OTR Tyre Splitter

The current problem with Off the Road Tyres is that these huge tyres take up a lot of space and are very heavy at approximately 600Kg per tyre. They are impossible to move by hand and can be very costly to transport due to how few tyres will actually fit on a trailer. We at Gradeall work to develop solutions to the important issues in waste management. We aim to enable companies to manage their waste OTR tyres and move towards environmentally friendlier waste management with the help of bespoke equipment and software.

Gradeall have developed 3 machines to deal with large OTR tyres and to provide an affordable solution to dealing with end of life OTR tyres. This waste management system can reduce 5 OTR size tires into PAS108 sized bales, reducing storage size and reducing transport costs for your rubber waste.

The first step in this system is the OTR Splitter, which halves the tire. The second step in the sequence for dealing with large OTR (off the road) tyres is the OTR Tyre Sidewall Cutter. The final step in the sequence of dealing with OTR tyres is using the OTR Shear to cut the tyre into sections which can be placed in a baler. This includes the Mark 2 Tyre Baler or Mark 3 Tyre Baler.

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About The OTR Tyre Splitter

This machine begins the OTR tyre downsizing process by cutting the tyre along its tread section, leaving two halves which can then be brought to the OTR sidewall cutter and then OTR shear.

At a minimum these large tyres are now much easier to store and transport which ultimately makes it possible to recycle these mammoth tyres in the ways that smaller car or truck tyres have been recycled, such as shredding or pyrolysis, sustainable and environmentally sound ways to deal with end of life tyres. For specific information on Gradeall’s commitment to its environmental impact read our Environmental Policy.

As with the rest of the OTR recycling range, the machine has been designed and built to be heavy duty in order to cope with the much heavier weights involved with these tyres. Simple hydraulic controls reduce complexity and make operating this machine a trouble-free experience.


Height (mm) 2560
Width (mm) 2445
Length (mm) 3065
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Product Description

What Size Of Tyres Can The OTR Tyre Splitter Deal With?

We at Gradeall are constantly working to improve our equipment to meet the needs of the waste management industry and offer efficient and environmentally sustainable options for our customers. We conducted research to find out the most common sizes of OTR tyres that blight tyre collector’s yards at the moment. The OTR Tyre Splitter can deal with tyres in the following dimension range:

Outer Diameter: 1200 to 2000mm (47.2″ to 78.7″)

Inner Diameter: No less than 650mm (25.5″)

Width: 400 to 800mm (15.8″ to 31.5″)

If you have a more specific requirement for dealing with tyres outside of this range, we are more than happy to work with you to understand your requirements with the aim to provide a machine tailored to your specific requirements.

The machine in its standard guise is the best compromise for dealing with the most common tyre sizes on the market, but has been designed to adapt to tyres that fit outside the normal range. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Key Features Of The OTR Tyre Splitter

When planning a new waste management system, we offer bespoke services to ensure the best fit for your needs.

The Working area of the OTR Tyre Splitter is 2560 (h) x 2445 (w) x 3160 (d) mm, and it is best paired with other machinery in the OTR Cutting equipment range as well as tyre balers such as the MK2 or MK3 tyre baler for easier transport of waste.

We offer  CAD site  designs  to give you an accurate idea of how this new system will fit within your space or site. If you have an irregular shaped space for your waste management area our bespoke service is ideal for you to find the perfect fit for your business.

Environmentally Friendly OTR Recycling Solutions by Gradeall

Like any other tyre, an OTR tyre is made from rubber and is not biodegradable so leaving one sitting is not a solution, especially when they take up so much space. Proactive action is required to ensure that these tyres are transformed from hazardous nuisance waste into something that can benefit society in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. These OTR tyres contain a vast amount of rubber which when shredded and granulated is ideal for playground linings or innovative shock-absorbing solutions.

We at Gradeall strive to create solutions that reduce environmental impact and help businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. By using this OTR cutting equipment these non-biodegradable materials can be re-used and the carbon footprint of transporting them can be reduced significantly.

The OTR Tyre Splitter is a simple-to-operate machine that can quickly and effortlessly cut a large OTR into two segments leaving it ready to have its sidewalls cut out using the Gradeall OTR Sidewall Cutter. All our machinery is installed by a member of our expert team who will train your staff on the use of all machinery in your waste management system. Our expert installer will ensure your entire team can safely and effectively make use of your new waste management equipment.

Case Study – Baling Truck tyres in MKII Tyre Baler

This is a case study showing the benefits of using a sidewall cutter as a part of the tyre waste management process, which is similar to the benefits of the OTR Tyre Splitter and can be used in tandem for further tyre processing. This business was able to update their waste management to save cost and improve efficiency.

