Tipping Skips

Gradeall Tipping Skips are manufactured for easy transportation of waste and recyclables in many different working environments. They are attached to any conventional forklift making it easy to load Compactors, Containers or Balers with a variety of waste types. They feature an easy to use lock and handle which holds the tipping skip in its upright position, once released the tipping skip will empty all of its contents in a controlled manner.

The default tipping skip models are the H900, H1100, and H1300 with the model name determining the size in cubic millimetres.

Gradeall have produced a number of bespoke tipping skips to suit specific customer requirements and advise getting in contact to discuss requirements.


H600 skip specs 2



H900 skip specs 1



H1300 skip specs 1


Dimensions HxWXL (mm) 780 x 1390 x 1500
Capacity (m³) 0.6 (600 Litres)
Weight (Kg) 260
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Product Description

Optional auto dump feature

An optional added cost feature added to Gradeall tipping skips the auto dump feature. Simply drive a tipping skip up to a larger skip or silo, lower the skip onto an edge and the auto dump lever will activate the release handle tipping the skip and releasing its contents.

Key Features


Robust construction


Work with all forklifts


Optional castor wheels to move easily around by hand


Optional lids to suit specific application


Available in different capacities

Product Specification

Dimensions HxWXL (mm) 780 x 1390 x 1500
Capacity (m³) 0.6 (600 Litres)
Weight (Kg) 260
Dimensions HxWXL (mm) 1103 x 1127 x 1526
Capacity (m³) 0.9 (900 Litres)
Weight (Kg) 305
Dimensions HxWXL (mm) 1180 x 1427 x 1536
Capacity (m³) 1.3 (1300 Litres)
Weight (Kg) 320

Working Area Dimensions

Range of Gradeall tipping skips
Range of Gradeall tipping skips
Gradeall tipping skips in front of factory
Gradeall tipping skips in front of factory

Optional Extra

Custom colour choices

Bespoke design features to suit specific requirements

Rubber lining for noise reduction

Lockable lids

Wheeled base for easy movement on site

Auto dump feature


Shipping information

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