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Gradeall Tyre Recycling Equipment aims to solve the problems associated with old tradions of used tyres have simply been thrown loose onto a truck but not only does this mean more space being occupied by fewer tyres, it also means reduced load efficiency by virtue of the increased weight profile.

All of this means more truck journeys and corresponding increased fuel costs which, together, act as a barrier to truck tyre recycling – and this is why tyre waste is such a huge global problem, with many countries hosting large tyre dumps dating back many years.

Recognising the huge problem that truck tyres represented environmentally and on a global scale, we set about creating a range of tyre recycling products to cover every recycling need in this industry area:

Along with our number 1 selling tyre baling product (also the UK’s best selling tyre baler), the MKII Tyre Baler, we also offer the following range of tyre-specific recycling and waste management products as shown below:

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