G-eco 50 S

The G-eco 50S Single Chamber Baler is a multi-purpose and compact vertical baler that is used in a vast array of baling applications. This single chambered machine creates a compact and neat bale from any type of cardboard or plastic. The G-50S has been designed, built and fitted in-house to the highest standard possible.

The robust nature in which the G-eco 50S is built allows for a long lifespan. This coupled with the low maintenance aspect of all Gradeall machines leads to an efficient and cost-effective Baler.

How does the G-eco 50S baler work?

The G-eco 50S Single Chamber Baler features a hydraulically operated platen head when the upper feed door on the baler is opened material can be fed in. This door then must be closed before the baler will operate, a magnetic interlock ensures this. The baler then compresses the material and rises the head to the top of its stroke again. More material can be added until the baler is then full. The doors are opened and the bale is tied using the supplied baling twine. A comprehensive instruction manual is included and a Gradeall service engineer will provide training on the baler upon installation.

Where is the G-eco 50s Single Chamber Baler suitable for;

The G-eco 50S has small dimensions which allows it to fit in a wide range of spaces where a larger baler would be unfeasible. It is ideally suited for small businesses such as retailers looking for an affordable and convenient machine for reducing waste management costs.

Available options for the G-ECO 50S Single Chamber Baler

Bag compactor

Bag compactor, bale into plastic bag

If you deal with very loose materials which are difficult to bale into a solid strong bale then the bag compactor option is ideal. This allows the baler to bale materials into a plastic bag which can then be tied to form a bagged bale. The baler receives a bag holder, retainers for this holder, a modified platen head. This is a bolt on kit and can be retrofitted at a later stage if required.

Door Retainers

Bolt on door retainers which will hold the baler doors open when adding material or removing a bale. Ideal for use in windy areas where the doors may be blown around.

Paint bucket press

Paint Bucket Press, Single Chamber Baler

An insert which sits on the floor of the baler to allow it to crush metal paint buckets or oil cans. This is easy for an operator to slide into place.

Bale Trolley

Bale trolley, Gradeall, G-eco 50S, 50Kg baler

Remove completed bales with ease using the bale trolley. This also reduces the physical strain of moving a completed bale to a storage area.

I have multiple types of waste material

The G-eco 50T provides the same baling capacity as the 50S but with two chambers. This series of baler is available with 3 or 4 chambers which is ideal for businesses wishing to segregate their waste material streams to improve recycling efficiency.


Key Facts

  • Ideal for retailers and small businesses producing paper, cardboard or plastic waste
  • Easy to use 4 button control panel
  • 240v 13A single phase power supply
  • IP55 Rated for use outdoors
  • Energy efficent - motor only operates when baler is compacting material
  • Compact dimensions, ideal for use where space is at a premium
  • Available with bag compactor to bale materials into a plastic bag


Model G-eco 50S
Width (mm) 1000
Height (mm) 2175
Depth (mm) 830
Power Supply 240v 13A Single Phase
Motor Size (Kw) 1.1
Cycle Time (Seconds) 40 Maximum
Bale Dimensions (mm) 700 x 700 x 500
Bale Weight (Kg) 30-60
Machine Weight (Kg) 380
Head Compaction Force (Tonnes) 5
Number of bale twines per bale 2
Noise Level (dB) 65-70
Loading door height (mm) 846
Loading door opening aperture (mm) 710 x 474
Recommended working area (mm) 2005 x 1590

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