Oil Drum & Paint Buckets

The optional Oil drum & paint bucket press for Gradeall vertical balers.

Paint bucket press | paint bucket crushing machineOil can and paint bucket press

Available on the G-eco 50S, G-eco 50T, G-eco 150 and G-eco 250 is the ability to crush paint buckets, oil drums, or any metal liquid container.

Typically paint buckets supplied to manufacturers/businesses comes in steel cans (also called paint buckets, paint drums or paint cans). These cans are typically thrown out and go to waste, however, with good values for scrap metal it makes sense to use a baler to crush these cans in order to generate a revenue from scrap steel rather than simply paying to dispose of them.

Reduce the clutter caused by old paint tins

Crushing paint cans, before and after

5 Litre thinners cans

These cans are commonly used for paint thinners, panel wipe, oil, floor polish and a wide range of chemicals.

20-litre paint cans

25-litre paint cans

An organised stack of crushed cans takes up much less space and is easier to transport to a scrap metal merchant where they can be exchanged for a price rather than cost your company to dispose of.

paint can press | paint can crusher

Why equip a Gradeall baler with an Oil drum & paint bucket press

  • Generate revenue from scrap metal rather than pay for disposal
  • Crush two cans in under 50 seconds
  • 8:1 volume reduction. Get 8 paint cans into the same size as 1.
  • Reduce on-site clutter
  • Can crush a wide range of can sizes from a standard food can to a 40-gallon oil drum
  • Remove the insert and use the baler as normal to bale plastics or cardboard

Typical applications

  • Food Cans
  • Industrial thinner cans
  • 20-25 litre paint tins
  • 40 gallon (55 US gallon) oil barrels/oil drums

Oil Drum & Paint Buckets Product Range