Hospitality & Leisure

Hotels, restaurants, cafes and catering businesses can produce a number of different types of waste including paper, cardboard, plastic packaging. In addition to that, there is then food waste. All of which require effective ways to deal with it.

While this once would have all been thrown loosely into a skip that had to be frequently emptied it is no longer a viable or responsible option due to the limited amount of space in landfill sites, the increased cost of waste disposal and the advantages of using a baler to deal with recyclable materials.

Gradeall manufacture a range of balers that allow waste to be safely and conveniently baled on site, these bales of material then have a value to recycling centres and can be sold rather than cost money to your company.

Our portable compactors are ideal for dealing with food waste and reduce the risk of attracting vermin and keep your business tidier and more hygienic.

Hospitality & Leisure Product Range