MK3 Tyre Baler

The new Gradeall MK3 Tyre Baler has been designed and built to meet the needs of businesses dealing with very high levels of waste tyres. It makes the process of loading tyres into a container as efficient as possible and is part of our Tyre Recycling Equipment range.

Based on the well-proven and successful MK2 tyre baler, the MK3 is a larger baler featuring more powerful rams which develop 75 tonnes of force onto tyres. This baler has been extensively strengthened to deal with the additional forces involved. 

Finite Element Analysis has been used to ensure the tyre baler can withstand years of continuous use. Two test machines have been installed at two separate sites in the UK and have helped us to ensure that any MK3 tyre baler will provide years of reliable service.

The MK3 Gradeall Tyre Baler is suitable for any large tyre recycling plants or vehicle dismantlers that require a machine capable of dealing with thousands of tyres per week. 

The MK3 baler can also be shipped to countries across the world including Australia, France, Ireland, the United States and the United Kingdom. 

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Model MK3 Tyre Baler
Height (mm) 5010
Depth (mm) 2885
Width (mm) 3855
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Product Description

Can The Tyre Baler Bale Truck Tyres?

As with the MK2 tyre baler, the new MK3 baler can pack truck tyres, but only after their sidewalls have been cut out. 

With the sidewall removed, the memory effect of the tyre shape is removed. This allows for the remaining tread section to be effectively baled flat. A MK3 tyre baler and sidewall cutter are an ideal combination to allow your tyre processing business deal with both car and truck tyres.

Loading times more than halved

Under test conditions, it was found that it took approximately 1 hour to load a shipping container with PAS108 MK2 tyre baler bales. This is because of their width, where three bales are stacked on one side and a fourth bale is turned on its side then placed in the container. A rather time-consuming process.

The MK3 baler is the perfect width to produce bales that can be loaded straight into a shipping container without the need to spend time turning it on its side. 

Simply drive the bale into the container, set it down and then continue loading. It takes approximately 20-25 minutes to load a container with these bales. 

Unloading times are also improved as there are fewer bales to have to remove. Compared with the hour it typically takes to load a container with standard tyres, the time-saving potential is huge.

Benefits of Using A MK3 Tyre Baler

Some benefits of using a MK3 Tyre Baler include the 26-tonne weight limit on shipping containers can be reached with ease and with space to spare. This increases the safety aspect of loading. 

With conventional tyre bales, they may be loaded right up to the door to meet the container weight limit which in turn, increases the risk of bales falling as container doors have been opened. 

With conventional tyre bales, a container typically requires 32 tyre bales to fill it. Using a MK3 tyre baler, 20-22 bales will fill a container.

Tyre Baler Additional Add-Ons

Optional feed baler via conveyor

Developed alongside the new MK3 tyre baler is the tyre baler conveyor. Recognising the needs of the tyre baler operator is the solution to drastically reducing the amount of bending down to pick up tyres. 

With over 100 tyres per bale, the job of loading tyres into a tyre baler can quickly become very difficult as it requires repetitive bending down to pick up tyres. 

The tyre baler conveyor allows tyres to be fed into a large hopper which then delivers the tyres across to the operator. Having spoken to people who load the tyre balers on a daily basis, the response has been very positive with back-related repetitive strain injuries reduced. 

To see how our tyre baler conveyor works, please click here.

Other optional extras for the MK3 Tyre Baler include a diesel generator and an oil cooler or heater.

Many businesses today have to deal with immense tyre waste. Our MK3 Tyre Baler provides these businesses with the ideal solution for this environmentally hazardous material. We have designed this specific tyre baler to handle larger numbers of tyres, on worksites that are packed with waste tyres.

In addition to significantly reducing the size of waste tyres, the MK3 Tyre Baler helps your business save money and time required for the transportation of full-size tyres from the dumping place to the processing facility. This gives you and your team more time and resources to focus on other tasks, with the Gradeall MK3 Tyre Baler taking this load off your hands. 


