G140 Pre Crush

Designed for large, bulky difficult to deal with waste such as furniture, pallets, drums, wood waste and much more.

The Gradeall G140 pre-crush static waste compactor has been designed to crush large bulky solid waste into smaller volumes for more efficient compaction. This pre crusher compactor pushes waste material against a strengthened sluice door breaking it down as compact as possible before it ever goes near the container. Thanks to its PLC control system this high density waste compactor reduces the volume of waste much more effectively than a standard waste compactor. This ensures that the finite space on board the waste container is used as effectivley as possible, reducing the frequency of container collections and therefore your costs.

Available with a range of different hopper options including:

Walk on platform with sliding door hopper

G140 pre crush sliding door hopper.554

Designed for maximum user safety and convenience, especially in public-access areas like council-run sites. This hopper type ensures controlled and secure waste input, preventing unauthorised dumping and maintaining operational safety.

Open Top Hopper

G140 open top hopper.557

Ideal for industrial settings where large waste items are common. This hopper facilitates easy disposal of bulky items like wood waste, typically deposited by hand or forklift, making it perfect for warehouses and similar environments

Sliding Door Hopper

Gradeall G140 Pre Crush Site layout with container

High capacity enclosed hopper, prevents unauthorised dumping of waste into the compactors and ensures the utmost in on site safety.

Video demonstration of pre crusher compactor:

Model G140 Pre Crush
Height (mm) 2250
Length (mm) 4580
Width (mm) 1920
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Product Description

How does a pre crush compactor work

The G140 Pre-Crush Compactor operates by crushing waste against a pre-crush gate, significantly reducing waste volume compared to standard compactors. After the initial crushing, it functions like a regular compactor, pushing waste into 20 or 40ft containers. It meets CHEM standards, allowing compatibility with various containers, highlighting its efficiency and adaptability in waste management processes.

What is the advantage of a pre crush compactor

The G140 Pre-Crush static waste compactor excels in uniform compaction, efficiently utilising container space. This is especially beneficial for bulky items like sofas or wardrobes, which usually pose disposal challenges. Its superior compaction efficiency surpasses that of standard compactors, allowing more waste to fit in a given container size. This feature makes the G140 ideal for efficiently managing large and difficult-to-compact waste.

Proven reduction in container collections by using a pre crush compactor

The Gradeall G140 Pre-Crush static waste compactor’s effectiveness is highlighted by its use at the Mid and East Antrim Borough Council’s Sullatober site in Carrickfergus. Previously, the site needed two container collections daily for its waste wood container. After installing the G140 pre crush compactor, this was reduced to just one collection every five days. This significant decrease in collection frequency has led to substantial savings, illustrating the compactor’s ability to pay for itself in under 18 months. This case highlights the G140’s capability in reducing both waste volume and operational costs.

A pre crush compactor could pay for itself in under 2 years

The G140 Pre-Crush Compactor not only enhances waste management efficiency but also offers a quick return on investment, potentially paying for itself in less than two years. For detailed insights into how this compactor can lead to significant savings in waste disposal costs, the experienced sales team at Gradeall is available to assist. They specialise in conducting waste processing audits, offering tailored advice to showcase the financial benefits of investing in this innovative compactor. For more information and to explore these potential savings, feel free to reach out to them.

Eliminate the need for a Roll Packer

Replacing the traditional roll packer, once common at council sites, the Pre Crusher Compactor offers a more efficient and cost-effective solution for waste management. Unlike the roll packer’s excavator arm with a spiked drum which essentially required the operator to use like an excavator, our Pre Crusher Compactor simplifies the crushing process, just press the start button to begin the automatic compaction cycle, significantly reducing the need for constant operator input. Its design is not only more affordable but also maximises waste compaction in the container. We have leveraged our experience with roll packers to develop a superior, user-friendly, and safer alternative that streamlines waste handling.

What can the G140 Pre-Crush Compactor crush

The G140 Pre-Crush Compactor is engineered for superior versatility, handling a wide array of materials with ease. Its capability extends to:

  • Barrels
  • Pallets
  • Boxes
  • Bottles
  • Electronic Devices
  • Bathroom Fittings
  • Furniture
  • White Goods (including washing machines and dishwashers)

This list is just a snapshot of what it can work with, as the G140 pre crush is adept at crushing nearly all forms of waste, it has an extensive applicability across various waste management needs.

Designed and Built by Gradeall

The G140 pre-crush static waste compactor is the epitome of our decades of experience in the static compactor market. Customers desired a machine that would ensure the container maximised its available space. With a team of experienced and qualified engineers using the latest CAD software, this pre-crusher compactor has the enhanced heavy-duty structure needed to withstand years of hard work crushing materials. The G140 pre-crush includes:

  • Strengthened pre-crush gate: The unique part of a pre-crush compactor is its pre-crush gate, or sluice gate. This is the part the pre-crush will press against to break down any materials in the loading chamber. Yet it also has to open up to allow material to pass into the container. Extreme strength and resistance to deformation are required. We have ensured this through the use of finite element analysis (FEA) software and extensive real-world testing.
  • Reinforced Chassis: The G140 pre-crush features a much more robust chassis than a conventional static compactor. The floor is fully welded, and the baler chamber features reinforcements to ensure the structure remains rigid no matter what is being crushed. This ensures that the compaction head travels straight without any lifting or twisting that would allow hard wastes to get jammed underneath it.
  • Tongue and groove floor and sides: Ensures that the head stays in a straight trajectory, and that material does not get wedged in between the sides or under the head.
  • State of the art control system: Gradeall uses the latest control systems in all of its static waste compactors. Internet connectivity allows them to provide the Intelli-fill system for remote monitoring, diagnostics, and usage observation. The control interface is simple to use yet provides reliable operation. By being solid state using a PLC controller, it reduces the use of relays, which can be troublesome over time.

Key Features


Fully automatic cycle mode will crush material sufficently, then push it into the container. With one push of a button!


Tongue and groove floor and sides ensures that the head stays in a straight trajectory, and that material does not get wedged in between the sides.


More waste into a given container size, meaning reduced collection costs, and less space required at landfill.


Ideal for use on council amenity sites for waste streams requiring frequent collection.


Designed and built with pride by Gradeall


Easy to operate controls, full training provided upon installation


Intelli-Fill remote monitoring system

Product Specification

Model G140 Pre Crush
Model G140 Pre Crush
Height (mm) 2250
Length (mm) 4580
Width (mm) 1920
Power Supply 415v 3 Phase
Motor Size (Kw) 7.5/11/15
Cycle Time (Seconds) 60
Charge box capacity - excluding hopper (m³) 3
Swept volume of waste (m³) 3
Penetration into container (mm) 450
Machine Weight (Tonne) 7.5
Hopper door opening (mm) 2040x1330
Hopper Volume (m³) 4.75
Charge box volume (m³) 2.63
Loading height from ground (mm) 1355
Ram stroke / Ram bore (mm) 2700/150
Head face area (m³) 1.05

Working Area Dimensions

Gradeall G140 Pre Crush Dimensions 01
Gradeall G140 Pre Crush Dimensions 01
Gradeall G140 Pre Crush Dimensions 02
Gradeall G140 Pre Crush Dimensions 02
Gradeall G140 Pre Crush Dimensions 03
Gradeall G140 Pre Crush Dimensions 03

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