Large Glass Crusher

At Gradeall, we supply large glass crusher machines as a solution to any business that is dealing with large quantities of glass bottles. 

The machine takes in whole glass bottles and smashes them into fine glass particles, in a safe and secure manner. This allows for businesses to free up their storage space and dispose of their glass bottles more efficiently.

Efficient Glass Waste Management with Gradeall’s Large Glass Crusher

At Gradeall we understand the needs of businesses who deal with large volumes of glass waste and have experience in the design and manufacture of glass pulverizer machines to make dealing with glass waste much more efficient.

The Gradeall Glass Crusher machine is a heavy duty solution that effortlessly and efficiently transforms glass bottles into fine cullet. This has a dramatic reduction on the volume of the gass waste, significantly reducing storage and transportation costs. This industrial glass crusher can seamlessly integrate into your businesses existing waste management infrastructure. It ensures safe and seucure glass crushing to minimise your environmental impact.

Gradeall Glass Crusher machine

Empower Your Business with Sustainable Glass Recycling

The Gradeall Large Glass Crusher is the ideal choice for any business that wants to improve on their sustainability objectives. This machine will allow you to:

  • Reduce glass waste by up to 80%
  • Reduce transportation costs and carbon footprint
  • Streamline waste glass disposal processes
  • Encourage glass recycling and circular economy practices

Gradeall is committed to providing businesses with innovative and sustainable glass recycling equipment. With Gradeall all equipment is designed and manufactured totally in-house. If you require custom glass recycling solutions we are more than happy to discuss options and work with you to provide the best glass crushing equipment for your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about how our Glass Recycling products can help your business achieve its sustainability targets.

Model Large Glass Crusher
Power Supply 415v 3 Phase
Machine Weight 1200 Kg
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Product Description

What does a glass crusher machine do? 

Essentially, a glass crusher machine will enhance the disposal process of glass bottles, by crushing them into smaller and more manageable pieces of glass. Businesses can then decide to store the glass pieces on site if you have the necessary equipment to recycle it further, or transport them to recycling centres where it can be melted down into a furnace and recycled back into other recyclable products. Glass is one of the most recyclable materials there are, it can be recycled endlessly without loosing its quality. A Gradeall industrial glass crusher is the ideal first step in that process. 

The Gradeall glass crusher allows tipping skip loads to fill the hopper of this machine which then uses a conveyor to transport the bottles to a glass crushing unit which smashes the bottles into small particles and deposits them into a tipping skip.

The machine uses a simple to operate control system, with options for integrating an automated system. It is easily adapted into the production floor line and can quickly improve the waste disposal process of your operation. 

Glass recycling equipment Glass recycling plant

Industrial glass crusher machine

At Gradeall, our large glass crusher is specially designed for industrial purposes. It will meet the needs of businesses who need to dispose of large quantities of glass bottles that are at the end of their product cycle. If you are searching for a commercial glass crusher to deal with large volumes of waste glass then this is the ideal solution. 

A large amount of glass bottles may also cause a lot of noise and disruption when they clink together, which may be irritating to people in the immediate vicinity. With a glass crusher machine, which converts glass waste into glass cullet. You can reduce this noise pollution and also reduce the volume of this glass waste, compared to storing whole glass bottles. 

Glass bottle pulverizer for large volumes of waste glass bottles for recycling

Benefits of large glass crusher machine

A large glass crusher will bring about specific benefits to industries that are disposing of huge quantities of glass bottles. An industrial glass crusher is a worthwhile investment for improving the waste disposal process within your business and enhancing the efficiency of your production floor. 

With the Gradeall large glass crusher, you will benefit from: 

  • Being able to dispose of large quantities of glass bottles in a more efficient manner. 
  • More storage space within your premises, compared to storing whole glass bottles.
  • Able to transport larger volumes of waste glass to recycling centres. 
  • Reduced disposal costs at recycling centres or other waste management locations. 
  • Enhanced recycling process onsite at your premises.
  • A reduction in noise pollution caused by waste glass bottles clinking together. 
  • Minimal noise produced by the glass crushing machine. 
  • A safe way for employees to dispose of glass bottles on site. 
  • A simple to use piece of machinery that requires very little manual labour.
  • The option to integrate the machine as part of an automated system. 

A large glass crusher is also easily adapted onto the production floor and simple to integrate within the waste management process. 

At Gradeall, we design and build recycling machinery that is made to last. With our glass crusher machine, you can rely on a piece of equipment that is sturdy, efficient and requires minimal maintenance to get years of trouble free service. 

What industries need a large glass crusher machine? 

