Gradeall has a range of Tyre Recycling Equipment designed and manufactured to deal with problematic end of life tyre waste. In the past the most common practice was to simply dump waste tyres in huge stockpiles. However this posed health hazards with the risk of stagnant water sitting inside these tyres being a breeding ground for mosquitoes and the diseases they can spread. Waste tyre stockpiles also pose a fire hazard and as discussed before in the risks of burning article this is something that should be avoided at all costs. Waste tyres also consume a lot of space on the land where they get dumped. This also makes them hard to transport loose in containers.

Transporting these ELT waste tyres is a problem, it is hard to get a great deal of tyres into a given space so transporting them loose is prohibitively expensive in terms of fuel costs. These are some reasons why in the past that dealing with waste tyres was such a daunting prospect. Solutions simply were not widespread.

Gradeall seen the huge problem that waste tyres posed, be it car tyres, lorry tyres, agricultural tractor tyres and even massive OTR tyres. These tyres posed a challenge environmentally all over the world. We have created and constantly developed our range of tyre recycling products to cover every recycling need in this industry area with the aim to have a machine to deal with as many types of tyre as possible. We now have a range of tyre recycling equipment that we are proud of.

Along with our number 1 selling tyre baling product (also the UK’s best selling tyre baler), the MKII Tyre Baler, we also offer a wide range of tyre-specific recycling and waste management products as shown below:

What many people don’t realise, however, is that tyres actually represent highly recyclable materials. That’s because they contain many rich resources and therefore offer great flexibility when it comes to recycling uses: for example, they can be broken down into their constituent elements of wire, fabric and rubber, or even used in civil engineering projects such as road building, embankment construction etc.

Many countries, including the UK, Germany, Spain and France now recognise the value of truck tyres, in particular, as recyclable commodities and have well-established schemes designed to facilitate the recycling of these. In addition, many developing countries are now in the process of developing such schemes as they too begin to realise the value that lies in old waste truck tyres.

Essentially, the problem has always been that tyres, in all their various forms, are by their very nature, heavy and bulky. This means that they have always been regarded as very costly to move and, with the final recycling facilities often far away from the collection area, the high cost of transportation and handling waste tyres is often the deciding factor in dumping being chosen over recycling.

Recognising the huge problem that truck and bus tyres in particular, represent environmentally – and on a global scale – we set about creating a solution to this problem, the result of which is our truck tyre baler.


Operated by two people, this baler is one of the most cost effective tyre balers found in Europe both in terms of capital as well as operational cost. Using this machine, tyres can be baled into a volume of between 15-20% of their original size, reducing truck journeys by up to 70% greatly reducing transport and fuel costs in the process.

Truck tyre baler

Gradeall Truck Tyre Baler

However, our tyre recycling range also includes the following range of tyre recycling solutions: MKII tyre baler, tyre rim separator, sidewall cutter and tread cutter, and the agricultural tyre shear.

With solutions available for tyres of all types, Gradeall makes tyre disposal easy and cost effective, regardless of the scale of your recycling needs.

Tyres may not be biodegradable but they can decompose over a period of time lasting between 50 to 80 years, sometimes even more. Recognising this serious and hazardous problem, we have created a range of Tyre Recycling Machines for dealing with waste tyres here at Gradeall International.

The machinery we provide ranges from Tyre Balers for all tyre sizes, such as the MK2 and the MK3, to tyre handling and processing machinery such as the Sidewall Cutter and the Tyre Rim Separator. Here’s an overview of what Gradeall International can provide to suit your recycling requirements.

Tyre Balers

Gradeall International offers Tyre Balers to suit your business:

1. The MK2 Tyre Baler

With a force power of 45 tonnes, the MK2 Tyre Baler can create up to 6 PAS108 bales per hour. The powerful hydraulic system of the baler allows for the reduction of tyre sizes by 80%, with each bale containing up to 110 tyres. This tyre baler is perfect for baling car tyres, though truck tyres can be compacted if they are first handled through a sidewall cutter.

