The Gradeall GPC P24 is a large wet waste portable compactor. It comes with a large hook lift point allowing it to be lifted and transported using any CHEM compliant hook lift lorry. This makes it a durable and extremely convenient waste management solution for any company that deals with or processes large volumes of wet waste material.

The twin ram powered pendulum delivers its pressure firmly on the waste, making the GPC P24 ideal for compacting wet waste such as food and organic waste.


Model GPC P24
Capacity (m³) 21.5
Power supply 415v 3 phase
Motor size (Kw) 5.5
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Product Description

Suitable for wet waste

Due to the nature of what goes into compactors, they can attract rodents and emit foul smells. An optional deodorising system can be specified to prevent foul odours from being produced. The GPC P24 is liquid retentive and has been tested by filling it with over 425 mm of water to ensure no effluent from waste materials will leach out. Holding up to this height of liquid will result in the P24 being able to contain 5000 litres of water.

Bin Lift System

The option of a fully automatic bin lift is available; which removes the need for time-consuming manual loading. Comb and trunnion bin lifts are available allowing the compactor to lift a variety of bin types, ranging in size up to 1100 litre capacities. The bin lift is designed to work within CHEM compliance and therefore has a transport position, which reduces its height making transport of the compactor much easier on the road.

Custom feeding solutions and bespoke compactor designs are available to suit customer’s requirements.

Controls can be placed on either side

The GPC P24 uses a modular hydraulic control system and has been specifically designed to work with the compactor, the control panel can be positioned (according to customer request) to either the left or right side of the machine, making it suitable for a much wider range of sites.

CHEM Compliance

The Gradeall GPC P24 has been built to comply with British CHEM Standards, an independent regulatory body overseeing issues associated with portable compactors. The advantage of this compliance is the knowledge that Gradeall portable compactors are compatible with any CHEM compliant skip lorry.

Intelli-Fill remote monitoring system

The Intelli-Fill system comes as standard in all Gradeall portable compactors (Subject to network operator cost) which wirelessly sends information regarding the compactors operation and remaining capacity.


Aulds Bakery GPC P24 portable wet waste compactor & Bin Lifter Grey Model 4.

Key Features


Hook lift portable compactor


Designed and built by Gradeall


Control panel can be positioned on either side


Optional bin lift


Liquid retentive design, ideal for wet food waste


Intelli-Fill remote monitoring system

Product Specification

Model GPC P24
Model GPC P24
Capacity (m³) 21.5
Power supply 415v 3 phase
Motor size (Kw) 5.5
Approximate weight (Kg) 6320
Cycle time (Seconds) 30
Maximum system pressure (Bar) 200
Ram bore (mm) 110
Force per ram (Tonne) 19
Total force delivered (Tonne) 38
Head area (m²) 0.36
Maximum head face pressure (Tonne/m²) 105
Load opening (mm) 1760 x 1360

Working Area Dimensions

Gradeall P24 Bin Lift Bin Down Side view Dimensions
Gradeall P24 Bin Lift Bin Up Side view Dimensions
Gradeall P24 Bin Lift Bin Up Front view Dimensions

Optional Extra

Bin Lift

2nd hook lift point

Bespoke material feed solutions

Chute or conveyor system integration

Guide rails to ensure accurate parking of compactor

Liquid drainage port

P24 IOM 01

Shipping information

More Information

The GPC P24 is available in either manual load or bin lift variants and can be tailored to suit whatever requirements you may have. Contact Gradeall to discuss any specific requirements you might have, with an in house design department we are suited to provide the exact solution to your waste management solution.