G90 Air Extraction System Compactor

Frederick Jones is a large packaging supplier based in Belfast. Being responsible for making the boxes many items are packaged in there is inevitably waste produced. They came to Gradeall seeking a more effective way to deal with their cardboard waste.

As part of their plans to upgrade their waste management a fully automated air extraction system would be installed. We have worked with several manufacturers of these systems before with great success, this time was no different.

Full CAD drawings and other technical details were sent between Gradeall, the management at Frederick Jones and the company responsible for the air extraction system. The end result is a fully automatic and integrated waste management solution.

The G90 static waste compactor interfaces with the electronics of the air extraction system. This ensures that only operates when required to do so. The G90 will send information back to the air extraction system also such as when a container is not detected the air extraction system will not operate to ensure waste does not escape.

As the waste is paper and cardboard shavings it is very loose and can quickly cause a mess, at Gradeall we produce a what is called the ‘trim packer’ version of the G90 with a redesigned head for full sealing, there are also large rubber seals on the interface between the compactor and the container.

When the compactor is 75% full the Intelli fill system on the G90 will send an email to the relevant email addresses (management and skip collection company) so that skip collection is organised in advance of the container becoming full, minimising downtime. The full container can then be collected and taken away for recycling.

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  • Full integration with air extraction system
  • Trim packer package ensures total sealing to prevent material escaping
  • Ideal for any print works or cardboard packaging manufacturing facility

"We are very pleased with this system, it just works. A well designed system that makes dealing with our waste so efficent."

Mark Anderson

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