Dewatering System

Gradeall are proud to be able to offer its Dewatering system for beverage companies. Capable of dealing with both cans, and bottles.

Bottle Dewatering

Gradeall offers a system to take full drinks bottles, drain away the liquid and produce bales of dense plastic for recycling. Full bottles which need to be disposed of due to rejection orders and defects can be loaded via tipping skip onto the hopper, a conveyor system transports these bottles to the dewatering module which punctures bottles and separates the liquid inside which can range from still water, to fizzy sugary drinks. Integrated filtration ensures the liquid exiting does not contain any plastic particles. The punctured bottles are then fed into the hopper of the GH500 horizontal baler which bales the bottles into a densely packaged 500Kg bale. This is ejected and removed by a forklift. The full system is automatic and controlled through the one control panel for the ultimate convenience. The hopper and liquid separator modules are made from stainless steel to resist corrosion.

Gradeall has installed a number of these dewatering systems for a number of multinational drinks manufacturers, they reliably meet customer requirements and have proven to be worthwhile investments as the beverage companies are able to recoup the investment costs through the value of the waste plastic and aluminium bales these machines produce. Although not commonly used yet it is possible to connect the liquid drainage systems to anaerobic digesters for further energy recovery.

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Will drain and bale full bottles

Integrated touch screen controls

Filtered liquid drainage

Tipping skip fed hoppers

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