G-eco 250

The Gradeall G-eco 250 Baler is a mid-sized 250 kg  vertical baler   which operates with two hydraulic rams. The large feed door makes its ideal for use with large cardboard boxes or large volumes of plastics. As the name suggests the G-eco 250 produces bales approximately 250 kg in weight (*depending on material fed in). This baler makes the process of baling extremely easy and user-friendly.

The Gradeall G-eco 250 Baler boasts features that extend its applicability beyond basic baling needs. Its robust design, and quality construction ensures long-term reliability both indoors and outdoors, addressing the varied requirements of different business operating environments. This maid range waste baler features a large aperture which accommodates not only bulky cardboard pieces but also a diverse range of waste materials, enhancing its functionality. Ideal for spaces where efficiency and safety are paramount, the G-eco 250 incorporates an easy to use control system incorporating two-hand safety operation to ensure operator safety. This attention to detail in design underscores our commitment to delivering solutions that are not just effective, but also safe and adaptable to the evolving needs of businesses.

Key Features of the G-eco 250:

  • Efficient Material Handling: Capable of dealing with medium to large volumes of waste.
  • Twin Ram Design: Ensures even distribution of pressure upon waste and a level compaction head.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Large feed door and intuitive control system.
  • Automatic Bale Ejection: Streamlines the removal of the Euro pallet-sized bales this machine generates.
  • Easy to load: Designed with material retaining claws to minimise material spring-back to make baling much easier.

The video below shows the smaller G-eco 150 which features the same running gear as the larger 250kg vertical baler but proves how effective these twin ram mid sized vertical balers are especially in warehouse settings where large volumes of cardboard waste are generated:

Model G-eco 250
Width (mm) 1543
Depth (mm) 1103
Height (mm) 2633
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Product Description

How does the G-eco 250 work?

Swing open the large feed door and deposit in cardboard boxes without the need to pre-crush them, plastic wrapping, bags, or packaging can also be baled. The control panel has just the essential buttons required to operate the machine, yet still features a useful two hand safety feature requiring the operator to hold two hands on the control panel while the baler operates, ensuring they stay in the safe operating zone reducing the potential for operator injuries. In addition to that the baler also features an electronic interlock on the chamber door and emergency stop button to stop all machine operations, this ensures this vertical baler complies with workplace safety regulations.

Once filled the baler will then be placed into “bale tie mode” this is done when both doors are opened. The head will compress the waste further than it would on a normal stroke and during this stage, the operator ties the baling twine around the baler. (Gradeall holds stock and can supply baling twine for the G-eco 250 within 48 hours.) Once the bale is tied the bale is then ready to be ejected.

Worker smiling next to a Gradeall G-Eco 250 mid-size vertical baler filled with cardboard

When full the two doors on the G-eco 250 are opened and the compaction head is raised, an integral part of the bale eject mechanism engages when both doors are opened causing the bale to automatically eject from the baler without any strenuous physical activity required by the operator. The bale eject mechanism tips the bale out cleanly and in a controlled manner, a pallet, pallet truck or forklift can be waiting to accept the bale as it is deposited from the baler.

User-Friendly and Low-Maintenance: Ensuring Maximum Uptime

Our G-eco 250 is designed for ease of maintenance and user-friendly operation. Accessible parts allow for quick servicing, minimising downtime and maximising productivity. Our responsive support team is always on hand to provide expert guidance and ensure the availability of essential parts like baling twine. With spare parts and consumables available within 48 hours across the UK & Ireland. This commitment to hassle-free maintenance and robust support makes the G-eco 250 an ideal solution for businesses requiring a reliable and efficient baler for cardboard, plastics, and metal cans.

Why your Business can benefit from a 250kg vertical baler;

  • Reduce waste management costs, and in some cases earn money from recyclable bales
  • More organised waste management on site reduces clutter and mess
  • Less time spent dealing with waste
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Baler to crush metal cans & drums

If you are a manufacturing business then it is inevitable that waste paint cans will quickly pile up. The G-eco 250 can be supplied with an insert that allows it to crush paint cans or oil drums so that old paint cans or oil drums are easier to store or transport onto scrap metal dealers.

G eco 250 oil drum

Energy-Efficient 250kg Vertical Baler: Reducing Carbon Footprint

By compacting recyclable materials, the G-eco 250 significantly reduces waste volume, contributing to a lower carbon footprint for your business. Efficient recycling practices enabled by our baler mean less reliance on landfill disposal, aligning your operations with sustainable environmental practices. Plus, with its energy-efficient power pack and auto power-off feature, the G-eco 250 only consumes electricity when actively compressing materials, ensuring your energy usage is as low as possible while maintaining high efficiency.

Cardboard bale generated by Gradeall G-eco 250, mid size baler

Cost-Effective Waste Management: A Financially Smart Choice for Businesses

Businesses including warehouses, retail and manufacturing have found significant financial benefits in using the G-eco 250. This mid-sized baler helps reduce waste collection costs and provides an opportunity to generate revenue by selling compacted bales of recyclables. By efficiently managing waste, the G-eco 250 transforms an operational cost into a potential income source, making it a financially smart choice for businesses looking to optimise their waste handling processes.

Gradeall G-eco 250 and Bale

Key Features


Wide door opening to accept larger items of waste


Bale chamber inspection window


Automatic bale cycle


Bale eject plate makes removal of bales easy


Control panel operates on a safe 24 volt circuit


Mechanical bale eject system

Product Specification

Model G-eco 250
Model G-eco 250
Width (mm) 1543
Depth (mm) 1103
Height (mm) 2633
Feed door opening [width x height (mm)] 1092 x 493
Total loading chamber height (mm) 1393
Power Supply 240V 13A Single Phase
Motor Size (Kw) 2.2
Cycle Time (Seconds) 45 Maximum
Approx Bale Dimensions (mm) 1000x1100x700
Bale Weight (Kg) 200-275
Machine Weight (Kg) 710
Head Force (Tonne) 8
Noise Level (dB) 65-70

Working Area Dimensions

Gradeall G-eco 250 Feed Door Dimensions
Precision engineering for efficient recycling – the G-Eco 250 Baler's technical blueprint
Gradeall G-eco 250 Top View Working Area Dimensions
Streamlined design for maximum efficiency – G-Eco 250's side profile with door operation
Gradeall G-eco 250 Side Dimensions Door Open

Optional Extra

Marine Spec Baler - Halogen free/Smoke free wiring and improved corrosion resistance

Galvanised finish for corrosive or outdoor environments

Internet connectivity for baler statistics and service alerts

Various power supply options, single or three phase 110, 240 or 415v

G-eco 250 oil drum.15

Shipping information

Efficient Delivery and Easy Install: Your 250kg Vertical Baler Solution

Delivering across the UK, Ireland, and the EU, the Gradeall G-Eco 250 reaches you with the assurance of our robust network of reliable and efficient logistics partners. We ensure timely and hassle-free delivery of your baler.

Along with your G-Eco 250, we provide comprehensive written and video instructions for straightforward setup and operation.

For added convenience, our skilled Gradeall service engineers are available to set up the baler on-site and conduct comprehensive staff training. This training covers not only operational expertise but also maintenance know-how, complete with certification to validate your staff’s proficiency in safely and effectively using the G-Eco 250. With our support, you can have complete confidence in the seamless integration of the G-Eco 250 into your waste management processes.

250Kg Vertical Baler for Cardboard

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