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Gradeall International Waste Compactors, as the name suggests, are designed to reduce the size and volume of different types of waste or recyclable materials. They can help you save money on waste management.

Gradeall offer two distinct type of Waste Compactor

Portable Compactor

Portable Compactors combine the compaction unit and container into one easy to move portable unit and are ideal in areas where dedicated space for waste management is at a premium. Gradeall produce portable compactors in two distinct size categories.

Smaller compactors; these are also called Chain Lift or skip lift compactors. A chain lift skip lorry is used to lift and transport these compactors.

Larger compactors; these are called Hook Lift compactors, or alternatively roll-on/roll-off RORO compactors. These use a hook lift lorry to lift and transport them for emptying processes.

Wet waste portable compactors are available in both size categories to deal with wet foul-smelling waste.

Static Compactor

Static Waste Compactors are fixed units which remain on site at all times. They connect to a Hook Lift roll-on/roll-off container which when full is taken away and replaced with an empty container.

Why use a Waste compactor?

The main benefit of compaction is on-site volume reduction of waste or recyclable material, with the result being a between 50% – 90% in waste volume, depending on the type of waste involved. In other words, the more ‘air volume’ or ‘air space’ in the waste profile, the greater the compaction benefits.

Thus, by way of example, waste that contains a lot of air – such as cups and cartons, cardboard boxes, and general waste – achieves a much higher reduction ratio from compaction. Based on weight a compactor can achieve 400kg per cubic meter. We would always recommend considering weather the waste material you produce is a valuable recyclable commodity as cardboard and plastic can be Baled to produce valuable bales.

Are compactors easy to use?

All Gradeall compactors are installed by Gradeall engineers who, at the time of installation, also provide comprehensive onsite training on how to obtain the best possible results from the equipment.

As with all our products, Gradeall compactors are designed and built in-house to the very highest industry standards, crucially to comply with CHEM standards. We can also offer branded product options with corporate identity and colours upon request.

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A range of compactors both portable and static are available all with a range of material feed options to suit the needs of your business. If you have specific requirements talk to us – we can deliver the perfect solution

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