2. The MK3 Tyre Baler

Mk3 tyre baler

Designed for dealing with extremely high volumes of waste tyres, the MK3 Tyre Baler will do the job of making bales with up to 140 tyres with ease. A powerful pressing power of 75 tonnes makes the formation of 3 bales in an hour possible. Each tyre bale taking approximately 20 minutes to make and containing up to 140 tyres depending on their size. The MK3 is ideal for use with our conveyor systems to save on the time and effort exerted by the operators in loading the machine. The larger loading chamber makes a much wider bale than the standard PAS108 bale, but this bale was created to go straight into a conventional shipping container. This helps in reducing the overall time needed to load and unload bales from containers as well.

Gradeall MK3 Tyre Baler | Recycling Machinery | Recycling Tyres | Recycling Baler Machines

3. Truck Tyre Baler

Truck tyre baler, bale truck tyres

With a specific design for baling tyre trucks, the Truck Tyre Baler produces bales containing up to 12 truck tyres. The 50 tonnes force of the baler reduces the volume of the truck tyres by 60% and has a chain bale ejection system to easily eject completed bales.

4. Agricultural Tyre Shear

Agricultural Tyre Shear for tractor tyres

Much of the size of agricultural tyres is air, hence these tyres are not only bulky, but they also take up too much space. The Gradeall Agricultural Tyre Shear has a cutting force of 30 tonnes, which lifts the giant tyres off the ground and cuts them into smaller sizes, allowing for further processing of the tyres.

5. Portable Tyre Baling System

Portable Tyre Baler, tyre recycling solutions, redisa

Transporting waste tyres from their dumping place to the processing facility can be costly, both in terms time and money. Now you can take the Portable Tyre Baling System to the place where the tyres are, and have them processed there. Operated by a three-phase diesel generator, this portable system provides all the qualities of an MK2 Tyre Baler but on a mobile platform.

Tyre Processing Machinery

For different types of tyres, we offer:

1. Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter

Built specifically to cut the sidewalls of car tyres, this Cutter represents the first step in the process of recycling car tyres. Through cutting the sidewalls of car tyres, the wire bead inside the tyre is removed to facilitate the compaction and shredding of these tyres. The cutter board is far from where the operator stands, to ensure maximum safety.

2. Sidewall cutter | Gradeall Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter | Recycling | Recycling Baler Machines | Recycling Tyres| Truck Tyre Sidewall Cutter

The Sidewall Cutter by Gradeall is designed to handle tyres of different sizes, from  truck to large agricultural tyres such as tractor tyres. This Sidewall Cutter picks the tyres, cuts the sidewalls then places the tyres back on the ground. The operator stands safely behind the cutter where the controls demand that two hands are used to ensure safety, with three emergency stop buttons in the event of emergencies safety has been designed into this machine. There are also 3 distinct sizes of sidewall cutter:

3. Tyre Baler Conveyor

The Conveyor is an excellent add-on to both the MK2 and MK3 Tyre Balers. It can be installed to help reduce the amount of time needed to load the balers, as well as reduce the risk of back injuries suffered by the operators. Loading up to 100 tyres to create one bale is a time and health consuming process. The conveyor enables the operator to easily load the baler with tyres. Available in profiles to suit your site with an inclined tyre baler designed to allow tyres to be loaded onto the conveyor from ground height and brought up to the level of the baler.

4. Tyre Rim Separator

Car Depollution | Car dismantlers | Tyre Rim Separator

Separating the rims of the tyres from the rubber tyres separates two valuable  materials for the steel (or alloy) rim and the rubber tyre. The safety of the operator is ensured by the full closure of the automatic safety guard over the tyre during the separation process. The machine is also operated using two hands, which allows for maximum safety. It is ideal for vehicle dismantlers and scrapyards who want to quick access to valuable scrap metal.

