Mid and East Antrim – G140 Pre Crush

A County Antrim based amenity site had a particular problem with waste wood, they required 2 collections per day to get rid of their waste wood container. This incurred a skip collection cost and also increased truck movements on site.

Initially considering a roll packer they were against the idea as it requires considerable time for someone to operate, and it does not always give uniform material crushing.

Now with the G140 pre-crush, the council have reduced the amount of collections of the waste wood container to one collection every 4 days which has resulted in significant savings for the council.

The savings attributed to reduced collection fees mean that this particular compactor will have justified its initial purchase price in less than 18 months.

"We found the G140 pre crush has dramatically reduced the frequency of container collections for our waste wood section, not only has this saved our site money on collections but the investment of this machine will have paid for itself in under 18 months."

Neil Patrick - MId and East Antrim Council

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