Horizontal Balers

Horizontal Balers

Gradeall horizontal balers are heavy duty industrial machines built to provide many years of trouble-free, efficient service. The modular design of our horizontal balers follows the same philosophy as our static compactors, so we can offer a range of options to meet specific customer needs. Material feed options include skip fed, manual loading, and conveyor feed to name a few.

Our horizontal balers are ideal for any company dealing with large volumes of recyclable waste materials. Mill sized bales are produced which are ideally suited to fit on shipping containers for further processing, this means reduced storage and transport costs. The bales themselves are strapped with 4 wires on all models meaning solid and secure bales.

The electronics system fitted to our hydraulic balers features remote monitoring systems allowing Gradeall to remotely offer diagnostics and troubleshooting for our machines. Parameters on ram speed and force can be adjusted to suit specific materials and integration with conveyor feed systems is possible reducing complications for operators.

Benefits of Gradeall Horizontal Balers

  • Long lasting durable baling solutions
  • Cost-effective waste management
  • Low noise power units
  • Ease of operation
  • Remote monitoring system

Need help choosing the right horizontal baler

With over 30 years producing and supplying balers and compactors, we are more than happy to conduct a site visit to analyse your current waste management operations and provide more information on what baler is most suited to your needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements further.

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