Traditionally, used tyres have simply been thrown loose onto a truck but not only does this mean more space being occupied by fewer tyres, it also means reduced load efficiency.

All of this means more truck journeys and corresponding increased fuel costs which, together, act as a barrier to tyre recycling – which is why tyre waste is such a huge global problem, with many countries hosting large tyre dumps dating back many years.

What many people don’t realise, however, is that tyres actually represent highly recyclable materials. That’s because they contain many rich resources and therefore offer great flexibility when it comes to recycling uses: for example, they can be broken down into their constituent elements of wire, fabric and rubber, or even used in civil engineering projects such as road building, embankment construction etc.

Many countries, including the UK, Germany, Spain and France now recognise the value of truck tyres, in particular, as recyclable commodities and have well-established schemes designed to facilitate the recycling of these. In addition, many developing countries are now in the process of developing such schemes as they too begin to realise the value that lies in old waste truck tyres.

Essentially, the problem has always been that tyres, in all their various forms, are by their very nature, heavy and bulky. This means that they have always been regarded as very costly to move and, with the final recycling facilities often far away from the collection area, the high cost of transportation is often the deciding factor in dumping being chosen over recycling.

Recognising the huge problem that truck & bus tyres, in particular, represent environmentally – and on a global scale – we set about creating a solution to this problem, the result of which is our truck tyre baler.

Operated by two people, this baler is one of the most cost effective tyre balers found in Europe both in terms of capital as well as operational cost. Using this machine, tyres can be baled into a volume of between 15-20% of the original load, reducing truck journeys by up to 70% greatly reducing transport and fuel costs in the process.

However, our tyre recycling range also includes the following range of tyre recycling solutions, MKII tyre baler, tyre rim separator, sidewall cutter and tread cutter, and the agricultural tyre shear.

The result is that, with solutions available for tyres of all types, Gradeall makes tyre disposal easy and cost effective regardless of the scale of your recycling needs.

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