In this case, the client needed a way of processing truck tyres into bales for transportation to a waste site. In previous experience they had used debeaders to remove the bead from truck tyres before they were shredded. However, this was a time consuming method which used large machinery which needed a lot of maintenance due to the wear and tear of such a heavy duty method.

We consulted with the client taking in their waste management requirements and decided on a combination of equipment which would best suit their needs. The sidewall cutter and MK2 baler helped them reduce the size of waste tyres and bale them for ease of transport.

Benefits of the  OTR Cutting Equipment in this Case Study

  • Reduced maintenance costs for equipment
  • Sidewalls produced can be sold on as silage covers
  • Tread section now separated, so it can be shredded with ease
  • Make up to 4 1000Kg tyre bales per hour

Employing OTR Cutting Equipment such as the OTR Tyre Splitter in your waste management strategy saves you time and money used to transport large OTR tyres. It also enables your business to reduce your carbon footprint as a whole.

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Why Choose The OTR Tyre Splitter?

The OTR TYRE SPLITTER is the first step in a 3 pronged arsenal that Gradeall has developed for dealing with tyres that for a long time have been a nuisance to those who have had to deal with them. Until now, tyre collectors have found these tyres to be a hassle to store and move, and few places are willing to shred or process them further for recycling due to their immense size and weight.

Like any other tyre, an OTR tyre is made from rubber and is not biodegradable, so leaving one sitting is not a solution, especially when they take up so much space. Proactive action is required to ensure that these tyres are transformed from hazardous nuisance waste into something that can benefit society in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

These OTR tyres contain a vast amount of rubber which when shredded and granulated is ideal for playground linings or innovative shock-absorbing solutions.

Why Customers Choose Gradeall International Ltd

We at Gradeall International Ltd. are a world leading manufacturer of balers, compactors, tyre recycling machines and specialist bespoke recycling machinery.

We have years of experience as industry leaders in recycling and waste management. Our customers know we offer the highest level of excellence and expertise to their recycling systems. For more information on the work we do you can read a range of our case studies.

OTR Recycling: Revolutionising waste tyre management

In the once untapped area of OTR recycling, the Gradeall OTR Tyre Splitter represents a significant leap forward. This innovative machine is designed to provide a cost-effective efficient tire recycling process, making it a cornerstone in the sustainable management of off-the-road (OTR) tyres.

By effortlessly splitting tires, it assists greatly in preparing these huge tyres for recycling. Reducing the environmental impact of waste OTR tyres and contributing to a greener industry. The OTR tyre splitter is not just a machine but a huge advance in the sustainability of tyre recycling.

Key Features


The OTR Splitter has easy to use hydraulic lever controls


This splitter can deal with tyres ranging between 1200 to 1800mm diameter


The OTR Splitter has a tyre depth range between 400 to 800mm


A tyre centralising system to ensure consistent tyre splitting every time.


Designed and built by Gradeall to withstand heavy duty construction tyres.


Working Area: 2560 (h)x 2445 (w) x 2885 (d) mm.

Product Specification

Height (mm) 2560
Width (mm) 2445
Length (mm) 3065
Power supply 415v 3 phase (electric to hydraulic power pack)
Machine weight (Kg) 3250

Working Area Dimensions

Gradeall OTR splitter technical drawing 03
Front technical dimensions of gradeall otr splitter
Gradeall OTR splitter technical drawing 02
Dimensions of the side of the Gradeall OTR splitter
Gradeall OTR splitter technical drawing 01
Gradeall OTR splitter showing top view dimensions

Optional Extra

Shipping information



International Shipping

Gradeall Can supply the OTR TIRE SPLITTER to locations across the Globe, to assist in dealing with OTR tire waste. Get in contact with Gradeall to find out how we can get this OTR tire recycling equipment to your site.


More Information

The OTR TYRE SPLITTER works on a very similar principle to our tried and tested sidewall cutter, using a cutting blade pushing against a rotating idler wheel. However, in the case of the OTR TYRE SPLITTER, it cuts the tyre through its tread section. The idler wheel slides in through the centre of the tyre and then lifts it up resting on the underside of the tread section. As it lifts up further it brings the tyre into contact with the cutting blade which rotates and cuts through the tread section. A centralisation mechanism similar to that used on forklift carton clamps ensures that the OTR is centralised as it is cut so that both halves of the tyre are equally sized, this also helps to track the tyre in a straight trajectory as it is rotated.

The typical customers for the OTR TYRE SPLITTER include waste tyre collectors, waste tyre transporters and waste tyre recyclers who deal with larger OTR tyres such as those used in the Quarry sector.

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