Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter

Due to the success of the Truck Tyre Sidewall Cutter, the Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter was developed in order to meet the needs of businesses that are dealing with a surplus of smaller waste tyres. 

The Gradeall Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter builds upon our previous tyre cutting machine experience gathered from the truck tyre sidewall cutter. The car tyre sidewall cutter is a smaller tyre cutting machine that is designed to deal with end-of-life car tyres and passenger vehicle tyres.


This allows businesses with a surplus of small tyres to effectively manage them on-site, and enhance their tyre waste disposal process.

One of the most popular ways to process waste tyres is to put them into shredders and turn them into a vast array of crumb products. However, throwing car tyres in with no prior processing puts a significant amount of strain on shredders due to the thick steel band encased within the bead of the tyre. This can cause expediated wear and tear on shredders bringing spiralling operating costs. By first using the Gradeall car tyre cutting machine the bead is isolated from the tyre, and it is much easier to shred car tyres with the bead removed.

Using the Gradeall Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter is the ideal first step in car tyre recycling operations.

Model Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter
Height 1406
Width 860
Depth 1287
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Product Description

The Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter is a tough machine built to provide the same exceptional reliability and ease of use as the truck tyre sidewall cutter. It uses the same technology developed from that machine but downsized for separating the tread and sidewall from car tyres. This tyre sidewall cutter machine is simple to operate and provides a very effective way to prepare car tyres for shredding.


Benefits of the Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter

Gradeall is a world-class manufacturer of tyre recycling machinery and waste disposal equipment. The Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter is a piece of machinery that we have developed due to consumer demand. 

Our Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter is like no other piece of machinery on the market, its key benefits include: 

  • Able to process up to 120 tyres per hour. 
  • Can cut the sidewall from the tyre in 20 seconds. 
  • Easy to manoeuvre on-site with a forklift. 
  • One person operation. 
  • Hand-free cutting system and foot-operated cut cycle to ensure operator safety. 
  • Spare parts are available directly from us, the manufacturer. 

With a car tyre sidewall cutter, you can enhance the waste tyre disposal process of your business. The tyres are now ready to go into a shredder and metal recovery from the tyre bead is now much more accessible.

Gradeall Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter with a pile of neatly cut tyres in front

How to cut a tyre with the Tyre Sidewall Cutter? 

The tyre sidewall cutter is a relatively simple piece of machinery to use. It has been specifically designed to be operated by just one user, with a foot pedal mechanism to begin the cut cycle. 

The operator will simply load a car tyre onto the side of the machine, and then press down on the foot pedal. The hands-free mechanism will draw the tyre closer to the cutting blade where it separates the sidewall from the main body of the tyre. The machine uses a motor-driven cutting blade and a pneumatic clamping arm for optimal performance. 

The car tyre sidewall cutter has a small footprint and can be easily integrated into your site seamlessly. 

It can be transported around your site with a forklift, allowing you to manoeuvre it to your ideal location. It is a small machine, but one with performance that defies its size.

Safety designed into this tyre cutting machine 

We have designed the sidewall cutter with heightened safety features that ensure the safety for the operator using it – from the hands-free mechanism to the foot-operated pedal, it can enhance the productivity of your workforce, whilst still providing a safe method for streamlining your tyre disposal process.

Why cut the sidewall out of tyres? 

A tyre sidewall cutter machine provides many benefits in streamlining the recycling prospects of waste tyres. Cutting sidewalls is considered to be the first step in recycling tyres and provides an efficient method for businesses that are dealing with scrap/end-of-life car tyres. 

Gradeall Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter beside cut tyre sidewalls.

A car tyre sidewall cutter will provide your business with the following benefits: 

Protects the tyre shredder

Tyre sidewalls have a metal beading on the inside edge, which is used to secure the tyre against the rim especially important when a tyre is going around a corner the side forces would otherwise cause the tyre to slide off. This bead prevents that from happening.

However, due to the tough job the bead does it is understandably made up of tough materials including brass, copper and mostly steel. It is this tough steel wire that poses most of the problem as it can damage shredders.

Separating the sidewall from the tyre will ensure that the tyre shredder blade is protected, preventing it from expedited damage when it is shredding tough materials. Another benefit though is that having the bead isolated allows for easier scrap metal recovery than would otherwise have been possible.

