G-eco 50T Waste Baler

The Gradeall G-eco 50T Twin Chamber Baler provides businesses with an option for enhancing their waste management processes, increasing efficiency and streamlining their disposal solutions. 

The G-eco 50T Twin Chamber Baler allows the user to load and bale different materials simultaneously, allowing for greater volumes of waste to be processed. It is also capable of baling cardboard, paper and soft plastics, into a neat and compact bale which is easier to store and transport.

Model G-eco 50T
Width (mm) 1820
Height (mm) 2120
Depth (mm) 920
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Product Description

Gradeall is an industry leading manufacturer of recycling and waste management machinery. We have designed the G-eco 50T twin chamber baler to enhance the waste disposal process, whilst still providing a compact baler that doesn’t take up huge storage space.

How does the G-eco 50T Twin Chamber Baler work?

The G-eco 50T features a sliding head which contains the hydraulic power pack and ram required to perform the compaction. The moving head slides effortlessly between chambers to leave one chamber free for loading, whilst the other chamber is in bale mode.

The G-eco 50T produces neat and uniform bales of recyclable material, weighing up to 50kg. This makes it much easier for businesses to store and transport their waste products to a recycling centre. 

What industries would benefit from the G-eco 50T Twin Chamber Baler?

The G-eco 50T baler with twin chambers allows the recycling of two materials where available space is at a premium. Rather than paying for two separate balers requiring two power units and two hydraulic systems, the 50T allows for one head to serve multiple loading chambers. 

This makes the G-eco 50T twin chamber baler, ideal for businesses with limited space such as retailers, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and hotels, to name a few.

Can the twin chamber baler be used for waste sorting?

Yes, the G-eco 50T is ideal for waste sorting, each chamber can have a dedicated waste type labelled on the door. This means that sorted waste can be placed directly into the baler rather than having a separate sorting area. 

Furthermore, if more than two types of waste are sorted Gradeall can manufacture larger versions of this baler. Thanks to a modular design it is relatively easy for us at Gradeall to manufacture 3 or 4 chambered versions of this baler.

Difference between a baler and a compactor? 

If you are looking into your businesses’ waste management solutions, you may have wondered what the difference between a baler and a compactor is. In short, a baler will condense recyclable materials into a compact cube, whilst a compactor will condense non-recyclable materials that need to go in the trash or landfill. 

Both machines are very useful in the waste management process, you may only need one or perhaps both, depending on what your waste products consist of. If you would like to discuss these different types of machinery further, you can get in contact with us at Gradeall and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to help you improve your waste management process. 

Benefits of a twin chamber baler

At Gradeall, we design and manufacture recycling and waste management machinery that is built to last. Our G-eco 50T twin chamber baler is a necessary advancement for baler equipment and we take pride in offering businesses innovative solutions for their recycling needs. 

With the G-eco 50T twin chamber baler, you can expect to benefit from: 

Increased efficiency of bales

Due to the two compartment design, businesses are able to enhance the efficiency of their  baling process. One compartment can be used to perform the bale whilst the other remains open for storing other recyclable materials.

Faster sorting 

Due to the expert design of the G-eco 50T, users are able to sort their recyclable materials much faster and more efficiently. You have the option to label the doors for the desired material, reducing time spent on sorting through recyclable materials before they are baled. 

Increased efficiency when transporting recyclables

Another benefit of a twin chamber baler is the fact that it produces neat and uniform bales in an efficient and quick manner. This allows businesses to transport larger volumes of recyclables in a quicker time frame, saving on fuel, labour and transportation costs. 

Able to bale a range of different materials

The G-eco 50T also allows users to bale a range of different recyclable materials including cardboard, paper and soft plastics, making it a great option for those based in the retail industry. 

Multi chamber baler 

Thanks to the innovative design of the G-eco 50T twin chamber baler, we are able to add on additional chambers if requested. We can create a multi chamber baler with 3 or 4 chambers, helping to streamline your waste management processes. 

Small balers

Our vertical twin chamber baler is also small enough to be easily adapted onto the production floor. Measuring in at just under 2m wide, it offers a small baler that doesn’t compromise on performance. 

Adjustable feet 

The G-eco 50T also has adjustable feet, meaning that it can be adapted to level onto uneven floors. This makes our baler an easily adapted piece of machinery for your waste management operation. 

Less power consumption

Thanks to the G-eco 50T baler design, it is able to be powered through a normal 230v 3 pin 13A plug, with the option of powering it through 110v power supply if requested. It will also help businesses cut down on power consumption as instead of powering two balers, they will only need to supply power to one. 

Customised design 

As a leading manufacturer in waste management machinery, we also offer businesses the opportunity to add custom features to the twin chamber baler. We provide the following operational extras to the G-eco 50T: 

  • Marine adaption, for use on ships
  • An additional bale trolley
  • An additional paint bucket / oil drum press.
  • Plastic bag compactor option

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, get in touch with us to discuss operational extras for your twin chamber baler. 

Why choose the Gradeall G-eco 50T twin chamber baler? 

We are global manufacturers of recyclable and waste management machinery, supplying our equipment to many different industries across the world. With Gradeall, you know that you are receiving machinery that is heavy-duty, sturdy and built to last. We strive to meet the requirements of each of our clients’ waste management needs. Get in touch with us and we can discuss the most appropriate recyclable machinery options for your business.

Key Features


Easy to use 4 button control panel with safe 24v low voltage


Operates from a normal 230v 3 pin 13A plug, 110v power supply optional


Adjustable feet adapts to suit uneven ground


Sliding head design always leaves one chamber free for loading


Produces 50Kg Bales


G-eco 50-3 | 3 chamber version


G-eco 50-4 | 4 chamber version

Product Specification

Model G-eco 50T
Model G-eco 50T
Width (mm) 1820
Height (mm) 2120
Depth (mm) 920
Power Supply 240v 13A Single Phase
Motor Size (Kw) 1.1 Kw
Cycle Time (Seconds) 40 Maximum
Bale Dimensions (mm) 700 x 700 x 500
Bale Weight (Kgs) 30-60
Machine Weight (Kgs) 560
Head compaction force (Tonnes) 5
Number of bale twines per bale 2
Noise Level (dB) 65-70
Loading height (mm) 1270
Loading chamber dimensions (mm) 700 x 500 x 1090
Recommended working area (mm) 2330 x 1755

Working Area Dimensions

Gradeall G eco 50 T Front Dimensions
Gradeall G eco 50 T Front Dimensions
Gradeall G eco 50 T Side Dimensions
Gradeall G eco 50 T Side Dimensions
Gradeall G eco 50 T Work Area Dimensions
Gradeall G eco 50 T Work Area Dimensions

Optional Extra

Marine Specification for use on ships

Paint Bucket/Oil Drum Press

Bale Trolley

Door Retainers

Additonal Chambers, 3 or 4

110V Power Supply

Gradeall G eco 50T Paint Bucket Press

Shipping information

More Information

The G-eco 50T is available with 2, 3, or 4 chambers and a range of other options. Contact Gradeall to find out more.

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