Static Compactors

Gradeall Static Compactors, sometimes referred to as stationary or fixed compactors, come in two distinct parts: the compactor chassis which is installed and bolted down to the ground, and the container bin which is firmly clamped onto the chassis by means of side mounted rigging screw clamps, and which can be removed for easy material disposal.

The chassis contains a hydraulically powered sliding head, which pushes and compresses the waste material into the container bin.

Static Compactors are suitable for the compaction of cardboard, small items of furniture, mixed general waste, green waste and general municipal civic amenity site waste. In addition, they have many different potential applications and uses within various industry types.

Benefits of a Static Compactor:

  • Reduced cost of waste handling
  • Increased payload of waste leaving site
  • Reduce truck movement on site
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Machines for both low and high west volumes
  • Cleaner and more efficient¬†waste management
  • Wide range¬†of customisation options available to suit application

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