Depending on the size and scalability of your business, you may require a larger glass crusher. This piece of machinery is too large to be suitable for a domestic setting or small quantities of glass bottles. 

The following industries may benefit from a commerial glass crusher on their premises: 

  • Recycling centres
  • Beverage industries
  • Breweries 
  • Large hotels 
  • Cruise ships
  • Pharmaceutical sector

Really, any business that has a surplus of glass bottles that they need to dispose of can benefit from using a glass crusher on site. 

Disposing of glass waste in the U.K.

There are certain laws and regulations that businesses in the U.K. need to follow when disposing of their glass waste. They are now expected to make a sound attempt to prevent their waste products and materials from ending up in landfills. 

There is a set waste hierarchy that outlines how waste glass should be disposed of. 

Businesses now have a duty of care to explore alternative methods for glass waste disposal and pursue methods for energy recovery. 

At Gradeall, our high-spec industrial glass crusher can help your business dispose of its glass waste more efficiently and appropriately in light of adhering to U.K. laws and regulations. For other countries with more stringent waste management legislation we can build and ensure the glass crusher will work with your power supply specifications. 

Environmental benefits of a glass bottle crusher machine

A glass bottle crusher machine provides many environmental benefits in addition to preparing the waste glass material for recycling purposes. The reduction of the size and volume of waste glass also means that businesses can transport more of it, which reduces fuel consumption and results in a lower carbon footprint. 

Glass crusher for sale UK

At Gradeall, we build machinery that is made to last. We are located in Dungannon, Northern Ireland and we are international suppliers of waste management machinery. 

Gradeall Glass Crusher machine

We can take pride in every model that we design and manufacture, with Gradeall, you know that you are world class equipment that will continue to benefit your operation long into the future. 

If you would like to hear more about how a glass crusher machine can benefit your business and its recycling process, get in touch with us today and we can discuss the best option for your waste management needs.

Small glass crusher for sale

If you need a small glass crusher for a small business or personal use, you can check out our bottle glass crusher. It is a much narrower piece of equipment which is ideal if your limited on space. 

However, the large glass crusher has been designed for commerial and industrial glass waste. It is a much more profitable option if you have huge surplus of glass waste, compared to the small glass crusher. 

Glass recycling equipment for sale across the globe

Our range of glass recycling equipment prepares waste glass material for recyclable use. It is much easier for businesses to transport this type of shredded glass waste and it is ready to undergo the recycling process. 

We manufacture and supply glass bottle crushers to recycling operations based in the U.K., U.S., China and further afield. We are world class leading manufacturers, who have built a global reputation for our innovative machinery that is reinforced with high perfoming functionality. Gradeall machinery is built to last. 

Glass crusher machine price

The price point of purchasing a glass crusher machine may vary. Factors that may alter the total price include; machine specifications, operational adaptations and the delivery cost of transporting and uploading the glass crusher. 

Get in contact with one of our team members at Gradeall in order to discuss an accurate quote for a glass crushing machine price. In this discovery call, we can also ensure that you are investing in the right type of glass crushing equipment. 

Commercial glass crusher 

Our goal at Gradeall is to provide a durable and profitable piece of glass crushing machinery that is both cost-effective and reliable. We believe in pursuing a global effort for managing glass waste, without occurring unsustainable costs for a business. 

Our range of glass shredder machines enhances workplace productivity, improves efficiency and creates a better glass disposal system within your operation. For commerical businesses, it will save costs long into the future and create a sustainable glass waste management system. 

Gradeall full range of recycling machinery 

If you also deal with plastic, cardboard or paper, waste within your operation you can also check out our range of plastic bottle crushers. We also stock  can balers helping businesses manage all different types of waste. Get in contact to discuss more about our industry-leading glass recycling machines and our full range of waste recycling machinery.

Gradeall Glass Crusher Dimensions 03

Key Features


Smooth running conveyor moves bottles with minimal noise


Simple to operate control system, integration with automated systems optional


Large hopper allows bottles to be loaded via tipping skip with ease


Hammer glass crusher is both efficent and reliable with minimal maintenance requirements


Crushed glass occupies a small fraction of its original size


Fills a tipping skip with glass cullet in a matter of seconds


Easy to load material in via forklift with tipping skip


Glass pulverizer machine makes light work of waste glass


Can deal with bottles dry or with liquid still inside

Product Specification

Model Large Glass Crusher
Model Large Glass Crusher
Power Supply 415v 3 Phase
Machine Weight 1200 Kg

Working Area Dimensions

Gradeall Glass Crusher Dimensions 02
Gradeall Glass Crusher Dimensions 02
Gradeall Glass Crusher Dimensions 01
Gradeall Glass Crusher Dimensions 01

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