Features of the MK3 Tyre Baler:

  • Mechanical features:

  • The baler has two doors, the back door is closed before the tyres are loaded, while the front door through which the baler is fed, is a hydraulic door and is operated by the control panel installed on the side of the baler. 
  • Designed as a further upgrade from the MK2 Tyre Baler, the MK3 is designed to apply the required force, up to 75 tonnes, that can bale truck tyres as well after the sidewalls have been removed.
  • Depending on the tyre size, every bale can contain up to 140 tyres.
  • The stacking of the tyres inside the baler is similar to that of the MK2 Tyre Baler, where 3 large tyres are first laid at the bottom. 
  • By the end of the last compaction cycle of the bale, the lights illuminate on the control panel signifying the formation of the bale.
  • All doors of the baler are then opened, and the bale is secured together using 7 baling wires for each one before loading outright from the baler onto a forklift truck, ready for container loading.
  • The MK3 Tyre Baler can easily be loaded onto its side and shipped in a container, where it can be lifted using a crane and assembled at its destination.

  • Time-saving Features:

  • The mighty force of the MK3 allows for the making of 3 bales in an hour, with an estimation of merely 20 minutes for each bale. This adds to the time saved on loading the tyres via the tyre baler conveyor and a 60% reduction of the time of loading the bales into the container for shipping, in comparison to PAS108 bales.
  • It takes only 60 seconds for the 3 rams to deliver their mighty force onto the tyres, and then retreat to their fully standing position, completing a cycle.

  • Health Features:

Loading tyres on a daily basis is a job that requires strength and persistence. However, loading tyres for baling, several times during the day, with 5 or 6 cycles to form a single bale, with an estimation of 140 tyres per bale, can harm the operator’s back, if not in the short run, then definitely on the long run.

The MK3 Tyre Baler can be equipped with a tyre baler conveyor, which assists in achieving two goals. The first is reducing the time of loading the tyres into the baler. The second goal is to help your operators in avoiding back injuries which amount to 20% of annual workplace injuries and complaints, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

  • Durability:

Because of the larger capacity of the MK3 Tyre Baler and powerful rams, the baler can withstand handling several thousands of tyres every week. This is a much more durable solution for companies needing to continuously deal with waste tyres such as recycling plants or vehicle dismantlers.

The installation of the two test balers in the UK has helped confirm this fact and ensure that our MK3 Tyre Baler will continue to do its part flawlessly. The finite element analysis used in the building of the baler ensures the possibility of using the balers for several years to come.

If you’re unsure which Tyre Baler would be best for your business, please contact us so we can assess the needs of your recycling goals and advise on the best machine to achieve these.

MK3 01

Key Features


Average 140 tyres per bale


3 bales per hour


Reduce container loading times by up to 60%


Safer more convenient way to load containers with tyres


75 tonnes of compaction force


Easy to load baling chamber

Product Specification

Model MK3 Tyre Baler
Model MK3 Tyre Baler
Height (mm) 5010
Depth (mm) 2885
Width (mm) 3855
Transport Height (mm) 3360
Power Supply 415v 3 Phase
Motor size (Kw) 11
Bale production time (average) 17 minuites
Bale dimensions WxDxH (mm) 2150x1200x750
Approx Bale weight (Kg) 1250 to 1400
Machine weight (Kg) 8000
Head force (Tonne) 75
Noise level (dB) 80
Number of baling wires 7

Working Area Dimensions

Gradeall MK3 Tyre Baler Dimensions 01
Gradeall MK3 Tyre Baler Dimensions 02
Gradeall MK3 Tyre Baler Dimensions 03

Optional Extra

Diesel Generator

Oil cooler or heater

Conveyor Feed System

Gradeall MK3 Tyre Baler showing tyre bale ejected

Shipping information

Click on the link below to view a page detailing the ideal shipping configuration for a MK3 tyre baler:

Shipping Configuration

More Information

PAS108 bales are great for when the bale is intended to be used in civil engineering applications. However, in instances where the speed of baling and ease of transport are more important a MK3 baler is a better choice.