Generate more compact bales 

Removing the sidewall from a tyre will also allow you to make more compact bales, this is because the bead is how a tyre holds its shape. Removing this bead removes this shape memory effect. This allows baler operators to compress more tyres with ease in a baler such as the MK2 tyre baler. The remaining sidewalls can also be baled, resulting in a more efficient car tyre recycling process. 

An improved baling system will also benefit your business by reducing transportation and labour costs. If more tyres are able to be loaded into containers, then it will make the process a lot more efficient, meaning fewer journeys are required to bring the waste tyres to recycling centres. 

Environmental impact of shredding tyres

There is an increasing expectation for businesses to have a duty of care when it comes to managing their environmental impact. Especially when it comes to dealing with waste car tyres. With a tyre sidewall cutter, you can enhance the recycling efforts of your operation. 

There are many uses for reusing and recycling rubber tyres; the agriculture sector can use the separated sidewalls to weigh down silage pit covers. It can also be repurposed into a range of products such as pencil cases, playground crumbing, carpet underlining, road surfacing, and for building construction. 

Increasingly more and more innovative uses are being sought for reusing waste tyres. The U.K. is striving to ensure that 100% of tyres are repurposed in some way, and your business can do its part by facilitating tyre recycling with the car tyre sidewall cutter. 

Gradeall Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter machine ready for operation

Making tyre debeading faster, simpler and more efficient 

The Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter makes the tyre debeading process much more effective. You can cut the sidewall out of tyres and be left with more manageable easier to recycle pieces of waste tyre material. 

You can also check out our Car Tyre Rim Separator, which is designed to remove tyres from steel or alloy rims, providing another avenue of income through valuable scrap steel or alloy metals. 

Tyre cutting machine price

We offer competitive pricing that reflects the robustness and efficiency of our machinery, ensuring you invest in not just a product, but a long-term solution for your tyre recycling needs.

For an up to date price we recommend for you to get in contact with us at Gradeall. We can also ensure that you are purchasing the right tyre-cutting machine to meet the needs of your business. 

Spare Parts Stocked for the Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter

At Gradeall, we have an extensive inventory of spare parts, if you’re based in the U.K. or Ireland, we can deliver all consumable parts to your door in under just 48 hours, for customers further afield we will strive to supply parts as fast as possible. We are world-class manufacturers of this equipment and have supplied it to all corners of the globe, so you know that you’re getting recycling machinery directly from a reliable and reputable manufacturer. We back up our spare parts with comprehensive manuals, service guides and instructional videos that ensure you can keep your tyre-cutting machine in perfect working order. 

Global Delivery of Tyre-Cutting Machines

Gradeall offers efficient global delivery for our Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter, ensuring it reaches you promptly for immediate use. Our expertise in shipping our complete range of tyre processing equipment worldwide guarantees that, regardless of your location, you’ll receive our machinery swiftly and safely. Trust in Gradeall’s proven track record of delivering high-performance tyre recycling solutions to customers around the globe. Contact us to get a shipping quote today.

Key Features


Hands free tyre cutting for operator safety


Foot operated cut cycle


Proven cutting blade setup


Full parts availability from Gradeall


Easy to manouvre on site


Motor driven cutting blade, pneumatic clamping arm

Product Specification

Model Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter
Model Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter
Height 1406
Width 860
Depth 1287
Machine Weight 350
Motor Size 1.5 Kw
Tyres processed per hour 120-140
Cycle time full tyre 20 seconds
Power Supply 415v 3 Phase
Recommended minimum air supply 150 Litre, 14 CFM, 10 Bar
Tyre Size Range 14 to 22 inches
Noise Level (dB) 65

Working Area Dimensions

Gradeall Car tyre sidewall cutter front dimensions
Gradeall car tyre sidewall cutter side view dimensions

Optional Extra

Shipping information

Tire Sidewall Cutter International Shipping

Streamlined Global Shipping for the Tire Sidewall Cutter

Navigating the global market with ease, Gradeall ensures that our Tire Sidewall Cutter is available wherever your business operates. Our established logistics network spans continents, providing timely and secure delivery to both domestic and international clients. Experience hassle-free shipping and receive your tire recycling equipment ready for immediate integration into your operations, no matter your location in the States or beyond.

Tyre Sidewall Cutter by Gradeall

At Gradeall, we strive to enhance the waste disposal process for our clients. We manufacture a range of recycling equipment, allowing you to make the right choices that fit the needs of your business.

If you would like to hear more about our range of recycling machinery, or if you have any questions  please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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