Truck Tyre Baler

The Gradeall Truck Tyre Baler is designed to help with tyre disposal operations dealing with tyres removed from large commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses.

The truck tyre baler can produce bales containing up to 12 truck tyres. Depending on tyre size and composition these bales can weigh between 600-700 kg. It is possible to fit between 40 – 44 completed truck tyre bales into a 40 foot container or trailer, bringing the weight of truck tyres into a container between 23/24 tonnes.

At Gradeall, we have a range of high-spec tyre baler machinery that will help improve the waste management process within your operation. We are world class manufacturers of recycling machinery, so you know you’re getting the best equipment from a reputable and respected source.

Model Truck Tyre Baler
Width (mm) 2500
Depth (mm) 1670
Height (mm) 4980
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Product Description

How the Truck Tyre baler works

The truck tyre baler is simple in its operation, truck tyres are laid into the baler, the doors are closed and the compressing head is pushed downwards with 50 tonnes of force delivered through two rams.

Even when operated by two people, this is one of the most cost-effective tyre balers found in Europe, both in terms of capital as well as the operational cost. The operation is semi-automatic, in that loading is manual, cycling is done automatically, with manual bale tying using wire strapping.

Bale ejection is made as easy as possible thanks to a chain based bale eject system that ejects completed bales out of the baler. At the destination, if de-baling is necessary it is simply a matter of cutting the wire strapping.

Truck and lorry tyre weight

A truck or lorry tyre can weigh anywhere from 30kg – 90kg. They are inherently bulky, take up lots of room and are difficult to manage. With the Truck Tyre Baler, you can condense the waste tyres into neat bales that take up less room and are much easier to manoeuvre. However given their weight, a forklift is usually required to handle the tyre bales. 

Benefits of the truck tyre baler 

If your operation disposes of large tyres, a truck tyre baler can make the process a lot more efficient, streamlining the entire tyre waste disposal process. Check out the benefits that our Gradeall truck tyre baler can provide below. 

Increased efficiency in transporting tyres 

Traditionally, truck tyres have been thrown loose onto trailers, this takes up large amounts of space and does not optimise the waste disposal process. However, with increasing transport and fuel costs, businesses now need to make a conscious decision to improve this business operation. 

With the Truck Tyre Baler, tyres can now be baled into a volume of between 15-20% of the original load, reducing truck journeys by up to 70% and greatly reducing transport and fuel costs in the process. This makes for a more efficient waste management system, and will provide a strong return on investment in the future. 

Less manual labour required and increased productivity

The Gradeall tyre baler offers increased efficiency and productivity in the tyre disposal process. Instead of having to manually lift individual tires onto the back of a container or trailer, your workforce can now load tyre bales, which requires less labour and less time needed to fill a truck with waste tyres. 

The truck tyre baler also requires less manual labour due to it being a semi-automatic machine in that the cycling is completed automatically. Manual labour is only required to load the tyres, manually tie the bale and cut the wire strap for de-baling. This truck tyre baler machine will help your operation improve its productivity when dealing with the waste management process.

Avoid hiring a tyre disposal company 

Having a truck tyre baler on site will also help you avoid hiring out a third party in order to help you manage your waste tyre disposal process. Hiring an external company can cost from £1.50 per tyre that is disposed of, which can quickly accrue additional charges for your business.

A truck tyre baler will help offset the cost of disposing of tyres, especially if your business has regular quantities of large tyres that need disposing of. The Truck Tyre Baler is a worthwhile investment, and will help you better manage the waste disposal process in your operation.

Less cost for tyre disposal

Another benefit of a truck tyre baler is that it results in less cost for disposing them at recycling centres. Typically, waste tyres are usually charged per tyre for disposal, but for commercial tyre waste, some recycling centres offer the price based on per ton of waste tyres, compared to paying for them individually. 

A truck tyre baler will help your operation avail of this service if it is available to you in your area, you should check with your local authority if this is possible. Properly recycling tyres also ensures that your business is adhering to U.K. law and being active in achieving a zero waste economy.

