G-eco 50T

The Gradeall G-eco 50T Twin Chamber Baler allows the user to load and bale materials simultaneously. This machine is suitable for cardboard and plastics and will create a compact and neat bale which is easier to store and transport.

How does the G-eco 50T Twin Chamber Baler work?

The G-eco 50T features a sliding head which contains the hydraulic power pack and ram required to perform the compaction. The moving head slides effortlessly between chambers to leave one chamber free for loading. While the other chamber is in bale mode.

Where is the G-eco 50T Twin Chamber Baler Suitable for?

The G-eco 50T baler with twin chambers allows the recycling of two materials where available space is at a premium. Rather than paying for two separate balers requiring two power units and hydraulic systems, the 50T allows for one head to serve multiple loading chambers. This makes the G-eco 50T ideal for businesses limited in available space such as retailers, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and hotels, to name a few.

Can this be used for waste sorting?

Yes, the G-eco 50T is ideal for waste sorting, each chamber can have a dedicated waste type labeled on the door. This means that sorted waste can be placed directly into the baler rather than having a separate sorting area. Furthermore, if more than two types of waste are sorted Gradeall can manufacture larger versions of this baler. Thanks to a modular design it is relatively easy for us at Gradeall to manufacture 3 or 4 chambered versions of this baler.

Need More Chambers?

The design of the G-eco 50T allows for additional chambers to be added to it, a single bolt on chamber is available to make the G-eco 50-3 or another two chambers added to make the G-eco 50-4.

G-eco 50-3:

3 chamber baler, G-eco 50-3


G-eco 50-4

4 chamber waste materials baler, G-eco 50-4


If you simply need a baler to bale larger quantities of material consider the G-eco 250 or GV500.

Available Options


Bale materials into bag, Bag compactor

If you deal with very loose materials which are difficult to bale into a solid strong bale. Then the bag compactor option is ideal. This allows the baler to bale materials into a plastic bag which can then be tied to form a bagged bale. The baler receives a bag holder, retainers for this holder, a modified platen head. This is a bolt on kit and can be retrofitted at a later stage if required.


Marine baler, Baler for use on ships, ship waste management

Bolt on door retainers which will hold the baler doors open when adding material or removing a bale. Ideal for use in windy areas where the doors may be blown around.


Paint bucket crush, oil drum press

An insert which sits on the floor of the baler to allow it to crush metal paint buckets or oil cans. Easy to slide into place.


Bale trolley, Gradeall G-eco 50- Baler range

Remove completed bales with ease using the bale trolley. This also reduces the physical strain of moving a completed bale to a storage area.

Key Facts

  • Easy to use 4 button control panel
  • IP55 Rated, can be used outdoors
  • Works with 240v 13A single phase power supply
  • Compact dimensions; can be moved with a pallet truck
  • Sliding head design always leaves one chamber free for loading
  • Produces 50Kg Bales


Model G-eco 50T
Width (mm) 1820
Height (mm) 2120
Depth (mm) 920
Power Supply 240v 13A Single Phase
Motor Size (Kw) 1.1 Kw
Cycle Time (Seconds) 40 Maximum
Bale Dimensions (mm) 700 x 700 x 500
Bale Weight (Kgs) 30-60
Machine Weight (Kgs) 560
Head compaction force (Tonnes) 5
Number of bale twines per bale 2
Noise Level (dB) 65-70
Loading height (mm) 1270
Loading chamber dimensions (mm) 700 x 500 x 1090
Recommended working area (mm) 2330 x 1755