Distribution Centres

Distribution centres store vast quantities of goods and products which have plastic or cardboard packaging, when the goods are removed from their packaging there are typically large amounts of waste packaging remaining to deal with. This waste packaging causes huge problems, if thrown loosely into a skip it means regular skip collections which cost a substantial amount due to the increased cost in skip collections. With a Gradeall baler suitable for baling cardboard or plastic it is possible to deal with these large amounts of waste in a more cost effective way that will reduce waste to landfill and make it easier to recycle.

Gradeall manufacture both horizontal and vertical balers to suit different requirements. We have overseen the installation of balers in many distribution centres across the UK and Ireland, which have been very well received by our customers.

The savings from baling packaging come in two different ways. A baler is an easy machine to use saving labour when dealing with waste thus reduced staff costs. Secondly, rather than costing money in skips the bales of material typically have a value meaning the bales can be sold to generate a revenue which can offset the cost of the equipment.  Baling waste packaging results in a less cluttered, work environment which is tidier and safer for employees.

With a network of service engineers, we can provide fast and reliable after sales service, to ensure your business can rely on Gradeall equipment.

  • Reduced waste disposal costs

  • Bales of waste material have a sale value

  • Less labour intensive way to deal with waste

  • Reduce clutter and make the area tidier and safer to work in

  • A network of service engineers to ensure reliable service.

Distribution Centres Product Range