What industries would benefit from a truck tyre baler? 

Properly disposing of tyres is now a legal requirement for businesses that produce or deal with tyres. It is against the U.K. law to dispose of them in a landfill site and measures have now been put in place where they need to be recycled or recovered. Currently in the U.K., nearly 100% of tyres are recycled in some way. 

If your business has an excess of large waste tyres that need to be disposed of, a truck tyre baler can help you achieve that in an efficient manner. The following industries may benefit from a truck tyre baler on site:

  • Mechanics 
  • Car dealers
  • Tyre fitting centres
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Vehicle scrap yards
  • Bus and transport centres 

If you find that your business has an excess of large commercial tyres, it is definitely worth considering a truck tyre baler in order to help you manage this waste. 

What happens to truck tyre bales?

Once truck tyres have been baled, they are then transported to a recycling centre where they may undergo further treatment to be used as a recyclable material. Further treatment may involve turning the waste material into rubber crumb for playground surfaces or used in cement production as an alternative fuel source to fossil fuels. In their baled form however, they can be used as an embankment underground for better structural support and drainage. 

Need to bale more than truck tyres?

The truck tyre baler whilst ideal for businesses dealing with waste truck tyres is only capable of baling truck tyres. The MKII tyre baler can be used in conjunction with the Sidewall cutter to get between 26 and 32 truck tyres in a bale. This also produces sidewalls which can be used for silage pit covers. 

Depending on the size and scalability of your operation, and the type of tyres you typically deal with, it may be worth considering both of these machines as opposed to one truck tyre baler. The versatility of both machines is extremely beneficial if dealing with a wide variety of tyre sizes and types. 

If you’re unsure of how to deal with the waste management process for your waste tyres, you can contact us at Gradeall in order to discuss your needs. We would be happy to help you come up with a solution that enhances the efficiency and productivity of your waste management process. 

Truck Tyre Baler Price

The price of the Gradeall Truck Tyre Baler may vary in cost, depending on the machine specifications, operational extras and location of the delivery site. For the most accurate quote for this type of baler machinery, contact one of our team members.

At Gradeall, we ensure that our customers are purchasing the right type of tyre recycling equipment in order to meet the needs of their operation. When you speak to one of our team, we will ensure that the machinery you are interested in, is adequate for the type and amount of waste tyres that your business handles. 

Truck tyre baler machine – manufactured by Gradeall

Our truck tyre baler is a great option for those regularly disposing of large commercial tyres, but we do have other machinery options for those disposing of various tyres, regardless of their size or the quantity of them.

At Gradeall, we are immensely proud of the recycling machinery that we design and manufacture. We strive to meet the needs of every client and their waste management process. If you would like to know more about the Truck Tyre Baler and how it can benefit your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Check out the full range of recycling machinery

At Gradeall, we aren’t just focused on assisting the tyre recycling industry, we also manufacture recycling equipment that is capable of handling various different recyclable waste materials. 

We are leading baler machine manufacturers, based in County Tyrone, but supplying our equipment on an international scale. So whether you need a cardboard baler in Northern Ireland, or a compactor in the U.S., Gradeall can deliver high-performing recycling machinery that meets the needs of your business, right to your door.

Get in touch with Gradeall to discuss the Truck Tyre Baler or any other recycling machinery that could improve your waste management solutions. 

Key Features

Semi automatic bale production

Reduce the volume of truck tyres by up to 60%

Can bale 10 truck tyres

45 tonne compaction force

Chain bale ejection

Product Specification

Model Truck Tyre Baler
Model Truck Tyre Baler
Width (mm) 2500
Depth (mm) 1670
Height (mm) 4980
Power supply 415v 3 Phase
Motor size (Kw) 7.5
Cycle time (Seconds) 50
Bale dimensions W x D x H (mm) 1200 x 1200 x 900
Bale weight (Kg) 600-700
Machine weight (Kg) 4700
Head force (Tonne) 50
Noise level (dB) 70 - 80

Working Area Dimensions

Gradeall truck tyre baler dimensions 01
Gradeall truck tyre baler dimensions 02

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