Gradeall supply its Tyre Recycling equipment worldwide. We have a reliable network of trusted and reliable logistics partners who can ensure that your equipment arrives with you in a timely and professional manner at fair prices.

To reinforce our commitment to supplying equipment worldwide we are transparent about our past experiences. Existing customers of our equipment are the best source of testimonials of the shipping process and more importantly how hard working and effective Gradeall Tyre Processing equipment is for the people who own and use it.


CTS Tyre Recycling – Jandakot, Australia 🇦🇺

CTS needed a quick solution for end-of-life Truck Tyres for their new facility in Jandakot, WA Australia.

Truck tyres were the only scrap tyres that they had to deal with, making the Truck Tyre Baler the idea solution, which Gradeall supplied to CTS in February 2023 inside a 20ft shipping container.

Rochester Tyres – Rochester, Victoria, Australia 🇦🇺

Rochester Tyres, specialising in truck and tractor tyre repairs, faced challenges with managing end-of-life tyres. To address this, they acquired three sidewall cutters from Gradeall, aiming to downsize scrap tyres for more efficient transport to a shredding facility. These sidewall cutters, supplied in a 20-foot shipping container, enable Rochester Tyres to segment truck and tractor tyres into manageable parts, facilitating their preparation for shredding. This solution has streamlined their tyre disposal process, making it both more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Payan – Melbourne, Australia 🇦🇺

Payan, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, is an import and export business with a broad range of products, including a focus on recycling materials. They deal with various types of waste, including used tyres. Recognizing the need for efficient tyre recycling, Payan was one of the first to adopt Gradeall’s innovative equipment in 2018, adding an MKII tyre baler and a sidewall cutter to their arsenal. This investment reflects their commitment to effective and sustainable management of waste materials, particularly tyres.

Europe 🇪🇺

Autoverwertung Nord GmbH – Boizenburg Germany 🇩🇪

Arez Hussin Rashid who owns Autoverwertung Nord GmbH travelled from Germany to view the Gradeall factory, he flew from Hamburg into Dublin Airport where the Gradeall team were able to pick Arez up and take him to the Gradeall factory to show him where his MK2 tyre baler would be made. We are happy to show any prospective customer our production facility, it is also a great time to get to know the team behind Gradeall to reassure you of the equipment quality and our dedication to building strong relationships with our customers. Arez purchased a MK2 tyre baler which was sent upright on a flatbed trailer to Germany

Gradeall MK2 tyre baler for Autoverwertung Nord GmbH in Germany

ITB Casings – Rotterdam, Netherlands 🇳🇱

ITB Casings, based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, is a key player in the tyre processing industry, specializing in the collection and processing of waste truck tyres. To address the challenge of disposing of tyres that are too worn or damaged for rethreading, ITB invested in two Gradeall truck tyre balers. These robust balers efficiently compact up to 12 truck tyres per bale, streamlining their disposal process. Gradeall not only supplied these balers but also provided comprehensive on-site setup and training for ITB’s staff, ensuring seamless integration and operation of the equipment in their recycling workflow.

A forklift in front of two Gradeall Truck Tire Balers at a recycling facility.
Twin Gradeall Truck Tire Balers in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Autoband Recycling – Stadskanaal, Netherlands 🇳🇱

Autoband Recycling specializes in the processing of car tires. They have enhanced their operations with a Gradeall MK2 tyre baler and a car tire sidewall cutter, which they’ve been using effectively for two years. This equipment allows them to efficiently downsize car tires for recycling. Their clients prefer car tire bales without sidewalls, as these are easier to shred. The removed sidewalls are sent to a different facility for pyrolysis, a process that separates rubber from the steel bead.

Hringrás – Reykjavík, Iceland 🇮🇸

Hringrás, a leader in scrap metal recycling in Iceland, they also deal with end of life tyres and invested in Gradeall’s tyre baler conveyor to complement the MK2 tyre baler. They were the first customer to purchase the Tyre Baler Conveyor, along with an MK2 tyre baler, from Gradeall. This equipment has enabled Hringrás to efficiently process used tyres, enhancing their recycling operations and contributing to their environmental goals. Alan Shaw from Gradeall went with the equipment to oversee the initial setup and ensure that Hringrás were quickly up to speed on its operation.

