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Gradeall  offers a range of portable wet waste compactors to deal with waste that has a high liquid content and gives off foul odours. The compactors are liquid retentive ie they will hold all liquids and not allow any to escape. This is due to all doors being fully sealed which not only holds in liquids but also bad smells, this also reduces the risk of attracting vermin to the area.

Gradeall Pendilium Compactors (with the P designation in their name) feature a pendulum compaction head, also called a swinging hammer or blade. This design concentrates a higher force on a smaller area to ensure the waste is highly compacted.  The pendulum head design scrapes any materials behind it so unlike a scissor compactor for dry waste, it will not have issues with material collecting behind the head.

Liquid Retentive wet waste compactors

All Gradeall portable compactors feature sealing to hold in liquids and are tested by filling them with water to over 400mm above the floor level. This allows us to confirm that all floor welding is solid and that no undesirable liquid effluent content will leach out of the compactor. This ensures a much more hygienic and healthier work area.

Optional Extras

  • Bin lifts for up to 1100 litre wheelie bins
  • Manual or Hydraulic actuation of the material entry lid
  • Remote operation control panel
  • Deodorising unit to ensure foul smells do not occur when the lid is opened
  • Double lifting points for hook lift trucks for sites where space is at a premium
  • Drainage valves to drain off excess liquid prior to emptying
  • Automatic cycle start when waste is detected in charge box

With an in house design department, Gradeall can tailor portable compactors to suit whatever requirements you may have. Feel free to contact us to discuss any requirements

Gradeall Wet Waste Compactor Range

A bin lift fitted to the Gradeall GPC P9 portable compactorGPC P9

Gradeall GPC P24 wet waste compactorGPC P24