Wood Waste

Wood waste is one of the most valuable types of waste out there, described by some as the ultimate renewable material. According to the wood recycling association, 4.5 million tonnes of wood waste is generated each year yet only 1.4 million tonnes are recycled.

Wood waste is extremely valuable in today’s climate, especially with the rising price of oil. Traditional fuels such as wood are an important fuel source as biomass fuel. Wood has the advantage that if managed correctly trees can be planted to replace wood that has been burnt for fuel. Over 2.5 million tonnes of wood waste is sent to biomass facilities in the UK each year. Homes and Businesses can also avail of biomass heating systems.

Wood waste can be reused in more constructive ways. If shredded it can be turned into chipboard, plywood, MDF, or other recycled particle woods. Sawdust is a popular animal bedding material. It also lends itself as a mulch material for gardening and play areas.

The problem is that so much wood waste is, not utilised correctly. Getting sent to a landfill where it is of no value to anyone. Wood waste is also a very bulky material, especially if it was in the form of furniture or wooden structures a waste container quickly fills up despite having a relatively small volume of wood waste.

Dealing with various council-run waste amenity sites one of their biggest issues is the weekly and monthly costs of container skips containing waste wood. Many sites have in the past had to pay for multiple skip collections per week.

Dealing With Wood Waste At Gradeall

Some amenity sites have used roll packer machines, and indeed Gradeall at a time manufactured a roll packer. However, the customer experience told us that while somewhat effective they required someone to operate the machine like an excavator which was time-consuming and the end result was inconsistently crushed wood.

We at Gradeall are always improving our equipment with the help of customer feedback to ensure we are providing the best possible solution for your waste management. This allowed us to move away from roll packers for wood waste and towards a more efficient and convenient solution.

The G140 Pre Crush Compactor is a great solution to the problem of wood waste, providing consistent crushing and complete destruction of the shape memory of waste objects including bulky furniture items.

This ability to crush wood waste to a fraction of the size will reduce storage space needs for waste, as well as reducing cost of waste collections making it an effective and cost efficient solution.

Our team of experts will consult with you to ensure the best application of this equipment for your needs. We manage waste solutions for a range of businesses including Distribution Centres, Manufacturing, Facility Management, Food, Healthcare, Hospitality & Leisure, Councils, and Retail. Our team will ensure you have the best wood waste solution for your needs.

G140 Pre Crush Compactor

Cross-sectional rendering of the G140 Pre Crush Static Waste Compactor with visible waste in the loading chamber

Gradeall developed its G140 Pre Crush compactor to tackle the issue of wood waste. With a heavy-duty sliding door at the end of the bale chamber, the waste is crushed against this door for a number of cycles before the door opens and the waste is then pushed into the waste container.

The G140 Crush Compactor can pay for itself in 2 years by reducing your waste collection costs. Our experienced team is trained in performing audits which will keep you informed of the efficiency of your machine and the savings that will mean for your business.

Key Features of the G140 Pre Crush Compactor

  • Fully automatic cycle crushes and removes waste from the compactor with a single press of a button.
  • Material kept from jamming the machine using a highly accurate tongue and groove flooring.
  • Reduce waste collection costs by reducing the space taken up by wood waste and other forms of waste.
  • Designed for convenience in high volume waste sites such as council amenity sites.
  • Created by Gradeall based on years of industry experience and knowledge.
  • Easy to use and includes full training upon installation by a member of our expert team.
  • Available with Intelli-Fill technology removing the need for manual level checking and automatically reporting operating issues.

For full specification of the G140 Pre Crush Compactor, download a full brochure here. You can also read more product page or reach out to a member of our team with questions specific to your needs via our contact page linked here.

The working area of the G140 Pre Crush Compactor is 2800mm x 5700 x 2900mm. When planning a new waste management system with us, CAD site designs are offered to give you an accurate idea of how this new system will fit within your space or site. This machine has been built to comply with the same CHEM  standards as the other machines in our static compactor range, meaning any compactor container can be used. We aim to work with your unique needs offering waste management that works with you.

Want to know if the G140 Pre Crush Compactor is the perfect solution for your wood waste problems? Contact us to talk to a member of our expert team to consult on your waste disposal needs today.

Case Study – Mid and East Antrim

Below we have described a practical example of how the G140 Pre Crush Compactor has been used by businesses to reduce the bulk of their wood waste saving them money on wood waste collections. In the case of Carrickfergus amenity centre, they have seen 4-5 weekly skip collections drop down to 1 weekly collection of waste wood.

The machine quickly shone as an example of the benefits of the pre-crush compactor which led to other councils choosing to place pre-crush compactors on their amenity sites.

Originally considering a roll packer the council were advised on the benefits of a crush compactor as a higher efficiency solution. A roll packer, while effective for small amounts of wood waste crushing, takes a lot of time to be operated. The roll packer cannot guarantee uniform crushing of material whereas a crush compactor ensures all waste is compacted into cubes which reduce the space needed to store them.

The installation of the G140 Pre Crush Compactor saved the council a large amount of money by preventing the need for 4 of their 5 waste collections every week. This saving means that the G140 Pre Crush Compactor will pay itself off in less than 18 months and it could do the same for your business. This reduction of collections also reduces the presence of vehicle traffic within the facility.

The use of the G140 Pre Crush Compactor reduces the manual work carried out by employees such as crushing waste, as it crushes and moves waste into the storage compartment at the press of a button. The G140 increases worker efficiency this way and also by removing the need for manual level checks using Intelli-Fill software with automatic notifications at 50%, 75% and 100% capacity.

Benefits of the G140 Pre Crush Compactor In This Case Study

  • Less costly waste pick ups as wood waste and other waste crushed to a reduced size.
  • Reduced facility traffic due to reduced pick-ups.
  • No need for manual crushing done by staff.
  • Intelli-Fill sensors remove the need for manual level checks with regular notifications.
  • Automatic system issue reports provided by Intelli-Fill.
  • Paid for itself in 18-months through reduced waste costs.

Why Customers Choose Gradeall International Ltd

We at Gradeall International Ltd. are a world leading manufacturer of balers, compactors, tyre recycling machines and specialist bespoke recycling machinery. We have years of experience as industry leaders in recycling and waste management.

Our customers know we offer the highest level of excellence and expertise to their recycling systems. For more information on the work we do you can read a range of our case studies here.

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