G-eco 500

The G-eco 500 is a vertical mill sized baler which produces 500Kg bales from paper, cardboard or plastics. The G-eco 500 is ideal for supermarkets, wholesaleers, large retail outlets, factories, distribution centers or warehouses which currently have a high waste output.

Model G-eco 500
Width (mm) 2135
Height (mm) 3133
Depth (mm) 1275
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Product Description

Compatible Materials

The G-eco 500 will work with paper, card, cardboard. In addition to that, it can bale a variety of different plastics including plastic wrapping, bottles, bags and packaging. If required Gradeall can tailor the G-eco 500 to suit more specialised waste types such as extruded polystyrene foam. The large feed door makes material entry very easy.

Completed Bales

The size of finished bales makes it ideal for transport and shipping. The bales will fit ideally on a shipping container or trailer. The advantage is reduced storage and shipping costs associated with waste.

The finished bales themselves are very dense thanks to the up to 90% compaction of the waste material. This makes the bales ready to be recycled, and their ease of transport means that the bales can be sent directly to recycling facilities.

Bales are tied with baler twine, 4 spools of which are loaded at the back of the baler and are used to hold the bale together strongly. The design of the G-eco 500 makes it as easy as possible to tie the bales. Baling twine is available from Gradeall, a variety of twine options are available.

Bale Eject System

The G-eco 500 mill sized baler features a mechanical bale ejection system which when operated will effortlessly eject a completed bale onto a pallet, pallet truck or forklift. This means less strenuous lifting is required by the operator, which also reduces the potential for injuries.

Safety Built In

Gradeall cares extensively about operator safety. The G-eco 500 has been designed to be as safe as possible. The control panel requires the operator to use two hands, ensuring as the machine is in use that the operator is standing safely in front of the control panel. The feed door features a magnetic interlock which stops all operations if the door is opened. A photoelectric sensor will only eject a bale if both doors are fully opened.

The controlled speed of the bale eject means that finished bales are carefully ejected where required.

The power unit is housed in the head of the G-eco 500, the cover around it reduces the noise level produced when the machine is in operation.

It is the attention to safety which means the G-eco 500 is built to comply with EN16500.

Key Features

Twin Rams provide exceptional crushing force of 25 tonnes.

Automatic and manaul bale cycle modes, switchable baling modes to suit plastic or cardboard

Retainers interated into doors improve baling efficency

Low voltage control panel for improved operator safety

Integrated power unit for reduced footprint yet provides good maintenance accessability

Pallet sized bales produced

Product Specification

Model G-eco 500
Model G-eco 500
Width (mm) 2135
Height (mm) 3133
Depth (mm) 1275
Power Supply 415V 3 Phase
Motor Size (Kw) 7.5
Cycle Time (Seconds) 55
Bale Dimensions (mm) 1000 x 1500 x 750
Bale Weight (Kg) 400-600
Machine Weight (Kg) 1875
Head compaction force (Tonne) 25
Number of bale twines per bale 6
Noise Level (dB) 65-70
Loading door height (mm) 1190
Loading door opening (mm) 1465 x 705

Working Area Dimensions

Gradeall G eco 500 front dimensions
Gradeall G eco 500 front dimensions
Gradeall G-eco 500 side dimensions
Gradeall G eco 500 work area
Gradeall G eco 500 work area

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Finance Options

Gradeall offer a variety of ways to get a G-eco 500 mill sized baler; lease, rental or outright purchase. Contact us for more information on available options.

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