The second step in the sequence for dealing with large OTR (off the road) tyres, is the OTR TYRE SIDEWALL CUTTER.

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Derived from the successful tried and tested sidewall cutter of which Gradeall has extensive experience in building. This machine takes the industry know-how and experience and delivers a machine capable of processing these magnanimous tyres. This machine is intended to work in tandem with the OTR Splitter and OTR shear machines. The OTR splitter is the first step which cuts the tyre in half at the tread section, making it possible for the large idler wheel to press in against the inside of the OTR sidewall. The OTR TYRE SIDEWALL CUTTER presses a blade into the tyre, against the idler wheel. The blade rotates and cuts the sidewall away from the tyre.

The sidewall of the tyre contains a very thick steel wire bead, it is this bead which can wreak havoc on shredders, now removed it is much easier to manage. The OTR shear used after the sidewall cutter is capable of cutting the remaining tread section and sidewall into smaller segments that weigh less than 25kg and are easy to lift on site, store and transport to further tyre processing methods.

The OTR TYRE SIDEWALL CUTTER is a heavy-duty machine, designed specifically to deal with tyres that can weigh up to 600kg. The structure and components selected are all rated for the extra load they will be under to ensure they provide years of trouble-free service. Simple hydraulic lever controls ensure reliability and ease of use.

Height (mm) 2365
Width (mm) 2055
Length (mm) 3160
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Product Description

What size of tyres can this machine deal with?

This machine has been designed to process the most common sizes of OTR tyres, essentially it will cut any tyres that can be passed through the OTR splitter machine as that machine is required to cut the tyre in half first before it is brought to this OTR TYRE SIDEWALL CUTTER.

The images below show the range of tyre sizes that this machine can deal with:


This machine is the second step in a 3 pronged approach to deal with large OTR tyres. The first machine in this process is the OTR splitter. With the tyre cut into halves, the OTR TYRE SIDEWALL CUTTER is then able to isolate the tread section from the sidewall which contains the thick wire bead that is known to cause problems for most shredders.

Like any other tyre, an OTR tyre is made from rubber and is not biodegradable so leaving one sitting is not a solution, especially when they take up so much space. Proactive action is required to ensure that these tyres are transformed from hazardous nuisance waste into something that can benefit society in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. These OTR tyres contain a vast amount of rubber which when shredded and granulated is ideal for playground linings or innovative shock-absorbing solutions.

The OTR TYRE SIDEWALL CUTTER is a simple-to-operate machine that can quickly and effortlessly cut away the sidewall from large OTR tyres.

Key Features


Simple to operate hydraulic lever controls


Cuts the most common sizes of OTR tyres


Heavy duty construction


High torque gearbox driving cutting blade


Guards for operator safety


Easy to service and maintain, fast spares availability

Product Specification

Height (mm) 2365
Width (mm) 2055
Length (mm) 3160
Power supply 415v 3 phase (electric to hydraulic power pack)
Machine weight (Kg) *****

Working Area Dimensions

OTR sidewall cutter front view dimensions
OTR Sidewall cutter - side view
OTR Sidewall cutter - top down view

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Gradeall Can supply the OTR TYRE SIDEWALL CUTTER to locations across the Globe. Get in contact with Gradeall to find out how we can get this equipment to your site.


More Information

The OTR TYRE SIDEWALL CUTTER is simple in operation using a cutting blade pushing against a rotating idler wheel. Working on the same principle as the smaller truck tyre sidewall cutter but scaled up for the task of dealing with these larger tyres. The cutting apparatus of this machine is significantly stronger than its smaller counterpart. This is very noticeable when looking at the blade and sprocket pack which has many more sprockets than the truck tyre sidewall cutter. The drive shaft is supported by two bearings and the entire shaft is driven hydraulically through a reduction gearbox that provides high levels of torque to ensure the machine does not stall when rotating heavy tyres.

Typical customers of the OTR TYRE SIDEWALL CUTTER include tyre collectors who have a problem with OTR tyres taking up on site space and generally being a source of inconvenience for handling and transport. Whilst many tyre collectors have found effective ways to deal with car and truck tyres, until now OTR tyres have been something the industry has had minimal choices with regard to disposing of them sustainably.