Cardboard Recycling; the options

Cardboard balers today are important because cardboard waste is very common in most businesses. It is extensively used for packaging and it is hard to avoid. Gradeall supply its balers to shops, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, hotels, hospitals helping them to deal with waste cardboard.

Rather than have piles of old waste cardboard our range of balers allow loose cardboard to be turned into dense, easy to manage bales. From the 50Kg G-eco 50 machines to the 750 bales the horizontal GH600 can produce, Gradeall has balers to deal with all volumes of cardboard in sizes to suit space requirements.


Cardboard can be left loose, thrown into a skip or a compactor, however, we feel these options are not as good as a baler.

Cardboard is a valuable recycling commodity, so we always advise our customers to choose a baler for cardboard, our compactors can deal with cardboard. However, the cardboard is still loose in this state, because it would ultimately require further processing which is typically baling it does not have the value of a cardboard bale.

Cardboard baling process.

Above: The process of baling cardboard

A baler is much better for cardboard because:

  • Bales of cardboard have a monetary value.
  • A baler does not need cardboard to be flattened, saving time.
  • Balers, especially vertical balers are space efficient and can be located within the waste handling area itself
  • A baler will produce bales of a constant size and weight, making it easy to calculate total weight by number of bales
  • Bales are easy to stack which is ideal for storage and loading onto trucks or containers for shipping
  • Bales are exactly what cardboard recyclers want, there is no further processing needed.
  • With reduced transport and handling required the overall process will reduce your carbon footprint.

Our horizontal range of balers offers the flexibility of a static compactor with things such as tipping skip hoppers, chute/conveyor feed, or bin lifts. These large balers are ideal if you deal with very high levels of cardboard waste.


Contact us at Gradeall and we can arrange a site audit to evaluate what would be the best machine from our range of cardboard balers for your business. We will be able to calculate for you how much installing and using a cardboard baler will save on waste management costs. After the initial investment has been covered cardboard bales can generate a revenue.

Why gradeall cardboard balers

  • We design and manufacture all our equipment in-house, exactly to what they require. With safety, reliability and ease of use key considerations.
  • Site layouts and renderings available for analysis before ordering equipment.
  • A wide range of balers available from the G-eco 50s to the GH600
  • Free site audits to calculate how much you can benefit by baling.
  • Turnkey; Gradeall will oversee the delivery, and installation of our balers and will provide operator training.
  • UK wide support network for servicing and repairs.
  • Reduced waste management costs.
  • Introduction to cardboard recyclers who will purchase¬†cardboard bales at competitive prices.


  • Tidier, less cluttered waste management area
  • Get paid for cardboard bales, rather than paying to get rid of waste cardboard
  • UK & Ireland service network
  • Reduced cardboard waste management costs
  • Cardboard balers to suit all requirements

"We have a Gradeall GV500 baler installed to deal with the cardboard boxes generated in our supermarket. Before we had to pay to have the loose cardboard collected, the yard behind the shop was cluttered and if a collection didnt happen it was a lot of hassle . Now with the baler installed we keep on top of our cardboard waste, bales can be stacked easily and it is easier to find collectors willing to buy the bales from us."

Supervalu Manager - County Cavan

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