G90 Waste Compactor

The  Gradeall G90  Static Waste Compactor is the most popular static waste compactor in the Gradeall range. Its popularity has allowed it to develop into a very versatile and adaptable waste management machine. The G90 is ideal for both councils and large businesses alike.

Gradeall G90 Scene

Model G90
Height (mm) 1645
Length (mm) 3530
Width (mm) 1800
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Product Description

The Gradeall G90  will attach to waste containers in all sizes, making it suitable for use in many locations.

The advantage of the G90 as with all compactors is that it will compact and compress a wide range of waste materials. This means that waste material will occupy a smaller space in a waste container which in turn reduces the number of collections required. Thus saving on transport and waste disposal costs. This is beneficial for a business in that it saves money and helps to keep the area clean, but also for the environment in that it reduces truck movements and means less space is used when further processing waste materials. For council amenity sites it is very easy to see how having a G90 static compactor can save money. We can conduct an evaluation of your waste management needs to work out how well a static compactor will help your waste management efforts.

The G90 has a tried and tested chassis. Featuring a single heavy-duty ram mounted centrally which pushes the compaction head forwards to compact waste into the container. The G90 is simple yet durable, and easy to use.

CHEM Compliant

The G90 has been designed around the CHEM standards, this means that it will work any with CHEM complaint waste containers, available in sizes ranging from 15 to 30 cubic yard capacity.

G90 Air Extraction System Compactor

A version of the G90 is available that works with air extraction systems, we have worked with several air extraction system manufacturers to provide solutions to deal with paper or cardboard shavings.

Click on this link to view information on the air extraction system compactor.

G90 GA 1000 007 OPPOSITE 01 G90 GA 1000 007 OPPOSITE 01

Key Features


Wide range of feed systems available


Designed and built by Gradeall


Low running and service costs


Easy to operate controls, full training provided upon installation


Designed for long service life even in harsh environments


Intelli fill remote telemetrics for dignostics and monitoring of compactor

Product Specification

Model G90
Model G90
Height (mm) 1645
Length (mm) 3530
Width (mm) 1800
Width (mm) Including accessories 2780
Power supply 415v 3 Phase
Cycle time (Seconds) 50; 26 forward, 24 backward
Compaction force (Tonne) 27
Motor size (Kw) 7.5
Charge box capacity (m³) 1.9
Swept volume of waste (m³) 1.725
Penetration into container (mm) 402
Weight (Kg) 3100
Clear top opening WxL 1500x1272
Running Pressure (Bar/PSI) 180/2600
Maximum Pinning Pressure (Bar/PSI) 200/2900
Ram Rod / Bore (mm) 80 / 125
Ram Stroke (mm) 1676
Head face area (m²) 1.05

Working Area Dimensions

Gradeall G90 Static waste compactor Dimensions 01
Gradeall G90 Static waste compactor Dimensions 01
Gradeall G90 Static waste compactor Dimensions 02
Gradeall G90 Static waste compactor Dimensions 02
Gradeall G90 Static waste compactor Dimensions 03
Gradeall G90 Static waste compactor Dimensions 03

Optional Extra

Bin Lift Systems

Chute or Conveyor system integration with automatic stop

Trim packers for print works incorporating fully sealing to prevent dust escape

A wide range of hoppers; manual load, sliding door, tipping skip

Walk on deck loading walkways with site infastructure integration

Custom and Bespoke material feed options

G90 GA 1000 004 02

Shipping information

More Information

The G90 can be tailored to suit whatever requirements you may have. Contact Gradeall to discuss any static compactor requirements, and to arrange an on-site visit to determine the best solution.

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