5. Truck Tyre Rim Separator

Tire Derimming Machine

Following on the success of the Tyre Rim Separator, the Truck Tyre Rim Separator has been proving its success in separating the steel rim from the rubber tyre on much larger truck tyres. The truck tyre is surrounded by guards to protect both the operators and prevent any debris from flying around.

Gradeall Truck Tyre Rim Separator | Tyre Recycling | Recycling Machinery | Tyre Rims

Tyre Disposal In The UK

Around 55 million waste tyres are generated in the UK every year. In 2003, whole tyres were banned from being dumped in landfills under the Landfill Regulation Act 2002. In 2006, this was extended to end-of-life tyres and shredded tyres under the 2006 EU Landfill Directive.

Local recycling facilities in the U.K. will accept tyres, although this is usually capped for personal disposal as opposed to businesses commercial waste. Kent in England for example, only allows for 5 tyres to be deposed per visit at a cost of £2.50 per tyre. Baling tyres is a cost effective option for tyre disposal, read more about why your business should bale tyres.

For businesses that require a commercial waste tyre disposal solution, Gradeall can supply high quality tyre recycling machinery for sale that will assist your business in this process. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

Recycled Tyre Uses

Using the Gradeall OTR (off-the-road) cutting range, large tyres can be cut down into easy to manage segments weighing under 25Kg which means they can be lifted and moved around by anyone.

These segments can be baled, shredded, sent for pyrolysis or any of the further recycling methods that are available to conventional tyres.

There are some amazing and innovative solutions for recycling waste tyres. Below we will discuss some.

Embankments made from waste tyres:

Tyre bales can be used as embankments and foundations under roads – which is particularly useful over soft ground as a solid foundation, providing excellent drainage characteristics.

Using Tyres as an alternative fuel source

Cement manufacturers use Tyre Bales as a replacement fuel during Cement production. This is becoming a more popular fuel for cement manufacturers but issues still remain regarding air pollution. Nonetheless, the level of pollutants are still significantly lower than tyres burnt in the open atmosphere as cement kilns have exhaust emission control systems and monitors and emission reduction is something they strive to improve. This technique uses significantly fewer fossil fuels and reduces the amount of Tyres going to Landfills.

Crumb rubber made from waste tyres:

A popular use of recycled tyres is to shred them into crumb rubber, this makes a useful road surface with improved grip over conventional asphalt surfaces. The crumb can also be used for artificial fill or Astro Turf in Gardens or Football Pitches, giving much better drainage characteristics than conventional soils. It can also be used as a soft low impact surface for children’s playgrounds.

Benefits of Installing Gradeall Tyre Recycling Machinery

  • Our baling machinery can be remotely logged into for maintenance and repair issues, it is also possible to have a bale count.
  • We offer both breakdown and scheduled services on all machines.
  • We provide expert aftercare and support after purchase.
  • We provide an in-house design and engineering team, who are highly flexible and can make changes and adapt your equipment.
  • The best health and safety processes are embedded in our tyre recycling machinery.
  • We have large inventories of spare parts and are a one stop shop for your tyre processing equipment needs.
  • Some of our equipment is customisable with colours and logos to suit your brand identity.
  • Reduces truck journeys by up to 70%, reducing fuel consumption and your environmental impact.
  • Combats rising fuel costs.
  • Reduces manual labour needed for transportation.
  • Truck tyres can be baled into a volume of between 15-20% of the original load.
  • Using tyre downsizing equipment demonstrates a commitment to managing environmental impact.
  • We provide a range of machinery that streamlines the whole tyre disposal process.

Gradeall International Limited is based in Dungannon, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. We first started out as a manufacturer of coal grading equipment, servicing Northern Ireland and the UK.  Since then we have expanded into the recycling industry and we now supply bespoke waste management and recycling machinery internationally.


Get in touch today to discuss the options available to you.


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