The Gradeall GPC S9, is a scissor type, chain lift portable compactor with a 9 cubic meter capacity waste container. It offers similar dimensions to the GPC S7 but with more capacity to retain waste. The GPC S9 is portable and easy to move between locations, this is due to its compact dimensions, and the fact it can be moved around using chain lift skip lorries. This makes the GPC S9 a very convenient and efficient waste management solution.

The twin ram scissor arrangement makes the GPC S9 ideal for compacting dry waste including Paper, Cardboard, and Plastics. For waste with a higher liquid content consider a wet waste portable compactor.

Controls can be placed on either side

The GPC S9 portable waste compactor uses a modular hydraulic control system, which has been specifically designed to work with the compactor. Due to the design, the power unit can be positioned (according to customer request) to either the left or right side of the machine, making it suitable for a much wider range of sites. An emergency stop button is then placed on the other side of the compactor ensuring that both sides of the compactor have this essential safety feature.

Intelli-Fill remote monitoring system

The Intelli-Fill system comes as standard in all Gradeall portable compactors (Subject to network operator cost) which wirelessly sends information regarding the compactors operation and remaining capacity.

Gradeall GPC S9 with Bin Lift

The option of a fully automatic bin lift is available, which removes the need for time-consuming manual loading. Gradeall offer; Comb, Trunnion or Combination bin lifts allowing the compactor to lift a variety of bin types. The bin lift has a transport position which reduces its height making it possible to transport the compactor on the road with ease.

For improved safety, the bin lifts fitted to all Gradeall machines feature over centre valve. To ensure that in the unlikely event of a hydraulic system failure the bin lift will not fall downwards.

CHEM Compliance

Gradeall portable compactors are built to comply with British CHEM Standards, an independent regulatory body overseeing issues associated with portable compactors, and the advantage of this compliance is the knowledge that Gradeall portable compactors are compatible with any CHEM complaint skip lorry. The GPC S9 is CHEM compliant, regardless if it has a bin lift or not. In fact, any modifications requested on our portable compactors will be done to ensure the compactor remains compliant.

Key Facts

  • Chain lift skip type portable compactor
  • 9 Cubic meter capacity
  • Controls can be mounted to either side
  • Manual loading doors on one or both sides if required
  • Magnetic safety interlocks fitted to opening doors for safety
  • Optional bin lift
  • Intelli-Fill remote monitoring system


Model GPC S9
Total capacity (m³) 10.50
Container capacity (m³) 8
Charge box capacity (m³) 2.5
Power supply 415v 3 Phase
Motor size (Kw) 5.5
Approx weight (Kg) 3500
Cycle time (Seconds) 30
Maximum system pressure (Bar) 200
Ram bore (mm) 90
Ram stroke (mm) 755
Force per ram (Tonne) 12.5
Total force delivered (Tonne) 25
Compaction face area (m²) 0.75
Compaction head stroke ( (mm) 1160
Compaction head swept volume (m³) 0.87
Maximum head face pressure (Tonne/m²) 33.9
Bin lift lid opening (mm) 1500 x 1340
Side manual feed door opening (mm) 665 x 675

Case Studies