Sidewall Cutter

The Gradeall Tyre Sidewall Cutter is our latest high-quality machine in the tyre recycling equipment range which once again, has been designed in-house for the purpose of providing a simple and safe solution to sidewall cutting.

The Gradeall Sidewall Cutter deals with a wide range of tyres from 15″ car tyre, up to large Truck Tyres and Agricultural Tractor Tyres.

Tyre sidewall cutter, tyre dissection machine

How the Tyre Sidewall Cutter works:

Whole tyres are brought to the Sidewall Cutter machine which then picks them up, cuts the sidewalls using a tool steel grade cutting blade, and deposits the cut tyre back onto the ground. After this process, you are left with two sidewalls and one tread section.

With safety guards built into the Tyre Sidewall Cutter, it has been designed with the safety of the operator 100% in mind, preventing any accidental injury during operation. In addition, as a result of there being no need to lift these potentially heavy tyres, the risk of back injury is minimal. A control system that requires the user to use two hands behind the guards means the operator is standing safely out of the way while operating the machine. For an added layer of safety, the Sidewall cutter is equipped with 3 Emergency stop buttons.

Benefits of using the Tyre Sidewall Cutter

The key benefit of cutting the tyre sidewalls is that it enables further processing of the tyre: with the tyre bead now effectively isolated, the shredding process becomes much easier.  This is because the bead section contains a thick steel belt which causes undue wear on most shredders. With the sidewall removed the tread section can be shredded with ease.

In addition, because the inner tyre area (ie the tread section) is much easier to compress once the sidewall has been removed, even large truck tyres can be easily baled in a MKII Tyre Baler. This means there is less need for a separate baler for large tyres.

With regard to the environment, there are enormous benefits also, most significantly in the area of water retention. And here’s why: water retention within tyres presents a breeding ground for mosquitos in warmer climates. Thus, tyres that have no sidewalls are unable to retain water which prevents this breeding process.

Finally, the sidewalls themselves can be baled along with tyres, or as an alternative, sold to farmers as retainers for plastic silage covers.

Optional Tread cutter attachment

The Tread cutter can be purchased as a bolt-on option which is an excellent upgrade to the Tyre Sidewall Cutter. After cutting the sidewalls the Tread cutter allows you to cut up the remaining tread section into smaller pieces. While handy on smaller tyres the main advantage here is for larger truck and agricultural tyres. Cutting the tread sections allows the large pieces of tyres to be stored or baled much easier. The image below shows a number of super single truck tyres that have been through both the sidewall cutter and tread cutter.

Tyre Sidewall and Tread Cutter

Please note: The sidewall cutter does not include the Tread cutter, the Tread cutter is optional. Please contact Gradeall for pricing on a Sidewall cutter and tread cutter.

Bale truck tyres in a conventional tyre baler

Using the sidewall cutter on truck tyres allows the truck tyres to be baled in a conventional tyre baler such as the Gradeall MKII tyre baler. It is possible to get between 26 and 32 tyres into a PAS108 compliant bale by first removing the sidewalls which removes the memory effect from the truck tyre.

Dimensions of Sidewall Cutter

Click the link above to see detailed dimensions of the Sidewall and Tread Cutter

Gradeall Sidewall Cutter (Base Unit)

Gradeall Sidewall and Tread Cutter Brochure


Key Facts

  • Deals with tyres up to 1800mm diamater
  • Can be used on super single truck tyres
  • Quality tool steel blade
  • Simple to operate hydraulic controls
  • Easy to move around on site


Model Tyre Sidewall Cutter
Height (mm) 2228
Length (mm) 2650
Width - Standard Machine (mm) 2053
Width - with Tread Cutter (mm) 3100
Power supply 415v 3 Phase
Motor Size (Kw) 7.5
Cycle time per sidewall (Seconds) 7-12
Cycle time full tyre (Seconds) 45-120
Machine weight (Kg) 1080
Machine weight with tread cutter (Kg) 1280
Noise level (dB) 65-70