Truck and Agricultural Tyre Sidewall Cutter

The Gradeall Truck and Agricultural Tyre Sidewall Cutter is one of the tyre cutting machines available in our high-quality tyre recycling equipment range. The Tyre Sidewall Cutter has been designed in-house for the purpose of providing a simple and safe solution when cutting the sidewall out of both truck and larger agricultural tyres, such as those fitted to farm tractors. 

The Gradeall Sidewall Cutter not only excels in handling truck and agricultural tractor tyres, but it has been designed to be as simple and safe to operate. Attention has been paid to ensure that the blade lasts for as long as possible but consumable parts have been made as easy as possible to replace and with full spare parts support with fast delivery from Gradeall this tyre cutting machine can power through your waste truck or tractor tyres with ease.

Note Regarding – Optional Tread Cutter Attachment

Sidewall cutter optional animation

*** Please note the tread cutter is an optional add-on for the sidewall cutter, it does not come as standard on this machine, please contact Gradeall to ask about the cost of this machine ***

Brochures of Tyre Sidewall Cutter:

Standard sidewall cutter without optional tread cutter attachment:

Gradeall Truck Tyre and Sidewall Cutter


Download Brochure for Gradeall Truck and Agricultural Tyre Sidewall Cutter 

Sidewall cutter fitted with optional Tread Cutter Attachment

Gradeall Truck Tyre and Sidewall Cutter with Tread Cutter

Download Brochure for Gradeall Truck and Agricultural Tyre Sidewall Cutter with Tread Cutter 

Model Tyre Sidewall Cutter
Height (mm) 2228
Length (mm) 2650
Width - Standard Machine (mm) 2053
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Product Description

What Is A Tyre Sidewall?

A tyre sidewall is one of many elements which makes up a standard tyre. Tyre sidewalls are the vertical part on the side of the tyre and they are important for various reasons, mainly because they stop air escaping from the tyre and increase stability which is key for overall safety. In terms of dealing with end of life scrap tyres the sidewall contains the bead which is a collection of steel wires used to hold the tyre to the rim. This bead is a big part of why the tyre retains its shape, removing this makes it much easier to compress and bale scrap truck or tractor tyres. The Gradeall Tyre Sidewall Cutting Machine aims to make it easier to process these tyres. 

How to Use the Tyre Sidewall Cutter:

Whole tyres are brought to the tyre cutter machine which then picks them up and cuts the sidewalls using a tool steel grade cutting blade. Once this is done, the machine deposits the cut tyre back onto the ground. After this process, you are left with two sidewalls and one tread section.

For a tutorial on how to cut the sidewall of tires, a video demonstration of the sidewall cutter is available

How to Cut a Tyre Using the Truck Tyre Sidewall Cutter?

The video below demonstrates how to cut the sidewall out of a tyre using the Gradeall Truck Tyre Sidewall Cutter. It also shows the ease and simplicity of operating this waste tyre cutting machine, and how it efficiently separates agricultural and lorry tyre sidewalls from the main body. 

Gradeall Sidewall Cutter on Large Agricultural Tyres | Recycle Tyres | Waste Management

How safe is it to use for cutting the sidewalls from tyres?

With safety guards built into the Tyre Sidewall Cutter, it has been designed with the safety of the operator 100% in mind, preventing any accidental injury during operation. In addition, as a result of there being no need to lift these potentially heavy tyres, the risk of back injury is minimal. 

A control system that requires the user to use two hands behind the guards when cutting the sidewall of tires means the operator is standing safely out of the way while using the machine. For an added layer of safety, the Sidewall cutter is equipped with 3 Emergency stop buttons.

Additional Add-Ons For The Sidewall Cutter:

Optional Tyre Tread Cutter Attachment

The Tyre Tread cutter can be purchased as a bolt-on option, to attach onto the side of the machine with no modification work required. It is an excellent upgrade to the Tyre Sidewall Cutter. After cutting the sidewalls, the Tread cutter allows you to cut up the remaining tread section into smaller pieces. 

While handy on smaller tyres, the main advantage here is that for larger truck and agricultural tyres, cutting the tread sections allows the large pieces of tyres to be stored or baled much easier. Tractor tyres, especially the enormous rear ones on many modern tractors are especially bulky items, the tread cutter is designed to break these down into easy to manage chunks. 

