Cardboard and paper waste is generated by almost all businesses.

According to the confederation of paper industries (, used paper is the most important raw material for the UK paper and board industry, representing over 70% of the fibre used to manufacture paper and board in the UK in 2015. This equates to almost 8 million tonnes of paper and cardboard products being collected in total.

Paper and cardboard are materials which can be easily recycled, and we have a range of different machines to cater for your needs, whatever the size of your business. Our balers are ideal for dealing with waste cardboard and can reduce its volume by up to 90%. Loose waste cardboard is a material which costs money to get rid of, cardboard bales, on the other hand, are a valuable commodity. The value of these bales means they can earn an income rather than cost your business.

How do Gradeall machines deal with waste cardboard?

  1. Waste cardboard is fed into the baler
  2. The baler compacts the cardboard
  3. The bale of cardboard is tied and ejected
  4. Bales of completed cardboard can be stacked for easy storage.

Typically the G-eco baler range provides businesses with a baler that will bale from small to medium quantities of waste cardboard. The GV500 is a heavy duty baler designed for continuous use in places such as shopping centres. The GH500 vertical baler is ideal for manufacturing companies dealing with large quantities of waste cardboard.

To find out more about what solutions we can deliver for you, take a look at our baler product options, which are available to lease, rent or buy.

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