Tyre Rim Separator

The Gradeall Tyre Rim Separator (T.R.S) is a wheel separator machine which makes the task of separating the two main parts of a road wheel; the steel or alloy rim, and the rubber tyre as effortless as possible.

Each of these tyre components are hugely valuable in its separate form, for recycling purposes and for profitability. The profits gained from waste steel or alloy metal, generated from used rims, will quickly offset the cost of this wheel popper machine leading to a prompt return on investment. 

With rims separated the used tyres can then be further processed with other machines in the Gradeall tyre recycling range such as being cut with Sidewall Cutter to make shredding easier or baled in the MKII Tyre Baler to assist storage and shipping.

Tire separation from the rim is fast, simple and safe using the Gradeall Tyre Rim Separator.

Model Tyre rim separator
Maximum Height (mm) 2600
Width (mm) 1230
Depth (mm) 1404
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Product Description

How does the Tyre Rim Separator work? 

The Tyre Rim Separator is very easy to use and designed to keep the operator as safe as possible.

  1. The operator sets a tyre onto the machine – aligning the rim edge underneath  the clamp of the machine.
  2. The adjustable rest can be moved so that the weight of the tyre is suitably supported, the aim is for the rim to pivot on this rest as the ram moves downwards exerting pressure on it to separate the rim from the tyre.
  3. The operator moves to the control panel that turns on the machine to activate the hydraulic power pack, then operates the controls which for reliability on this wheel popper machine are hydraulic. 
  4. Two hands are required on the controls to ensure the operator remains in a safe location behind the safety guards as this wheel separation machine works. 
  5. The tyre rim separator moves its clamp downwards onto the tyre, automatically closing the transparent guard over the tyre. This transparent guard protects the operator and any bystanders from any pieces of rim which may fly off from the wheel assembly. 
  6. The separating ram extends upon the rim, either bending it if it’s steel or if it is an alloy rim, it will break apart. It works as a slow tyre rim punch to force the rim out.
  7. The rim will push out of the tyre and fall onto the ground in front of the tyre rim separating machine.
  8. The clamp lifts up and opens the guard allowing the tyre to be taken away from the tyre rim separator.

Is the tyre rim separator suitable for alloy wheels?

With the included alloy wheel insert the Tyre Rim Separator can be used to separate even very thin spoke alloy wheels, as this insert is wide enough to ensure that the force of the ram is exerted on some of the rims spokes. A tool-free adjustable tyre rest allows the machine to be quickly adjusted to work with different sizes of tyres.

Is the tyre rim separator safe to use? 

The automatic safety guard closes down and over the tyre to prevent any debris from ejecting out and potentially causing injury to the operator or any bystander. The two-hand control system also ensures that the operator is always standing in a safe place and out of harm’s way.

Benefits of the tyre rim separator

The Gradeall Tyre Rim Separator is a great piece of machinery for businesses dealing with road tyres and end-of-life tyres. Tyre separation from rims could not be any faster with this machine from our tyre processing range.

It provides a better and more efficient method for separating the metal rim from the rubber part of the tyre, compared to the alternative method of using manual force and a screwdriver to separate the tyre parts. Even when compared to a tyre changing machine the Gradeall Tyre Rim Separator wheel separator machine is designed for speed, but also where a destructive action is required upon old rims this machine will ensure that end of life scrap rims do not return to the road. 

At Gradeall, we supply a range of durable and reliable tyre recycling machinery to enhance the waste tyre disposal process, with the Tyre Rim Separator, you can expect to benefit from; 

A fast return on investment using the Tyre Rim Separator:

The main benefit of the Tyre Rim Separator is the fast return on investment that it offers. The process results in leftover waste steel from the rim or more desirable aluminium alloys depending on the construction, which can be sold as scrap metal to offset the cost of this wheel separator machine.

Unlock steel and alloy wheel recycling prices using the Tyre Rim Separator

In the U.K., stainless steel is usually sold for around 80p – £1.00 per kg (subject to frequent market fluctuations ), this provides an avenue for the machinery to pay for itself in the long run, making it a worthwhile investment for enhancing the waste tyre disposal process at your operation. 

Businesses can sell the waste steel as another source of income, ensuring that they are enabling tyre recycling practices without damaging their own profitability or resources.  

Ideal with other tyre recycling machinery 

The Tyre Rim Separator can be used in conjunction with other tyre processing machinery. Once the steel rim has been removed, the rubber tyre is ready to be processed through the side wall cutter, where its bead can be removed, if the tread cutter is used the tyre can then be cut into even smaller and more manageable chunks of tyre material. 

The Tyre Rim Separator can also prepare waste tyres for the MK2 or MK3 baler, where they can be baled together and transported to their final destination. This would not be possible if tyre separation from the rim does not happen first. The Tyre Rim Separator is the first step in the waste management process for end-of-life tyres.

Increased efficiency of this wheel separator machine

The Tyre Rim Separator does all the hard work of separating waste tyre material. It provides businesses with scrap metal which has an easy and fast to recover financial value. It also separates the remaining rubber material that needs to be recycled. This machine reduces the time spent on separating tyre rims, providing a convenient routine that can quickly deal with your businesses waste tyre problem. 

The expedient process of this machine also increases the efficiency of managing waste tyres. It only takes 20 seconds to remove the tyre rim, which is much faster than manual removal or similar types of machinery such as a tyre changing machine as fitted at tyre shops. 