This tyre cutting machine will deal with super single truck tyres, but as the image below shows agricultural tractor tyres pose no challenge to the tread cutter which has dissected these once large tyres into small easy to carry pieces. 

Tyre Sidewall and Tread Cutter

How Safe is it to Use this Tire Cutting Machine?

With sharp blades and moving parts safety was of paramount importance when designing the Tyre Sidewall Cutter and the Tread Cutter. The machine operates using hydraulic rams and motors which are controlled by hydraulic valuves the operator interacts with using levers. On both the sidewall cutter and optional tread cutter they have been designed whereby the operator must use two hands at the controls for the machine to work. This ensures that the operator stands in the safe area protected from moving parts. In addition to that there are also 3 emergency stop buttons strategically placed around the machine which can be used in the event that anything goes wrong during the operation of the tyre cutting machine.

Gradeall Tire cutting machine the Sidewall Cutter

Why cut the sidewalls of the tyres?

As unusual as the concept of cutting tyre sidewalls is, the benefits reaped from this simple, yet intricate process. These benefits can be divided into several groups, as follows:

Benefits to tyre processors of cutting tyre sidewalls using this Tyre Cutting Machine:

Cutting the sidewalls of the tyre helps in facilitating the shredding process that ensues:

  • The beaded side at the core of the tyre is made of a rubber band containing steel wires plated with metals such as copper, brass or bronze. While this steel bead protects the tyre from sliding out of the rim during movement, the bead can cause serious wearing or damage to shredding machinery.

Cutting the sidewalls enables safe isolation of the metal belt of the bead, hence not only protecting the shredding machinery but also facilitating the shredding process of the tread even further. With as much rubber cut away from around the bead the recovery of the scrap metal content in this area becomes more feasible. 

  • The removal of the tyre sidewalls takes away the shape memory effect of the tyre which makes the compression process of the tread easier and more economical. When the sidewalls are removed, the part remaining from the tyre can be easily compressed using tyre balers.

A MKII Tyre Baler can compress the tyres of a truck so easily, after the removal of the sidewalls has taken place. This means there’s no need for separate balers for different tyre sizes, where once it may have been necessary to use a specific truck tyre baler which at most could bale 12 truck tyres it is now possible to bale all in a MK2 tyre baler. Our Tyre Sidewall Cutter can flawlessly handle tyres including super single lorry/truck tyres and the tyres of agricultural equipment such as farmyard tractor tyres.

Benefits to the environment of using the Gradeall Sidewall Cutter:

Companies around the globe have been watching their environmental impact. Using the Tyre Sidewall Cutter has proved to provide environmental benefits.

  • Recycling and Reusing:

Recycled tyres can be used for a range of other purposes, such as:

  1. An alternative to baling the sidewalls along with the tyres. It is now possible to sell the sidewalls to farmers who can use them to weigh down the plastic covers of silage pits. It is much easier to store and carry truck tyre sidewalls than old car tyres filled with stagnant murky water. The truck tire sidewall cutter allows these sidewalls to be created. 
  2. Surfacing artificial playgrounds and sports grounds.
  3. Converted to be used for novelty items such as pencil cases, computer mouse mats and notebook covers.
  4. Many carpeting companies seek to increase their green impact by using repurposed tyres as one of the components in their eco-carpet mats and tiles.
  5. The tyres can be used in eco-buildings as roof tiles and support for the structure.
  6. Used as a means of reducing the noise of road surfaces, by being ground into a fine powder and added to road surfacing materials.
  7. The tyres can be shredded and used in several areas of public works and civil engineering projects, such as repairing roads and road insulation.
  • Rubber Pollution Reduction:

Removing the sidewalls from tyres allows for the reusing of both the tyres and sidewalls for different purposes, especially in the agricultural field. This helps in reducing rubber pollution as tyres are made of rubber and plastic and both materials have a significant impact on the environment due to the fact they will not naturally decompose it is only with human intervention to process these waste tyres that they can be dealt with.

With our Tyre Sidewall Cutter, we can help you deal with your waste tyre problem, in the safest way, all while making sure you are doing the best you can to help the environment.

