industry-leading tyre baling equipment. 

We are based in Dungannon, Northern Ireland, and have supplied tyre baler machinery across the globe from Iceland to Australia, Panama to Italy. We are experts in arranging an efficient and effective delivery service, transporting your tyre baler to your desired location, so you can start the process of integrating it into your operation. 

You can trust Gradeall to deliver a high-performing tyre baler machine to wherever you need it. 

Watch video of Gradeall MKII Tyre Baler in operation 

How much does a tyre baler cost? 

Tyre baler prices can vary depending on the delivery location, machine specifications and desired operational extras. We offer a broad range of machinery adaptations and enhancements in order to meet the needs of your tyre baling operation, because we design and manufacture 100% in house our CAD design service can provide you with drawings and 3D renderings of any prospective site layout. 

For the best quote on the total tyre baler cost, with an exact breakdown of what you’re paying for, get in contact with us and we will be happy to help. This conversation will ensure that you’re investing in the right tyre baling equipment that provides a strong return on investment. 

Offsetting the tyre baler cost 

The great thing about Gradeall tyre baler machinery is that it eventually pays for itself in the long run. Our machinery is built to last and with proper care and maintenance, your business will save costs on transportation, labour and storage space. With excellent build quality and a dominance in the market the MK2 tyre baling machine is well known, respected and commands a premium on the used baler market so residual values will stay strong.

When you invest in a tyre baler machine that’s manufactured by Gradeall, you know that you’re getting a robust and durable baler that will become an essential cog in the running of your operation. We aim to provide machinery that aids businesses in increasing their productivity levels as well as their profits.

Key Features


Reduces volume of waste tyres by 85% (6:1)


Easy to operate controls with bale full warning


Industry Standard PAS108 bales produced


Double row of bale retainers placed where bale wires go for ease of tying.


Custom designed power unit reduces power consumption and noise level while providing exceptional performance.


Intelli Link; Remote monitoring system with parameter adjustments


Large opening aperture for ease of loading, baler can be filled via both sides


Each bale contains up to 110 tyres


Ideal for improving waste tyre transportation efficency.


EN16500 Compliant


Material can be fed from both sides

Product Specification

Height (mm) 4960
Height (mm) 4960
Depth (mm) 2535
Width (mm) 2850
Transport Height (mm) 3100
Power supply 415v 3 Phase
Motor size (Kw) 7.5
Cycle time (seconds) 57
Bale chamber dimensions WxDxH (mm) 1525 x 1300 x 760
Bale weight (Kg) Up to 1000
Machine weight (Kg) 4700
Head force (Tonne) 45
Noise level (dB) 70 - 80
Number of baling wires 5

Working Area Dimensions

Gradeall MK2 Tyre Baler Transport Dimensions
Transport dimensions for Gradeall MK2 tyre baler
Gradeall MK2 Working Dimensions with Forklift Dimensions
Normal working dimensions of the Gradeall MK2 tyre baler
Gradeall MK2 Tyre Baler Working Dimensions

Optional Extra

Diesel Generator Power Pack

Trailer mounted

Hook lift frame

Conversions for different material

Oil cooler or heater for arduous climates

Conveyor Feed System

Gradeall MKII Tyre Baler 17

Shipping information

Useful dimensions for installation

Click on this link to see important dimensions to consider when deciding where to situate a MKII tyre baler on your site.

With the latest Solidworks 3D CAD design software and experience design engineers we can provide you with site drawings to ensure that your new tire baling machine fits in with the specific site and space you have to work with.


International Shipping

Gradeall Can supply the MKII tyre baler to locations across the Globe. Have a look at shipping options available for the MKII tyre baler along with other equipment. Gradeall are happy to provide a quote for sending equipment in a container to an address that you choose.

Seamless Shipping Solutions for Gradeall MKII Tire Balers

To ensure our customers in the United States and beyond receive their tire baling machines with utmost efficiency, we offer tailored shipping solutions for our Gradeall MKII Tire Baler especially where multiple machines may be ordered we have made the MK2 tire baler go into transport position to fit more into a shipping container.

Recognized as a leader in waste tire recycling equipment, this tire baler machine is meticulously prepared for safe and timely delivery, ensuring it arrives ready for immediate operation ready to help you deal with your scrap tyre problem. Our commitment to advancing tire recycling processes extends to every aspect of our service, including the transport of our top-tier tire compactors. For inquiries about shipping the MKII, a premier PAS 108 tire baler, please contact our dedicated customer service team.


MK2 SWC in container.217
MK2 SWC in container.217

More Information

The Gradeall MKII Tyre Baler conforms to PAS108 which has been specified by The British Standards Institution (BSI) in collaboration with WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) to provide a specification for producing compact tyre bales of consistent and verifiable quality and dimension. Using a MK2 tyre baler to produce PAS108 sized tyre bales will easily reach a 40ft container weight limit in tyres which improves transport efficency.

The typical customers for the MKII Tyre baler include waste tyre collectors, waste tyre transporters and waste tyre recyclers.

Advantages of Choosing a PAS108 Compliant Tyre Baler

Selecting a PAS108 compliant tyre baler, such as the Gradeall MKII tyre baler, introduces key benefits to the tyre recycling process. This standardisation in bale size, weight and mechanical properties, as mandated by PAS108, streamlines the waste tyre recycling industry by ensuring uniformity of bales, making them ideal for transport and subsequent processing. These bales are especially sought after in civil engineering and other recycling applications, marking a significant stride in resource recovery. By investing in a PAS108 compliant baler, businesses can significantly boost their recycling efficiency and contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible tyre recycling practice.

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