Facility Management

At Gradeall we understand that as a facilities management company you need to have reliable equipment that works flawlessly without any issues, at a competitive cost. To ensure the relationship between you and your customers is not hindered with issues.

To that effect Gradeall has supplied reliable balers and compactors to a number of facility management companies, allowing them to continue providing reliable service to their customers. Our extensive range allows us to provide customers with solutions to deal with a wide variety of waste problems.

As part of our sales process, we will engage with our customers to ensure that the equipment meets all requirements. Site audits, layouts, drawings and technical support are all available before purchase to give extra reassurance that the equipment will do what is demanded of it.

Our Equipment which is designed and manufactured in-house is made to be as durable as possible, yet easy to install and operate. Our extensive network of service engineers can provide onsite commissioning and installation of the equipment. They also provide the maintenance and servicing on our balers and compactors to ensure the utmost dependability to ensure a good relationship with your customer through the contract life.

  • A wide range of balers and compactors which can be tailored to meet specific waste management needs.
  • Gradeall machines are built to last and give many years of reliable trouble free service.
  •  control systems make it easy to use Gradeall machines.
  • UK and Ireland service network provides fast efficient service to ensure problems are dealt with promptly.

Facility Management Product Range