Baling Truck tyres in MKII Tyre Baler

In this example, we show how a sidewall cutter and MKII tyre baler can be used together to bale truck tyres. The advantage here is that the MKII tyre baler is the only baler required to make bales for all sizes of tyres, its larger size also means that is it possible to fit 18 truck tyre bales into a bale rather than the Truck tyre bales 10-12. Completed truck tyre bales made in the MKII tyre baler weigh between 900-1000Kg.

The sidewall cutter will separate the sidewalls and tread sections. Further down in the processing line this means that should the bales lead to shredding the thread sections can be shredded yet while the sidewalls with their thick steel bead can be kept away from the shredder, preventing damage. There is also the fact that sidewalls can be sold as silage covers making them a useful commodity in the process.

A number of customers now operate with these two machines on their premises and have found them to be very effective at reducing tyre waste. Feel free to get in contact with us as we can arrange for on-site visits to demonstrate the equipment working in its normal environment.

  • Bale approximatley 18 truck tyres in MKII Baler
  • Truck, or car tyres can be baled in the one machine
  • Sidewalls produced can be sold on as silage covers
  • Tread section now separated, so it can be shredded with ease
  • Make up to 4 1000Kg Truck tyre bales per hour

"In the past we had been using debeaders on truck tyres before shredding them. They were very large machines and would experience wear and tear due to the extreme force required to rip out a bead. Now with the sidewall cutter it cuts out the sidewalls in a fraction of a time with a lot less energy required, i can sell the sidewalls to farmers and bale the truck tyres in the MKII baler. That is very handy as i only need one baler for all types of tyres we have to deal with."

Owner - Waste Tyre Collector

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