Static compactor options

Gradeall static compactors are versatile because they can be adapted to suit the requirements of the customer by fitting a range of options to ensure they meet the requirements of the environment they are installed in.

Manually loaded hopper

Simple affordable material feed solution, a hinged door opens to allow the material to be deposited into the hopper. Features a magnetic interlock to prevent the compactor operating with the door open.

Sliding door hopper

Large hopper to allow large bulky waste to be entered in. With a lockable sliding door that prevents unauthorised waste entry and also provides greater levels of site safety. Features a magnetic interlock to prevent the compactor operating with the door open.

Open top hopper

Available with double-sided loading, or one-sided loading depending on site requirements. Ideal for loading in large bulky items of waste. Comes with 4 emergency stops to ensure site safety.

Tipping skip hopper

Hopper to allow the material to be fed via a telehandler type machine or tipping skip on forklift. Available with raised sides for loose materials.

Bin lift systems

Allows wheelie bins to feed material into the compactor. Bin lifts come as standard with a safety cage. Bin lifts can offer either trunnion lifts to lift the bin via its sides or comb lift for narrower bins. The bin lift can be positioned on the left or right side of the machine and the number and way the door or doors of the safety cage open can also be configured to suit requirements, any doors fitted feature magnetic interlocks to prevent the bin lift operating with the safety cage doors open.

Chute fed hoppers

Integration with chute based waste extraction systems and Gradeall waste compactors. We can build custom systems that tie in with whatever infrastructure you may have in place. Chute systems can be equipped with infrared sensors to automatically start the compactor if waste passes through the chute.  In the example above, however, a chute is combined with a manual load hopper.

Amenity site custom systems

Also called deck load hoppers, typically used on council-run amenity sites. Fully customisable solutions to suit existing or new site layouts. Full 3D drawings and renderings of proposed layouts available as part of the ordering process to aid decision making. Additional options include remote control panels and electronic keypad start.

Contact us to discuss your requirements

It is impossible to display every configuration of static compactor we can offer, for that reason its best to give us a call to discuss what you need. A site visit can be arranged to take some measurements and talk about what is needed before site layout drawings are processed by our design department to give you drawings and renderings of what can be provided to you.

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