Truck Tyre Rim Separator

The Gradeall Truck Tyre Rim Separator is a new machine which has been specifically designed to separate steel or alloy rims from truck tyres. It follows on from the success of the existing Tyre Rim Separator which has been used in a wide range of sites on passenger and commercial vehicle wheels. With more and more customers asking was there a way to do the same for truck tyres, this machine has been designed and built to provide that function.


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Product Description

Easily separate truck rims from tyres

The operation of this machine is simple. A truck tyre is rolled into the machine and the clamping arm then clamps the tyre against the chassis of the machine. The separating arm is telescopic and mounted itself on a pivoting arm, to get the best angle to move in behind the bead of the rim in order to bend it and then push it out of the tyre. These rams are controlled by 3 hydraulic valves with hand levers to ensure ease of use and maximum reliability.

The safest way to separate truck rims

Guards are fitted around the machine to safeguard operators and bystanders keeping them safe and away from all moving parts and to prevent flying debris caused by the separation action from causing any injuries. This makes it safe to use this machine on alloy rims which are much more inclined to break apart than steel rims, which typically bend when yielding to the force of this machine. The area where the tyre goes into the machine and where it is ejected are both accessed by opening a one-piece door which when swung open gives access to remove the old rim and old tyre in addition to being able to put another wheel into the machine.

Steel or Alloy Rims easier to recycle

The design of this machine means that operator effort is kept to a minimum. Truck tyres are heavy and hard to lift and deal with. To combat that problem this the Truck Tyre Rim Separator accepts tyres in an upright state so it is a mere case of rolling the tyre into the machine to complete the operation, the rim is separated from the tyre and is ejected to the side of the machine. It takes less than a minute from start to finish to separate a truck rim from a tyre. The valuable steel or alloy rim can be sold to a metal recycler and the tyres can then be further processed in a machine such as the Gradeall Sidewall Cutter, or MK2 Tyre Baler.

Truck Tyre Rim Separator

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