Safe handling of tyres

Another major benefit of the Tyre Rim Separator is that it reduces the likelihood of injury to your employees or anyone visiting your site, compared to other methods of separating a tyre rim. This wheel separation machine has control layout that ensures the user operates the hydraulic controls with both hands, this ensures that the operator remains in a safe place behind protective guards, where they are at reduced risk of human error. 

The Tyre Rim Separator has also been designed with an automatic shield to cover the both the tyre and rim, when the rim is being removed. This protects the operator from loose debris and sharp objects that may fire out when it is in operation. There is also an emergency stop button located on the side of the tyre separating machine, providing easy access for an operator who may need to use it in an emergency scenario. 

Less labour required using the tyre rim separator

The tyre rim separator also referred to as a Tyre Rim Punch only requires one person to operate the machine at a time. This can help businesses reduce the amount of labour required for completing the process of removing tyre rims. 

Tyre Rim Punch featuring adjustable base for different tyre sizes

Thanks to the innovative design of the Gradeall Tyre Rim Separator, it has a built-in adjustable tool for separating the rims of tyres in various different sizes, all car, mpv, suv tyres will work in this machine. This makes it a comprehensive solution for businesses that are dealing with a surplus of different types of tyres. 

A tyre rim punch that integrates easily with your workflow

We have designed the Tyre Rim Separator so that it can be easily integrated into different site layouts. The machine itself has a compact footprint, coming in at just 2.6m in height, meaning it can be placed in many locations near a power supply. It also has built-in forklift slots, allowing it to be easily manoeuvred around your premises. 

Energy efficient tyre rim separating machine

The Tyre Rim Separator has an automatic power-off function when it has been left inactive for 5 minutes. This helps businesses save on energy costs this bolsters the energy efficiency of this wheel popper machine. 

Tyre Rim Separator Price

The price point for the Tyre Rim Separator will vary depending on a number of factors, including; fluctuations in material costs, the machine specifications, additional extras if requested and the delivery cost of transporting the Tyre Rim Separator machine. 

For those reasons we recommend that you get in touch with a member of the Gradeall team for an accurate quote on the price of the Tyre Rim Separator. This allows us to ensure that you are purchasing a piece of recycling equipment that fits the needs of your business. 

At Gradeall, we manufacture high-performing machinery that brings about profitability for businesses, in addition to facilitating recycling processes and making it more convenient for businesses to do so.

Gradeall – Industry leaders in tyre recycling machinery 

At Gradeall, we pride ourselves on being innovative manufacturers of waste management machinery. We are immensely proud of the Tyre Rim Separator, both for its ability to provide a return on investment and for helping to streamline tyre waste solutions. 

The Tyre Rim Separator is the first machine that we recommended for processing tyres, not only because it extracts a valuable material but also for that fact that it makes the tyre disposal process much for efficient. 

Check out our full range of tyre recycling machinery, from balers to tyre sidewall cutters, and much more; we have an exclusive range of tyre recycling equipment that will enhance the productivity and efficiency of your operation. 

Gradeall – Industry leaders in waste management machinery 

At Gradeall, we are a world-class manufacturer of waste management machinery. We help businesses better manage their disposal of different materials in a responsible and efficient manner. 

Check out our range of compactors and balers, including the Gradeall GV500 and the Gradeall Clothes Baler.

If you would like to hear more about how this range of recycling machinery can help your business to better manage its waste disposal solutions, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, and we would be happy to help.

Key Features


Simple to use hydraulic controls


Automatic safety shield to protect operator


Tool free adjustment for different tyre sizes


Integrated forklift slots for easy movement on site


Separates a rim and tyre within 20 seconds


Automatic power off


Insert for thin spoke alloy wheels


Grease points on high wear areas for longer service life

Product Specification

Model Tyre rim separator
Model Tyre rim separator
Maximum Height (mm) 2600
Width (mm) 1230
Depth (mm) 1404
Transport Height (mm) 2356
Power supply 415v 3 Phase
Power unit (Kw) 7.5
Machine weight (Kg) 1000
Hydraulic system pressure (bar) 150
Separating ram bore/stroke (mm) 100/580
Clamping ram bore/stoke (mm) 100/435
Ram force (Tonnes) 10
Cycle time per tyre (Seconds) 20

Working Area Dimensions

Gradeall tyre rim separator front view dimensions.
Gradeall tyre rim separator side view dimensions.

Optional Extra

Laser alignment aid

Gradeall TRS Mesh Guard 002

Shipping information

Getting the Tire Rim Separator to your location

The tire rim separator can be shipped anywhere in the world. From America to Australia, Panama to Italy we have the experience of sending these tire separators to wherever our customers may be. Specific power unit requirements are not a problem either, the machine can be easily configured to your requirements.

Enhanced Safety with Automatic Safety Shield

The tire rim separator machine prioritizes operator safety by incorporating an automatic safety shield. This protective barrier fitted to our Tyre Rim Punch encloses the tire during the separation process, shielding the operator from potential hazards like flying debris. The shield automatically lowers into place with the clamping head when, ensuring that the operator remains at a safe distance throughout the process.

Tyre Rim Separator

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Unmatched Efficiency for Rapid Rim Separation

This tire rim separator machine stands out for its exceptional efficiency, capable of separating a tire from its rim within a mere 20 seconds. This rapid cycle time contributes to increased productivity and streamlined operations, particularly in high-volume tire processing facilities, places like scrapyards will really find this beneficial. The machine’s efficiency translates into faster processing times, allowing for the handling of a larger number of tires in a shorter period.

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