Polystyrene Baler

Polystyrene or Styrofoam is one of the most common types of plastic waste, used across a wide range of applications such as fast-food containers, frozen fish storage, to packaging material surrounding electronic devices. It is a very prevalent waste type. Unfortunately, like other plastics it is not biodegradable, even worse it is not as easy to reuse as other plastics and due to its extruded nature this plastic is bulky and takes up considerably more space.

Although a material most council recycling bins have on their excluded list there are places that can process it further, be it granulation or chemical baths to dissolve it, or densifiers. It is generally a waste that for businesses generating polystyrene waste requires a specific arrangement with a waste management company. Baling polystyrene has some distinct advantages:

  • Prevents the material from breaking up and being carried away by the wind.
  • Reduced on-site storage and transport costs.
  • No heat or fumes generated during the baling operation.
  • Minimal operator input, load the polystyrene and let the baler do the work
  • Easier transport of polystyrene to repurposing facilities.
  • Regain on-site space
  • More appealing for waste management companies to collect solid bales of polystyrene.

It is always advisable to ensure polystyrene that is intended for baling or further processing is fully cleaned, especially if it has been used for food storage as any contaminants will adversely affect its ability to be reused.

Versions of popular Gradeall balers are available with stronger rams to ensure that polystyrene bales are fully compressed producing strong dense bales. Contact us to discuss your polystyrene baling requirements.

Product Description

Polystrene as a material takes up much more space than other plastics due to the fact it is up to 96% air as its volume. This makes it great for insulation material but problematic for transport and shipping. For baling applications, the material requires much more of a push to get it to retain a compacted state.

Gradeall offers the ‘Polystrene Spec’ on a range of its balers, the hydraulic ram used to press the compacting head into the material develops more force to ensure the material is compacted further.


Gradeall supply polystyrene balers in a range of sizes which turn loose polystyrene into solid bales which in the market of 2022 can earn up to £700 per tonne.

In a loose state it costs a considerable amount to ship and transport to simply end up in a landfill, with the correct waste management company paying you for this waste material is a reassuring sign that the material will not simply go to landfill but will be processed further in a sustainable manner.

If you find yourself spending over £50 per week on disposal of polystyrene waste either via bins or skips, then a baler capable of reducing the volume of this waste can quickly see a return on investment.

Waste management companies who accept polystyrene waste want it in baled form, loose it simply takes up too much space for very little weight. When baled it is much more productive for these firms who accept this waste type.

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