Sidewall Holder

The Gradeall sidewall holder is the ideal storage solution for any operation using the sidewall cutter on truck or car tyres. With used sidewalls being useful for use as silage rings or separate from the tread section due to the wire bead it is convenient to be able to stack sidewalls whilst working on site.



Model Sidewall Holder
Width (mm) 2506
Height (mm) 1095
Length (mm) 2050
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Product Description

Ideal for Storage

The sidewall holder allows sidewalls to be slid on and holds two stacks of sidewalls. Each stack contains 25 sidewalls. Access to the stacks whilst on the holder is excellent which allows them to be strapped together allowing them to be loaded onto a trailer or shipping container with ease.

Made for forklifts

The sidewall holder places the sidewalls at an ideal height for loading by hand and for unloading the stacks with a forklift, operators do not need to bend to set down or pick up sidewalls as the holder accepts the sidewalls at the ideal height. This reduces the likelihood of back-related strain, minimising the potential for downtime.

The entire structure can be moved around on site thanks to integrated forklift lifting points. A galvanised finish is available to ensure the sidewall holder withstands the effects of corrosion.

Clutter-free work area

Rather than setting cut sidewalls on the ground which may in itself be wet, placing them on the sidewall holder keeps them raised off the ground and allowing them to be pressure washed and allowed to dry if required. This also means the busy work area around a sidewall cutter and tyre baler can remain clutter-free making it much safer for operators to work in without any trip hazards.

If segregating sidewalls to send elsewhere or just to keep your yard clutter-free and safer to work in the sidewall holder is a simple yet effective storage accessory.

Key Features

Holds two stacks of sidewalls side by side

Reduces the need to bend down to pick up sidewalls

Create sidewall stacks, for more efficent transport

Integrated forklift lifting points

Galvanised finish available

Product Specification

Model Sidewall Holder
Model Sidewall Holder
Width (mm) 2506
Height (mm) 1095
Length (mm) 2050
Weight (Kg) 300
Number of tyres held 50
Max Tyre Internal Diamater (inches, mm) 22.5", 572
Max Tyre External Diamater (mm) 1050

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