Agricultural tyre shear

The Gradeall Agricultural Tyre Shear deals with large agricultural tyres. These are a significant problem when it comes to the issue of recycling and processing. The main issue is their size; they are incredibly bulky and heavy and yet, much like passenger car tyres, up to 90% of their volume is air.



Product Description

Rather than attempting to produce a baler that could effectively recycle tyres of this size, the Gradeall Agricultural Tyre Shear offers a much more simple solution which involves cutting the large tyres into smaller pieces – the equivalent bite-size size chunks’.

Not only are these smaller pieces much easier to manage, they can be loaded into either the Gradeall MKII or Truck Tyre Baler, producing superbly compacted bales of sheared tyres.

The benefits are obvious and threefold:

  • Reduced storage
  • More transportation capacity
  • Reduced transportation costs

The Agricultural Tyre Shear has been designed by Gradeall’s own in-house design and engineering team and, as a result, is an extremely well-engineered and strong piece of equipment which can effortlessly slice through large tyres.

Finally, owing to the integrated safety guards, two-handed operation and emergency stop buttons, it is designed 100% with the safety of the operator in mind.
This product is available in either stationary or portable form, as required, with the portable version being offered with an integrated engine for use in remote areas.

Key Features

Over 30 tonnes of cutting force

Lifts wheel off the ground

Simple to use contorls

Portable version available

Product Specification

Working Area Dimensions

Optional Extra

Shipping information

More Information

Agricultural Tyre Shear Alternative – The Gradeall Sidewall Cutter

The Agricultural Tyre Shear although popular with some customers is in most cases surpassed by the new Gradeall Sidewall cutter with optional tread cutter. A machine which will effectively remove the steel bead from agricultural tyres and then cut the remaining tread section of tyres into smaller segments. View the product page for the sidewall cutter to find out more information. The sidewall and tread cutter can be combined with a MKII tyre baler to create a package capable of baling a wide range of PAS108 compliant tyre bales.

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