Glass Crusher

The Gradeall Glass Crusher (or bottle crusher) is the ideal solution for companies requiring something to deal with waste glass bottles, where storage and disposal are costly and inconvenient.

This bottle crusher is suitable for dealing with large quantities of bottles in a variety of sizes up to 3 litres. It is capable of crushing over 4000 bottles per hour. Glass fragments are collected into a 140-litre wheelie bin which is housed in a lockable compartment in the machine.

A key advantage of bottle crushers is the reduction in the volume occupied by the waste glass, a large percentage of a bottle’s bottle is empty space, crushing it means more glass fits in each size. This improves transport efficiency making it easier to get the waste glass to a recycling plant ultimately saving you money. Crushed glass moves between containers silently so there is no irritating noises as the glass moves which is a problem when transferring bottles.

The glass crusher features a dust extraction system to prevent dust produced by the machine from becoming a problem especially if the machine is used indoors or in areas with limited ventilation such as onboard ships.

Larger Bottle Crusher Available

The glass crusher is available in a larger configuration with a conveyor allowing it to empty into larger receptacles such as 1100-litre bin or tipping skips. Contact us for more information.

Model Glass Crusher
Height (mm) 2043
Max Width (mm) 1225
Max Depth (mm) 1408
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Product Description

Glass bottle crushers for recycling

The Gradeall Glass Bottle Crusher has been developed to facilitate businesses in a range of different sectors, achieving their recycling goals and efficiently managing their generated waste. 

At Gradeall, we believe that recycling machinery should be a profitable investment for businesses and that’s what our Glass Bottle Crusher does. It’s an industrial glass bottle crusher, grinding over 4000 bottles per hour, and saving businesses money on transport, storage and labour. 

An industrial glass crusher that’s safe to operate 

At Gradeall, worker safety is an optimum priority when manufacturing glass recycling machines. We have manufactured this piece of recycling equipment with closed-door functionality and a top-end funnelling of glass waste. 

These specifications protect workers against the inherited risks associated with shards of glass. The industrial glass crusher also has a built-in dust extractor, a further safety feature that protects employee health. 

Glass Crusher Cost 

The price point for an industrial glass crusher machine varies depending on many factors, including; the machine specifications, operational extras, and the location of the delivery site. The best way to obtain an accurate quote for a glass crusher machine is to get in contact with us at Gradeall.

This discovery call allows us to ensure that you are seeking a piece of glass-crushing machinery that fits the needs of your business. We can also provide a full cost breakdown, helping you to understand exactly what you’re paying for. 

Industry leaders in glass recycling machinery

Our innovative glass-crushing machine reduces the noise of grinding glass to complete silence. This reduces noise pollution for customers, staff and surrounding neighbours.

At Gradeall, we strive to be industry leaders in glass recycling machinery, helping businesses manage their glass waste more effectively and making it easier for them to contribute to the global initiative of recycling. 

We sell Glass Crusher Machines in the U.K., US., and Worldwide

If you’re seeking a Glass Crusher Machine for sale, then contact us at Gradeall. We are international suppliers of glass recycling machinery, so no matter where you’re based, you can get your hands on Gradeall innovative machinery that’s built to last.

Key Features

Reduces the volume occupied by glass bottles by up to 80

Accepts up to 3 litre glass containers

Full spare parts availability from Gradeall

Deposits crushed glass into 140 Litre wheelie bin

Improved transport and storage efficiency reducing costs

No irritating noise produced when collecting crushed glass

Runs on 240v single phase supply

Larger conveyor based machine available

Product Specification

Model Glass Crusher
Model Glass Crusher
Height (mm) 2043
Max Width (mm) 1225
Max Depth (mm) 1408
Machine weight (Kg) 220
Power supply 230v Single Phase
Bin Capacity (Litres) 120

Working Area Dimensions

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