The Gradeall GH600 Horizontal Baler is a heavy duty waste management solution.

Designed to be used with large volumes of materials including paper, cardboard, hard and soft plastics, light steel, aluminium beverage cans, bottles, and much more. Depending on the material being baled up to 600Kg bales can be produced. The GH600 produces a mill sized bale of 1500x750x1100mm. This is a manual tie baler which uses 5 baling wires to hold bales together securely, the bale tying process is easy to perform and removes the complexity and reliability issues associated with auto tie systems.

The baler follows the same design philosophy as our static compactors in that it is modular and allows customers to specify a range of waste feed options. From a simple hinged door hopper to full stainless steel dewatering conveyor systems with integrated electronics the GH600 is designed to be versatile so that it provides the best possible solution to your waste management needs.

A remote monitoring system as used on our compactors in the form of the intelli-fill system is available on the GH600 as an option which allows Gradeall to remotely monitor the machine’s operation, providing remote diagnostics if required to resolve any issues as soon as possible. (Note this system requires a SIM card and active network subscription subject to network operator costs, signal strength may vary depending on location).

The GH600 Horizontal Baler to make mill sized bales

This baler is ideal for recycling operations dealing with over 50 tonnes of recyclable materials per week. The design of the GH600 means that bales produced are ideally sized to fit in shipping containers, this improved transport efficiency means that recyclable materials can be more efficiently transported to a place of further processing thus reducing waste management costs. Gradeall offer cost-effective servicing packages to ensure the machine operates for as long as possible.

Key Facts

  • Produce bales from a variety of materials
  • Modular design allows different feed systems
  • Optional remote monitoring system
  • Up to 600Kg bales
  • Simple to operate controls


Model GH600
Width (mm) 2314
Height (mm) 2930
Length (mm) 5860
Charge box feed opening (mm) 1420x1180
Power Supply 415v 3 Phase
Motor Size (Kw) 7.5
Empty Cycle Time (Seconds) 45
Bale Dimensions (mm) 1500x750x1100
Maximum Bale Weight (Kg) 600
Approximate Cardboard Bale Weight (Kg) 450
Approximate Plastic Bale Weight (Kg) 500
Number of Baling Wires 5
Machine Weight (Kg) 8000
Head Force (Tonnes) 90
Noise Level (dB) 65-70
Approximate throughput per hour 2-3 tonnes