Green Stamp

Gradeall International manufacture a range of products that reduce the carbon footprint associated with waste products. By reducing waste materials volume, there is a decreased demand on transport infrastructure involved in the removal of waste products.

The recycling products that we produce are designed to promote recycling; they are designed to make recycling easier and more cost effective, thereby encouraging more manufacturing companies to look at recycling as a sensible decision – not just environmentally, but economically.

And here’s why we as a company are environmentally conscious:


Inevitably, given that we are a manufacturing company, we use some equipment, including cranes, welders and CNC Plasma, which require high levels of electricity. However, we endeavour to ensure that all of the equipment that we use is modern and energy efficient.

Similarly, when it comes to lighting and our computer requirements (are two next biggest electricity consumers), we strive for the most energy efficient solutions we can find. With this in mind, all our computers are A rated for energy efficiency while we use only energy efficient lighting where at all possible.