Wastedirect – Aasmae, Estonia 🇪🇪

Wastedirect in Aasmae, Estonia, was one of the initial customers for Gradeall’s Tyre Baler Conveyor. Martin Linnupold from Wastedirect received a pair of MK2 tyre balers and a tyre baler conveyor. Gradeall conducted a thorough site visit and assessment to ensure the suitability of the equipment for the specific enclosed space designated by Wastedirect. Detailed site drawings and renderings were provided to confirm the proposed layout. The two tyre balers were delivered in a curtain side trailer, while the conveyor and its components were transported on a flatbed trailer, ensuring efficient setup and operation for Wastedirect’s recycling needs.

Bandvulc Tyres – Ivybridge, England 🇬🇧

Bandvulc Tyres, located in Ivybridge, England, is a prominent player in the truck tyre industry, specializing in rethreading. Despite their focus on refurbishing tyres, a significant volume of casings are deemed unsafe for reuse and require disposal. To address this, Bandvulc has invested in a Gradeall truck tyre baler, specifically designed for handling truck tyres. This efficient solution fits perfectly into their clean, modern facility, helping to eliminate waste tyre clutter. The baler streamlines the processing of scrap truck tyre casings, facilitating their smooth transition into containers for further processing. The effectiveness of this system is showcased in the video below, highlighting the baler in action at Bandvulc’s facility.

Premier Tyres – Southampton, England 🇬🇧

Premier Tyres, based in Southampton, England, is experienced in collecting End of Life tyres for recycling. They cater to a variety of clients, including commercial, industrial, and domestic, offering both regular and one-off collection services. The company operates within a 100-mile radius of Southampton and is fully insured and registered with environmental authorities. Gradeall has supplied Premier Tyres with three MK2 tyre balers, which are utilised indoors to maintain a clean and orderly work environment while processing large quantities of waste tyres.

SITR Midlands – Toddington, Glostershire, England 🇬🇧

SITR Midlands, a tyre recycling company in the United Kingdom, has significantly upgraded its operations with the incorporation of Gradeall’s MK2 tyre baler, equipped with Intelli-Link wireless technology. Rick Carlin from SITR Midlands has found this technology to be exceptionally beneficial, as it allows Gradeall to conduct service checks and adjustments remotely. This capability not only reduces downtime but also negates the need for on-site engineer visits, making the service fast and efficient. Furthermore, the MK2 baler’s ability to count and report the number of bales produced directly to Carlin’s email is invaluable for monitoring throughput and streamlining the logistics of bale movement. This integration of advanced technology has greatly enhanced the efficiency of SITR Midlands’ tyre recycling process.

Gradeall MK2 tyre baler for SITR midlands

DME Tyres – Lichfield, Staffordshire, England

DME Tyres, based in Staffordshire, UK, is a leading business in tyre recycling. They have a long history with Gradeall, purchasing several machines including MK2 tyre balers and a Sidewall Cutter. Bill Clarke from DME commends the equipment’s high quality, durability, and ease of maintenance. These machines have enabled efficient processing of both car and truck tyres into PAS108 format bales, significantly cutting down transportation costs. Clarke appreciates the effective training and ongoing support provided by Gradeall.

