Sanbra Fyffe G140 Pre Crush

Sanbra Fyffe is a manufacturer and wholesaler of plumbing supplies based in Dublin. Supplying to most builders merchants across the UK and Ireland chances are your house bathroom or kitchen contains some parts which have come from Sanbra Fyffe.

Like any manufacturing business stock comes in on pallets and wooden crates. These presented a problem as the waste was thrown into an open topped skip. With the pandemic came an increase in people renovating their homes and thus an increase in orders for the company, wood waste became a significant problem with multiple open top skip collections per week.

Sanbra Fyffe contacted Gradeall, having a GV500 and G-eco 150 Baler for over 20 years they knew the equipment was reliable and built to last.

After seeing the case study for the G140 Pre Crush as Carrickfergus they felt that it would significantly reduce the amount of skip collections needed for wood waste. In addition to a G140 they also took delivery of a G90 for cardboard waste. Both machines were fitted with open top hoppers to allow for quick and easy loading of material either by hand or by forklift.

DJI 0053
G140 Pre Crush for wood waste and G90 for cardboard waste

DJI 0060

Screenshot 2023 01 19 at 11.24.49 am

Pallets, crates and wood waste are easy to load into the hopper via forklift

Screenshot 2023 01 19 at 11.23.39 am

Pallets loaded into the G140 pre crush

Screenshot 2023 01 19 at 11.23.50 am

The wide hopper makes loading in pallets very easy

Screenshot 2023 01 19 at 11.25.57 am e1674128049579

Wood waste is crushed with ease, significantly increasing the tonnage that the container can be filled with

Screenshot 2023 01 19 at 11.28.05 am

IMG 3844

An access panel is provided to inspect the inside of the hopper and to clear any blockages. An electronic interlock prevents the machine from operating when this door is open.

Screenshot 2023 01 19 at 11.28.29 am

Cardboard waste being loaded into the G90 compactor

IMG 3849

A GV500 and G-eco 150 which have provided reliable serivce for over 20 years.

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"With the increase in business we found there was much more wood waste, we required frequent skip collections about 3-4 times per week. With the G140 pre crush not only is it easier to load but also with much more waste in the skip collections are required much less frequently."

Manager Sanbra Fyffe Dublin

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