Pallet Inverter

The pallet inverter (sometimes called bale inverter) is designed to flip sheet stock material 180 degrees. Ideal for when a load requires a pallet changed or when damaged material needs to be replaced. In some specialist joinery firms manufacturing doors or panels, the manufacturing process itself requires the material is flipped over. This machine saves the need to manually flip the material over.

Simply load the material into the machine using a forklift and use the controls to flip it around, with automatic height adjustment with rubber cushioning to keep the load stable during the rotation the machine is very easy and safe to use.


Machine Pallet Inverter
Width (mm) 4715
Max Height (mm) 2525
Length (mm) 2805
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Product Description

Featuring heavy-duty construction and quality components the pallet inverter provides a safe and easy way to flip materials. The operator controls this machine through a simple button-controlled panel. Simply load the material on with a forklift and allow this machine to take away time wasted dismantling and building back up stacked materials.

  • Ideal for plasterboard, plywood, chipboard or any other sheet materials
  • Easy to replace or change pallets for packaging
  • Replace damaged goods from the bottom of the stack with ease
  • Simple to operate controls
  • Eliminate physical strain and employee downtime
  • Flip pallet in under 60 seconds
  • Hydraulic material clamp to ensure the load is secure during rotation
  • Bespoke options are available for more unusual load types.


Key Features


Simple to operate button controls


No operator strian, load and unload via forklift


Sub 60 second cycle time


Heavy duty construciton for years of trouble free service


Hydraulic material clamps with rubber insulation to firmly secure material


Ideal for sheet materials, pallet version available

Product Specification

Machine Pallet Inverter
Machine Pallet Inverter
Width (mm) 4715
Max Height (mm) 2525
Length (mm) 2805
Max material dimensions (mm) 3400 x 1850 x 675
Power supply 415v 3 Phase (Electric to Hydraulic power pack)

Working Area Dimensions


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More Information

If you have a product or material that needs to be flipped by 180 degrees then the Gradeall pallet inverter is what you need. Perfectly suited for sheet materials such as plywood or plasterboard. The automatic internal rubber faced clamp firmly clasps the material before rotating it ensuring it does not move during the rotation.