G-eco 150

The G-eco 150 baler is a vertical  mid-sized baler  powered by twin rams. The large feed door makes its ideal for use with large cardboard boxes or large volumes of plastics.


Model G-eco 150
Width (mm) 1540
Depth (mm) 1103
Height (mm) 2412
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Product Description

How does the G-eco 150 mid-sized baler work?

Swing open the large feed door and deposit in cardboard boxes or waste plastic packaging without the need to pre-crush them, plastic wrapping, bags, or packaging can also be baled. The control panel has just the essential buttons required to operate the machine, yet still features a useful two-hand safety feature requiring the operator to hold two hands on the control panel while the baler operates, reducing the potential for operator injuries.

Once filled the baler will then be placed into “bale tie mode” this is done when both doors are opened. The head will compress the waste further than it would on a normal stroke and during this stage, the operator ties the baling twine around the baler. Once the bale is tied the bale is then ready to be ejected.

When full the two doors on the G-eco 150 are opened and the compaction head is raised, an integral part of the bale eject mechanism engages when both doors are opened causing the bale to automatically eject from the baler without any strenuous physical activity required by the operator. The bale eject mechanism tips the bale out cleanly and in a controlled manner, a pallet, pallet truck or forklift can be waiting to accept the bale as it is deposited from the baler.

Crush Paint buckets or oil drums

The Gradeall G-eco 150 is available with an optional insert to allow paint buckets, metal cans or oil drums to be crushed flat. This makes them easier to store and transport to scrap metal merchants.

Paint Bucket Press, oil drum recycling, paint can recycling

Key Features


Large opening aperature for ease of material loading


High compaction ratio allows more material to be baled in less time


Bale chamber inspection window for ease of bale sizing


Bale eject plate ensures easy removal of bales


Automatic mechanical bale eject system


Easy to tie bale twine system


Low voltage operator controls with 2 hand bale eject for improved operator safety

Product Specification

Model G-eco 150
Model G-eco 150
Width (mm) 1540
Depth (mm) 1103
Height (mm) 2412
Feed door opening [width x height (mm)] 1092 x 493
Total loading chamber height (mm) 1173
Power Supply 240v 13A single phase
Motor Size (Kw) 2.2
Cycle Time (Seconds) 45 Maximum
Bale Dimensions (mm) 650x1100x700
Bale Weight (Kg) 220
Machine Weight (Kg) 670
Head Force (Tonne) 8
Noise Level (dB) 65-70
Loading door height (mm) 850
Loading door opening (mm) 1045 x 520

Working Area Dimensions

Gradeall G-eco 150 Front View Dimensions
Gradeall G eco 150 Side View Dimensions
Gradeall G eco 150 Side View Dimensions
Gradeall G eco 150250 Work area dimensions
Gradeall G eco 150250 Work area dimensions

Optional Extra

Paint bucket/Oil Drum press

Marine Specification

110V power supply

Stainless steel corrosion resistance

Gradeall G eco 150 Paint Bucket Press

Shipping information

More Information

Increased capacity required

The Gradeall G-eco 150 is based on the same platform as the Gradeall G-eco 250, this larger baler is offered for businesses that may require slightly more baling capacity.

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