G140 Pre Crush

The Gradeall G140 pre-crush compactor has been designed to crush large bulky solid waste into smaller volumes for more efficient compaction.

Pre crush compactor for council amenity sites | Gradeall G140 pre crush

Available with a range of different hopper options including:

Sliding Door Hopper

Open Top Hopper

Model G140 Pre Crush
Height (mm) 2250
Length (mm) 4580
Width (mm) 1920
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Product Description

How does it work

The G140 Pre-Crush compactor is simple in its operation, a large heavy-duty sliding door at the end of the compactor closes to form a pre-crush chamber. This allows the material to be crushed inside the machine a number of times to reduce its volume substantially. Once the volume is reduced, the door is then opened and the crushed waste is ejected into a regular 20 or 40ft container attached to the end of the compactor. This machine has been built to comply with the same CHEM  standards as the other machines in our static compactor range, meaning any compactor container can be used.

What is the advantage

The Pre Crush will ensure that there is uniform compaction throughout the waste stream, in other words, all of the waste is well compacted before it goes into the container.

All memory of the shape of an object is obliterated by the G140 Pre-Crush compactor, it indiscriminately will crush anything put inside it. This means that bulky items will take up much less space. This is particularly beneficial with items such as sofas or wardrobes which typically would have posed a problem for waste disposal.

With greater compaction efficiency than a conventional static  compactor, it is possible to get more waste into a given size of the container. A real-world example is a council in County Antrim that previously had 2 collections per day for its waste wood containers. After installing the Pre Crush they have reduced this down to one collection every 5 days, resulting in massive savings on collection services. Meaning that in this instance the compactor will pay for itself in under 18 months.

Machine could pay for itself in under 2 years

For more information on how the G140 Pre-Crush can save you money on waste disposal costs feel free to get in contact, our trained staff have experience in performing audits on waste processing and can help show the potential savings this machine can result in.

What can the g140 Pre-Crush Compactor crush

Some of the items the G140 Pre-Crush compactor will work with include:

  • Barrels
  • Pallets
  • Boxes
  • Bottles
  • Electronic Devices
  • Bathroom Fittings
  • Furniture
  • White Goods (including washing machines and dishwashers)

This is by no means an exhaustive list of this machine’s abilities, it will crush almost all forms of waste.


Key Features


Fully automatic cycle mode will crush material sufficently, then push it into the container. With one push of a button!


Tongue and groove floor and sides ensures that the head stays in a straight trajectory, and that material does not get wedged in between the sides.


More waste into a given container size, meaning reduced collection costs, and less space required at landfill.


Ideal for use on council amenity sites for waste streams requiring frequent collection.


Designed and built by Gradeall


Easy to operate controls, full training provided upon installation


Intelli-Fill remote monitoring system available

Product Specification

Model G140 Pre Crush
Model G140 Pre Crush
Height (mm) 2250
Length (mm) 4580
Width (mm) 1920
Power Supply 415v 3 Phase
Motor Size (Kw) 7.5/11/15
Cycle Time (Seconds) 60
Charge box capacity - excluding hopper (m³) 3
Swept volume of waste (m³) 3
Penetration into container (mm) 450
Machine Weight (Tonne) 7.5
Hopper door opening (mm) 2040x1330
Hopper Volume (m³) 4.75
Charge box volume (m³) 2.63
Loading height from ground (mm) 1355
Ram stroke / Ram bore (mm) 2700/150
Head face area (m³) 1.05

Working Area Dimensions

Gradeall G140 Pre Crush Dimensions 01
Gradeall G140 Pre Crush Dimensions 02
Gradeall G140 Pre Crush Dimensions 03

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