We sell a high-quality, high-performing truck tyre cutting machine

The Gradeall Truck Tyre Sidewall Cutter is an innovative piece of machinery. We are at the forefront of manufacturing industry-leading waste management equipment. Our Tyre sidewall cutting machine removes the need to use dangerous labour intensive handheld or manual-styled tyre-cutting tools. 

Our Truck Tyre Sidewall Cutter is for sale to customers around the globe. Whether you’re based in the U.K., U.S. Australia, China, or anywhere else in the world, we can deliver a quality truck tyre cutting machine that will enhance the productivity and efficiency of your operation. 

An innovative way to deal with lorry tyre sidewalls 

The success of the car tyre sidewall cutter inspired us to develop an innovative tyre cutting machine that was capable of dealing with agricultural and lorry tyre sidewalls. We set out to enhance the tyre shredding process with efficiency and ease, and that’s what the Truck Tyre Sidewall Cutter machine does.

We have manufactured a robust tyre-cutting machine that acts as an efficient tyre sidewall remover, leaving you with more manageable chunks of waste tyre material. 

A complete range of scrap tyre-cutting machines

Gradeall supplies a complete range of tyre recycling machinery for scrap and end-of-life tyres. Our other models of tyre-cutting and waste tyre processing machinery such as the Truck Tyre Rim Separator, allows you to remove the steel/alloy rim before processing it through the Truck Tyre Sidewall Cutter.

We are world-leading manufacturers of tyre processing machinery, and experts in helping your business improve its profits, productivity and efficiency. Get in touch with us at Gradeall, for complete guidance on tyre waste management and recycling machinery that will enhance the tyre disposal process of your business. 

Video Demonstration of Tyre Sidewall & Tread Cutter in operation:

Key Features


Deals with tyres up to 1800mm diamater


Generate sidewall rings, a valuable commodity which fuctions superb as silage pit covers


Ideally suited to deal with Truck tyres


Quality tool steel blade, full spare parts availablity with short lead times


Simple to operate hydraulic controls


Easy to move around on site


Automatic power shut off


Adjustable sidewall cutting height


Cut tread sections into many smaller segments

Product Specification

Model Tyre Sidewall Cutter
Model Tyre Sidewall Cutter
Height (mm) 2228
Length (mm) 2650
Width - Standard Machine (mm) 2053
Width - with Tread Cutter (mm) 3100
Power supply 415v 3 Phase
Motor Size (Kw) 7.5
Cycle time per sidewall (Seconds) 7-12
Cycle time full tyre (Seconds) 45-120
Machine weight (Kg) 1080
Machine weight with tread cutter (Kg) 1280
Noise level (dB) 65-70

Working Area Dimensions

Sidewall Tread Cutter Detailed Dimensions 01
Sidewall Tread Cutter Detailed Dimensions 01
Sidewall Tread Cutter Detailed Dimensions 02
Sidewall Tread Cutter Detailed Dimensions 02
Sidewall Tread Cutter Detailed Dimensions 03
Sidewall Tread Cutter Detailed Dimensions 03

Optional Extra

Diesel Generator

Portable Trailer Version

Car tyre cutting head

Tread Cutter

Sidewall holder

Gradeall Sidewall and Tread Cutter

Shipping information

The small footprint of the Gradeall sidewall cutter has allowed it to be shipped in many ways, below shows this truck tire sidewall cutter loaded inside a curtain sider trailer:

SWC in curtain sider

The image below shows the tire cutting machine loaded onto a standard flatbed trailer on the back of a lorry, being shipped alongside a truck tyre baler:

Dispatch of tyre recycling equipment

International shipment of the Gradeall Truck Tire Sidewall Cutter

Gradeall have sent the sidewall cutter to countries including Australia, Argentina, South Africa and Iceland. Contact us for shipping prices.

The image below shows the Tire sidewall cutter being loaded into a 20 foot shipping container, for multiple orders the machine can be packed efficiently inside a 40 foot shipping container:

Gradeall sidewall cutter in container

The image below is a CAD generated image of a MK2 Tyre Baler and Truck Tire Sidewall cutter in 20ft shipping container:

Shipping options for Gradeall equipment

Below shows another shipping option with 3 Tire Sidewall cutters in a 20ft shipping container:

Another option with up to 7 Tire Sidewall cutters in 40ft shipping container:

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