Truck Tyre Rim Separator

The Gradeall Truck Tyre Rim Separator is a new machine that has been specifically designed to separate steel or alloy rims from truck tyres. It follows on from the success of the existing Tyre Rim Separator which has been used in a wide range of sites on passenger and commercial vehicle wheels. With more and more customers asking if there was a way to do the same for truck tyres, we designed and manufactured this machine to provide that function.

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Product Description

Key features of the Truck Tyre Rim Separator 

The Truck Tyre Rim Separator is a durable and reliable piece of machinery. If your operation has a surplus of waste truck tyres, then it provides the perfect opportunity for enhancing your recycling process whilst also generating another revenue of income. 

The key features of the Truck Tyre Rim Separator include: 

  • Able to separate the rim from the rubber tyre in under 60 seconds. 
  • Suitable for both alloy and steel rims. 
  • Tyres are loaded in at a ground level. 
  • Safety guards covering the tyres whilst in operation.
  • Hydraulic valve controls.
  • Integrated forklift holes. 
  • Grease fittings embedded into the machine. 
  • Indoor and outdoor covering for protection 

How does the Truck Tyre Rim Separator work? 

The operation of this Truck Tyre Rim Separator is simple yet efficient. The process of separating the tyre from the steel or alloy rim is completed in just four easy steps. 

  1. A truck tyre is rolled into the machine where the clamping arm then clamps the tyre against the chassis of the machine. 
  2. The separating arm is telescopic and mounted on a pivoting arm. This ensures that it can get the best angle to move in behind the bead of the rim in order to bend it and then push it out of the tyre. 
  3. The rams are controlled by 3 hydraulic valves with hand levers to ensure ease of use and maximum reliability.
  4. The machine produces a force to push out the rim out of the tyre, resulting in two separated parts for further recycling. 

The area where the tyre goes into the machine and where it is ejected are both accessed by opening a one-piece door which when swung open gives access to remove the old rim and old tyre in addition to being able to put another wheel into the machine.

The Tyre Rim Separator has been designed for easy use and can be operated by just one person. Check out the clip below, demonstrating how to use the Truck Tyre Rim Separator. 

Benefits of the Truck Tyre Rim Separator

We have designed the Truck Tyre Rim Separator to provide the same benefits as the original tyre rim separator but for larger commercial tyres such as buses or truck tyres. This machine provides many benefits to businesses that deal with large quantities of large tyres, check them out below: 

The safest way to separate truck rims

Guards are fitted around the machine to safeguard operators and bystanders, keeping them safe and away from all moving parts. The guards also prevent flying debris that are caused by the separation action from hitting a bystander or operator and causing potential injury.

The enhanced safety features make this machine safe to use on alloy rims which are much more inclined to break apart than steel rims. Steel rims typically bend when yielding, as opposed to snapping, when under the force of this machine. 

Able to separate steel or alloy rims

The Truck Tyre Rim Separator is capable of separating both alloy and steel rims. This provides greater flexibility for businesses dealing with a range of large commercial type tyres and truck tyres. 

Reduced manual labour

The design of the Truck Tyre Rim Separator reduces the manual labour required from the operator, keeping physical effort to a minimum. Truck tyres are usually quite heavy and hard to lift and deal with, which over time, has the potential to cause injury to your employees, which could also lead to operation downtime if they are not fit for work. 

To combat that problem the Truck Tyre Rim Separator accepts tyres in an upright state, at a ground level. It is a mere case of rolling the tyre into the machine to complete the operation, the rim is separated from the tyre and is ejected to the side of the machine. This ensures that the operator is not straining their back and avoids potential injury.

Quick separating time

Compared to the time that it would take to manually separate a truck tyre from its steel or alloy rim, the Truck Tyre Rim Separator offers a much greater advantage, helping to increase the efficiency and productivity within your operation. 

It takes less than a minute from start to finish to separate a truck rim from a tyre. The valuable steel or alloy rim can be sold to a metal recycler and the tyres can then be further processed in a machine such as the Gradeall Sidewall Cutter, or MK2 Tyre Baler.

Durable machinery 

At Gradeall, we build machines that are made to last. As a leading, global manufacturer of this type of recycling equipment, we have perfected the design of our machinery, ensuring that it is study, durable and reliable. 

We have enhanced the product design of the Tyre Rim Separator, which now has inserts for grease fittings. This feature ensures optimal performance of the machine and keeps wear and tear to a minimum. 

Can be stored inside or outside

Another benefit of the Truck Tyre Rim Separator is the fact that it can be stored inside or outside, giving businesses greater freedom with how they design the layout of their operation. 

We provide durable covers for the machine, keeping it protected from the outside elements and free from dust or debris if stored inside. As it is quite a large piece of machinery, we have created solutions for businesses who need to make the most of their space. 

Easily manoeuvred around the site 

In order to facilitate the movement of this machine around your site, we have also designed integrated forklifting channels. This provides a solution to moving the heavy machinery and making changes to its location as and when you see fit. 

Compatible with other types of recycling machinery 

The Truck Tyre Rim Separator is ideally the first step in recycling waste tyres. It allows businesses to extract a valuable waste metal material for resale and it facilitates the further recycling processes’. 

This machine can be used in conjunction with the sidewall cutter and the truck tyre baler. Take a look at our full range of tyre recycling equipmentand find the most appropriate solutions for your truck tyre recycling operation. 

Valuable recyclable material

Another benefit of the Truck Tyre Rim Separator is that it allows businesses to extract the valuable waste material of steel or alloy. This can be bought by scrap metal dealers and provides another source of income for businesses that are dealing with large quantities of truck and commercial-type tyres. 

How much does the Truck Tyre Rim Separator cost? 

Although we machfacture a standardised Truck Tyre Rim Separator machine, the price may vary depending on requested machine specifications, operational extras if desired, and location of the delivery. 

Contact a member of the Gradeall team for an accurate cost breakdown of the Truck Tyre Rim Separator. This also provides an opportunity to discuss alternative pieces of machinery that may be more efficient depending on the nature of your operation.  

Truck Tyre Recycling Machines 

At Gradeall, we have built an international reputation for our high-spec tyre recycling machinery that is capable of dealing with the large and bulky nature of truck, lorry and agriculture type tyres. 

In addition to the truck tyre recycling range, we have also manufactured Off The Road tyre cutting equipment, which is effective in cutting these massive waste tyres into more manageable chunks of material. 

We also manufacture a range of tyre recycling machinery for passenger type vehicles such as the original tyre rim separator that inspired us to create the Truck Tyre Rim Separator. We strive to produce innovative tyre management machinery that fits the needs of every business, regardless of its size or the type of tyres that they handle. 

Truck Tyre Rim Separator from Gradeall 

At Gradeall, we manufacture industry leading machinery for recycling waste tyres. We strive to improve the waste management process for our clients and provide them with machinery that meets their needs. 

If you would like to hear more about our range of tyre recycling machinery, you can get in contact with our team and we would be happy to answer your questions and provide assistance.

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