John Riddel and Sons Lisburn

John Riddel and Sons have been supplying hardware for over 100 years. With a large warehouse on the outskirts of Lisburn, Northern Ireland they act as a wholesaler to many hardware shops, builders merchants and agricultural supply stores across ireland.

As with any warehouse packaging, especially packaging waste is a major concern.

Wholesaler warehouse

Cardboard packaging organised into collection boxes before going to the baler:

IMG 5930 IMG 5931

Plastic cling film wrapping is used extensivley on most items delivered to the warehouse and plastic is the main waste stream for the company:

Plastic waste, G-eco 150 Cling wrap Black cling film wrap

A large pile of plastic packaging waste set beside the G-eco 150

Plastic wrap waste


Plastic wrap bale.

Automatic bale eject

A bale of plastic wrapping completed and weighing 225Kg:

Plastic Baling

Cardboard is also baled in this baler:

Warehouse packaging waste

Again it was found that the G-eco 150 was able to produce a bale from cardboard weighing 225Kg:

Cardboard Recycling

Further Expansion

The staff at Riddels were pleased to find that the G-eco 150 performed better than expected, with an on-site calibrated weigh scale both bales were a healthy 225Kg.

However, the company has become busier in recent months and plans to invest in a larger GV500 baler to work alongside this G-eco 150.

  • Cardboard and Plastic bales can be stacked ready for collection
  • Staff find the G-eco 150 easy to operate
  • Gradeall maintenance contract ensures relaible service from baler
  • Bale weight exceeded expections

"The G-eco 150 is a very simple to operate baler which has made it much easier to organise our waste cardboard and plastic into neat bales that a local waste management company is able to collect from us, the inside of the warehouse has become much less cluttered making it easier for the forklifts to move about on site."

Edmund Swarington - Procurement Manager

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