Tyre Rim Separator

The Gradeall Tyre Rim Separator T.R.S is the ideal solution for separating the two main parts of a road wheel; the steel or alloy rim, and the rubber tyre.

Each of these two components is hugely valuable, in separated form, for recycling purposes. The profits gained from waste steel, generated from used rims, will quickly offset the cost of this machine leading to a prompt return on investment.

With rims separated the used tyres can then be further processed with other machines in the tyre recycling range such as being cut with Sidewall Cutter to make shredding easier or baled in the MKII Tyre Baler to assist storage and shipping.

The Tyre Rim Separator is capable of:

  • Separating tyres from the rim within 20 seconds
  • Being operated by only one user, with a full safety guard fitted, and two-handed operation required for optimum safety
  • Being used without ear protection due to the low noise level produced
  • Handling a variety of tyres from small car to van tyres.
  • Easy to transport with integrated forklift lifting holes underneath

How the Tyre rim separator works

The Tyre Rim Separator is very easy to use and designed to keep the operator as safe as possible.

  1. The operator sets a tyre onto the machine aligning the rim of the clamp.
  2. The adjustable rest can be moved so that the weight of the tyre is suitably supported.
  3. The operator moves to the control panel turns on the machine and operate the controls, 2 hands are required on the controls to ensure the operator remains in a safe location.
  4. The tyre rim separator moves its clamp downwards onto the tyre, automatically closing the transparent guard over the tyre.
  5. The separating ram extends upon the rim either bending it if steel, or if an alloy rim it will break apart.
  6. The rim will push out of the tyre and fall onto the ground in front of the machine.
  7. The clamp lifts up and opens the guard allowing the tyre to be taken away.

*Paint Colour Schemes and Corporate logos are available above the tyre rim separator to suit customer requirements, to enquire about these options contact us.

Key Facts

  • Simple and easy to use hydraulic controls
  • Operator is placed behind a safety shield
  • Adjusts for different tyre sizes
  • Integrated forklift slots for easy movement on site
  • Separates a rim and tyre within 20 seconds


Model Tyre rim separator
Maximum Height (mm) 2600
Width (mm) 1230
Depth (mm) 1404
Transport Height (mm) 2356
Power supply 415v 3 Phase
Power unit (Kw) 7.5
Machine weight (Kg) 1000
Hydraulic system pressure (bar) 150
Separating ram bore/stroke (mm) 100/580
Clamping ram bore/stoke (mm) 100/435
Ram force (Tonnes) 10
Cycle time per tyre (Seconds) 20