To ensure our customers have a reliable service from their balers we maintain a healthy stock of baler wire and baler twine. We can post out baler consumables via express delivery to ensure a timely arrival in under 48 hours. This service is available to clients anywhere in the U.K. and Ireland. 

Baler wire and baler twine for sale

We supply baler consumables for the entire Gradeall range, we can also supply baler wire and baler twine for other manufacturers’ equipment and machinery. All of our consumables are of a high grade, ensuring that they are capable of producing bales in a tight and secure fashion.

What is baling wire used for? 

Baling wire and baling twine are necessary materials for the baling process. It is the thing that binds the bale together and secures it. Without baling wire, the bale would come apart from its new structure and cease to hold its compact form. 

Baling twine for sale 

At Gradeall we supply baling twine that is suitable for securing bales up to 500kg. This lightweight baling twine is flexible, yet strong, ensuring your bales are secure and rigid. Baling twine is best used for bales of cardboard and plastic.  

What is baler twine made of?

Baler twine is made of 100% polypropylene, this material is strong and resistant to organic solvents. Due to its thermoplastic properties, it also has a low degradation rate from UV exposure. This makes it a great option for securing bales that will be exposed to the elements or stored in outside conditions. 

Baler Twine

Baler wire for sale

At Gradeall, we supply baling wire that is suitable for securing bales weighing 500 kg and heavier. Baler wire is a lot stronger than baling twine and can be used to secure bales for a range of different materials, including; cardboard, plastic, tyres, hay, and more. 

What is baler wire made of? 

Our range of baler wire is made from steel, this ensures a secure bale that is resistant to corrosion, organic solvents, UV exposure, and external damage. It is one of the strongest ways of securing a bale and has a particular advantage in that it makes the bale incredibly tight, compared to baling with twine. 

baling wire

Automatic baler wire / former wire for sale

At Gradeall, we also stock high-grade former wire for automatic balers. This removes the labour needed to manually tie the bales together and can enhance the productivity and efficiency of your operation. We also stock wire spools for the automatic tying function.

What is former wire made of? 

Our former wire is black annealed, which is a specific process that enhances the properties of the baler wire. Black annealed former wire is also coated in a thin oil, making it resistant to corrosion or rust. It is strong and durable, yet flexible enough for securely wrapping around bales.

Automatic baler wire former wire

How to order baler wire / baler twine / former wire? 

You can order baler consumables directly from us at Gradeall – the world-class leading manufacturer of recycling and waste management machinery. 

We stock baler wire and twine in a range of different lengths, with options to set up a recurring order of required baler consumables.

Contact our spares department on 028 8774 0484 and select Option 3.

Alternatively, email [email protected] specifying

  • Your Machine
  • The quantity of twine or wire you require
  • Your contact and delivery details

Or you can fill in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Replacement parts for your baler

If you require replacement parts for your baler, or other waste management equipment, you can contact our service department on 028 8774 0484 and select Option 2.

How to tie baler twine together 

Baler twine can either be tied manually or via an automatic baler tie. When manually tying baler twine, a square knot is usually used, but you can use other forms of strong knots. The most important thing is that it is secure and tightly bonded. 

Baler wire is a little more complex to manually tie, but not impossible. Check out our informational video below, showing you how to tie baler wire. 

How much baler wire do I need?

Determining how much baler wire you will require needs to be a calculated decision. It is not enough to simply guess, as this could result in downtime for your operation and a loss of profits and productivity. 

If you are producing bales that are square in shape, you should follow this formula: 

  1. (Width x height) x 2 = circumference of the bale (COB) 
  1. (COB) x the number of strings you are going to wrap around the bale = length of twine used per bale. 

Determining the length of twine needed for your baling needs will help you make more strategic purchases and enhance your operational performance. 

Baler twine uses

In addition to securing tight bales, there are many other uses for baler twine. It can be used for mending fences, securing climbing plants, arts and crafts and many other uses in agriculture and farming. Having spare baler twine lying around your operation is not a bad thing, especially when you need something for a quick repair. 

Baler twine near me

For those based in the U.K. or Ireland, we offer baler twine, wire and former wire that can be delivered in under 48 hours. We have a healthy stock on hand, ensuring that we can provide a fast service for our clients. 

Unsure of what you need? 

Contact our team and we would be happy to discuss your baler needs and consumables. 

Baler wire / baler twine suppliers

At Gradeall, we are leading suppliers of baler wire, twine and former wire. We believe in providing our customers with a one-stop-shop for all of their baler needs, from high-spec baler machinery to baler consumables, we support your operation with a speedy and reliable service.