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About Pallet Inverting

The problem of Inverting Pallets lies in the weight and unwieldy nature of sheet materials which may need to be inverted. Pallets of sheet material or products may need to be inverted for a variety of reasons. In some specialist joinery firms manufacturing doors or panels, the manufacturing process itself requires the material to be flipped over.

In other cases Pallets may need to be replaced due to damage or damaged materials may need to be replaced on a Pallet. The job of inverting Pallets of sheet material, panels, or doors can be a physically demanding task. The materials are often very heavy and hard to flip without dropping. This means there is an increased risk of injury to staff involved as well as risk to the merchandise being damaged through accidents while being flipped.

Pallet Inverting At Gradeall

We at Gradeall aim to solve the problems faced by the manufacturing industry from waste management, to recycling issues. We analyse the issues faced by these businesses and design efficient equipment which can help. This means we don’t just limit ourselves to balers and compactors, instead offering a range of Specialist Machinery which can help businesses process waste and materials in a cost effective and environmentally conscious way.

The Pallet Inverter is a part of our Specialist Machinery range aiming to solve the physically demanding task of inverting Pallets of sheet material. The Pallet inverter (sometimes called bale inverter) is designed to flip sheet stock material 180 degrees. Ideal for when a load requires a Pallet changed or when damaged material needs to be replaced. This machine saves the need to manually flip the material over.

Simply load the material into the machine using a forklift and use the controls to flip it around, with automatic height adjustment with rubber cushioning to keep the load stable during the rotation the machine is very easy and safe to use. This system fully removes the need for user strain in loading and unloading materials working seamlessly with a forklift. All of our equipment and machinery comes with full training provided by an expert member of our team completing the installation. We will ensure every member of your team can use your new machinery effectively and safely.

Machine Pallet Inverter
Width (mm) 4715
Max Height (mm) 2525
Length (mm) 2805
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Product Description

General Information

The Working area of the Pallet Inverter is 2525 (h) x 4715 (w) x 2805 (d) mm.

We offer CAD site designs to give you an accurate idea of how this new system will fit within your space or site. If you have an irregular shaped space for your materials, processing our bespoke service is ideal for you to find the perfect fit for your site. The CAD drawings are a great way to ensure your new equipment will help your business efficiently.

The Maximum material dimensions of the Pallet Inverter are 3400 x 1850 x 675 (mm). Does your company deal with irregular load types? We aim to create bespoke systems which work for our customers so we can consult with you to see if a piece of machinery could be fitted to your needs. Reach out to a member of our team through our contact page to discuss your needs and see if we are able to create a bespoke system for you.

How Gradeall Can Help Your Business

We at Gradeall understand the important role these pieces of specialist machinery play in the manufacture process and offer servicing and repairs to ensure your business can run smoothly, including a range of consumables for easy maintenance. We supply consumables for the entire Gradeall range but also can supply consumables for other manufacturers equipment.

When consulting with you on your business needs we will advise you on our servicing plans which can be arranged to ensure the smooth running of your equipment. Our maintenance program covers a pre-agreed number of preventative maintenance visits, together with any breakdown call outs including parts and components as required.

Gradeall has a network of Service engineers across the UK and Ireland who are capable of working on all aspects of Gradeall equipment including electrical, hydraulic and mechanical. Not only can we work on Gradeall equipment but we can provide the same service for equipment from other manufacturers.

We also offer breakdown cover meaning should you experience a breakdown, simply call our service team and we will have one of our service engineers around to you as quickly as possible and typically within 8-10 working hours from the time of your call.

Pallet Inverter Product Description

Featuring heavy-duty construction and quality components the Pallet inverter provides a safe and easy way to flip materials. The operator controls this machine through a simple button-controlled panel. Simply load the material on with a forklift and allow this machine to take away time wasted dismantling and building back up stacked materials.

  • Ideal for plasterboard, plywood, chipboard or any other sheet materials
  • Easy to replace or change Pallets for packaging
  • Replace damaged goods from the bottom of the stack with ease
  • Simple to operate controls
  • Eliminate physical strain and employee downtime
  • Flip Pallet in under 60 seconds
  • Hydraulic material clamp to ensure the load is secure during rotation
  • Bespoke options are available for more unusual load types.

Why Our Customers Choose Gradeall International Ltd

We at Gradeall International Ltd. are a world leading manufacturer of balers, compactors, tyre recycling machines and specialist bespoke recycling machinery. We have years of experience as industry leaders in recycling and waste management. Our customers know we offer the highest level of excellence and expertise to their recycling systems. For more information on the work we do you can read a range of our case studies here.

Key Features


Simple controls via buttons which make it easy to operate.


Removes the need for heavy lifting by automating the inversion of Pallets.


No operator strain as the inverter is loaded and unloaded via forklift.


A sub-60 second cycle time reduces downtime needed to process materials.


Designed with heavy duty construction ensure minimal wear and tear maintenance giving trouble free service for years


Materials secured with hydraulic clamps insulated with rubber to give a firm grip


Ideal for sheet materials such as plasterboard, plywood, and chipboard.

Product Specification

Machine Pallet Inverter
Machine Pallet Inverter
Width (mm) 4715
Max Height (mm) 2525
Length (mm) 2805
Max material dimensions (mm) 3400 x 1850 x 675
Power supply 415v 3 Phase (Electric to Hydraulic power pack)

Working Area Dimensions


Optional Extra

Shipping information

More Information

If you have a product or material that needs to be flipped by 180 degrees then the Gradeall pallet inverter is what you need. Perfectly suited for sheet materials such as plywood or plasterboard. The automatic internal rubber faced clamp firmly clasps the material before rotating it ensuring it does not move during the rotation.