MK2 tyre baler on flatbed trailer for DME tyres LTD

Gemini Corporation NV – Antwerp, Belgium 🇧🇪

Gemini Corporation NV in Belgium engages in a broad spectrum of recycling services, handling a variety of materials such as plastics, paper, metal, and notably rubber. They play a significant role in the recycling of over 50 million tyres. Gemini has a collaborative history with Gradeall, not only by referring customers for tyre balers but also by utilising two MK2 tyre balers at their Antwerp facility for their own operations​. Marc Goosens of Gemini corporation has dealt with Gradeall for over 10 years said “We have a significant interest in waste tyres, and know how to connect the tyre collectors with the companies who process these end of life tyres, Gradeall Equipment has been very important for us as it offers reliability, ease of use and both Alan and Stephen have been a pleasure to deal with”

MK2 tyre balers before being shipped to Gemini Corporation NV

Tacam SRL: Bologna, Italy 🇮🇹

T.A.C.A.M. Srl, established in 1973 and a leader in the European tyre industry, specialises in the trade of used, retreaded, and tyre casings, focusing on high-quality products across various vehicle categories. In response to environmental concerns, they have expanded into tyre recovery and recycling, using sophisticated processes for the collection, selection, and shredding of End-of-Life Tires (ELTs). Their commitment to sustainable practices is further exemplified by their membership in the Consorzio Argo and the European Tyre Recycling Association (ETRA).

In line with their dedication to efficient recycling, T.A.C.A.M. worked with Gradeall to enhance their tyre processing capabilities. Gradeall supplied Simona Sabattini from T.A.C.A.M. with a pair of MK2 tyre balers. To ensure a smooth integration, a service engineer from Gradeall was dispatched to oversee the unloading and initial setup of the balers. Comprehensive on-site training was provided to T.A.C.A.M. staff, equipping them with the necessary skills for optimal use and maintenance of the MK2 tyre baler. This collaboration led to T.A.C.A.M. swiftly incorporating the balers into their workflow, achieving an impressive rate of baling waste tyres into PAS108 spec bales.

Western Tyres – Bristol, England 🇬🇧

Western Tyres Ltd in the South West of England specializes in the collection and disposal of End of Life tyres, serving a diverse client base. Their commitment to eco-friendly practices is highlighted by their zero landfill policy. The company’s investment in three MK2 tyre balers from Gradeall demonstrates a dedication to sustainable and efficient tyre recycling. These balers enhance transport efficiency, reduce costs, and contribute to a more organized workspace. Paul Stephens from Western Tyres has noted the balers’ durability and the improved organization in their yard, with tyre bales neatly prepared for container shipping, replacing the previous clutter of loose tyres.

3x Gradeall MK2 tyre balers for Bristol


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North America

Bobs Tires Co: New Bedford, Boston Massachusetts USA 🇺🇸

In 2023, a pivotal year for our expansion into the American market, Bobs Tires Co in New Bedford, Massachusetts, enhanced their tire recycling operations with our MK2 tire balers. They purchased four units along with an inclined conveyor system, addressing their significant waste tire issue. This upgrade was particularly impactful at their largest site, where the conveyor system has revolutionised efficiency. Jessica Bates from Bobs Tires reported, ‘The conveyor’s addition has been a game changer, allowing for rapid processing of scrap tires with minimal physical strain. Its success at our main site has us considering its implementation across other locations.’ This feedback underscores just how well the conveyor improves baling efficiency, any customer who has one instantly sees the benefits of it in terms of efficiency and workforce morale thanks to its reduction in operator strain.

Gradeall Inclined tyre baler conveyor for boston

Trade Your Tires – Jonesboro, Atlanta, USA 🇺🇸

Simon Nguyen from Trade Your Tires initially tackled his significant waste tyre issue by purchasing an MK2 tyre baler from Gradeall in December 2022 as a test for his business. Recognizing the baler’s immediate benefits, he expanded his investment with four additional balers and two Truck/Agricultural sidewall cutters. Gradeall facilitated this expansion by shipping the equipment in a 40ft and 20ft shipping container to Norfolk, Virginia, providing an efficient and effective solution for managing waste tyres at Trade Your Tires.

Tyrex Resources LLC – New York, USA 🇺🇸

Tyrex Resources, focused on innovating in the tire disposal industry, has significantly improved their operational efficiency by incorporating three MK2 tyre balers from Gradeall. These balers have enabled Tyrex to move 200-300% more used tires per transport, effectively reducing their carbon footprint. This aligns with their commitment to redefining tire disposal through efficient and environmentally conscious practices.

Full truck trailer of tire bales 1